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Lego Star Wars 4501 - Mos Eisley Cantina Review

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My first review at EB! :sweet:

So, I want to introduce you a well-known set from Star Wars series 4501 - Mos Eisley Cantina. I've been dreaming about it since 2004, when I first saw it at the toyshop and finally my dream came true. I got it for 90$ (with an additional stormtrooper minifigure as a gift) - the lowest price at the time of purchase and for now (quite a big difference as for original 30 bucks, right?).


Set info:

Name: Mos Eisley Cantina

Number: 4501

Theme: Star Wars

Pieces count: 193

Minifigures count: 5

Year released: 2004

MSRP: 30$

Links: Brickset, Peeron, BrickLink

I got this set in great condition from adult collector. The set itself was released in 2 editions - Original Trilogy Edition and Blue Edition. I own the second one, but it doesn't affect the contents: the difference is just between box/instructions art.

The set includes Luke's Landspeeder (2-nd edition, 1-st - 7110, 3-rd - 8092), Cantina and Dewback (both released only once in this set).

As far as I don't have a box, let's start the review with the manual:

The art on instruction's cover is the same as on the box:


Minifigures assembly pages:



Random instructions page:


Other sets of 2004 line advertisement and X-Wing pilot telling us to visit Star Wars section at



Now let's take a look at minifigs. There are 5 included in this set. 3 of them can be easily found in other sets, but this version of Han Solo is exclusive to 4501. Hope I don't need to remind you that famous Greedo (:wub:) can be also found in this set only and that he also costs quite a big ammount!


(From left to right: Sandtrooper, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Greedo)

Closer pics:



Figures from backside:


Notice that only Sandtrooper has backprinting and Greedo has printed arms:


Now let's move on to Dewback:


Muzzle closer:


From backside:


With rider:


(sweet couple :laugh: )

Original: DewbackST.jpg

Next comes Landspeeder X-34:


Rear view:


With Luke and Obi-Wan:


Luke shows his transport:


And it's features (trunk where lightsaber can be stored):


And well-detailed cabin with steering wheel and control panel:


And the final part - Cantina:


Main hall and table for visitors:


Bar stand with drinks:


Cantina entrance:


The entrance and bar stand are linked with the main hall by swivel bricks which gives more playability and lets you "turn in" your facility ( :laugh: ) for transporting (just like sweets shop from 4756):


Han and Greedo sitting at the table:


Table opens to put a blaster in:

6651106397d5.jpg act out a scene from Episode IV "The New Hope":


Original: Danbolo.png

The complete set view:


The scores:

Positive sides:

+ A well-built and playable set

+ Han, Greedo and Dewback minifigures included only in this set

Negative sides:

- Inaccessibility. Not because it's rare, but because there aren't much offers to buy this set on BL and E-Bay at reasonable prices. Mostly because of Greedo and Dewback

- Just as many people here and at other sources said, there is probably "a lack of Cantina" in this set

How can we conclude the review without bonuses? Enjoy:


*Western style music before cowboy duel*



At customs:


Frontier guard: - So, you claim that you legally transport these unregistered drioids as donors for transplantations?


*Jedi magic*

Obi-Wan: - You want me to repeat?

Frontier guard: - No... You may move along... :wacko:

At the Cantina entrance:


Guard: - Sorry, we don't serve droids...


Guard: - Maybe you'd like some freshening lemonade?

HD photos at Brickshelf

Thank you for reading my review! C&C are welcome

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Nice review! I feel lucky to be someone who owns this great set - and your review really flatters it!

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Nice review, 'BrickBoy435'! :thumbup:

This was a good set back when it came out, even thought it has a bad PpP ratio. I like the Greedo figure a lot! The real question is, who shot first? :tongue:

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It's a cool set. I can't get over yellow figs for licensed themes, though. I just don't like 'em that way. :shrug_oh_well: Still a good set. Greedo is an awesome minifig! :thumbup:

The real question is, who shot first? :tongue:

Han shot first. I refuse to believe it any other way. :laugh:

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Great review! I remember being so excited that a Mos Eisley Cantina set was coming out...but then it was this. Needless to say, the set is long overdue for a new version! :thumbup:

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Thanks for this review. :thumbup:

It's funny to see such an 'ancient' classic set being shown with top notch equipment. :tongue:

Dewback and Greedo are pretty much enough reason to long for this set. I really hope that it will be released again with the next wave. A bigger set of course wouldn't sheer me away... :wink:

And i also like your funnies. Btw., i always knew it - Han shot first! :laugh:

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Great first review. :thumbup: Thanks! The set itself does have a lack of the cantina, but I still think it was a good set for its time. Here's hoping for a redesigned Dewback or even Greedo in the future!

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Fantastic first review. Great pictures and really good use of humor. As to the set itself, I'm less favorable. I do own this but I'm planning a clear out of some of my older Star Wars sets to fund other purchases and this is pretty much top of the list to go. The Greedo figure is great and the land-speeder is nice but the newer one in 8092 is better and has a more accurate color scheme. The small booth recreating the scene between Han and Greedo can hardly be described as a 'cantina'. I never really cared for the Dewback, it just felt like a big lump of plastic to me.

With the recent release of Jabba's Palace, I for one hope Lego return again to Tatooine and give us a fully fleshed out cantina.

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Very nice review. Makes me wish they would remake the set.

I really want that Greedo and Dewback! I'd give up the speeder for a bar and maybe another alien.

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This is definitely one of those sets that the older it gets the better. Good review, makes me wanna build my own Cantina scene now I have Lukes Landspeeder.

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Interesting that the Sandtrooper is the only one with backrinting, but he is also the only one with something on his back.

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Thank you everybody for positive replies, I'm glad you like the review. I also don't think that this hemispheric barn can be called as 'cantina', but IMO it's enough for a set. BTW the whole review was shot on Nokia 6500 (please don't consider this as an advertisement), so the answer to 'Who shot first?' question is 'Me' :wink:

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I always liked this set, and I was lucky enough to be able to buy a second one of these when they were discounted at retail. A Dewback / Greedo armybuilder :tongue:

Sets were so simple back then, but that Greedo minifig is amazing, lucky find :thumbup:

Simple :laugh: ? I remember loving the huge improvement of this Landspeeder as compared to the 7110 Landspeeder: now that was a set which really was simple!

And of course the Dewback and Greedo are still the main attractions in this set.

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Nice job on your first review BrickBoy435! It's been great revisiting this classic set. Too bad i never picked this one up, with Greedo and especially the Dewback it was a good one! :sweet:

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Thanks for the nice review BrickBoy435 :thumbup: .

I missed out on this set because of my dark-age but remember looking at pictures of it and hating the Dewback - I thought it was so un-Lego compared to the toy of my youth. I soon came to love the Dewback though, and picked up two copies and an extra Dewie off eBay. I have to admit I think the set is pretty poor - imho the 7110 Landspeeder is still the best that TLG has produced (if only for the compact size) but the exclusive Greedo helps make up for it and he still looks great compared to the highly detailed figs produced today.

I hope we get a new version of this set in the future and I also hope that aside for some print, the Dewback will remain unchanged. It would also be nice to have a welcome return of Sand Red to Lego's colour palette.

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Thanks everybody! I'm glad I inspired so much of you for taking a look at your past. Hope that my next reviews will be as popular with users as this one is :laugh:

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Thanks for taking the time to review this, and for going the extra mile with the inclusion of images of the "real" characters.

IIRC, this set took a fair amount of heat from the community at FBTB at the time it came out, on account of the low parts-to-price ratio and the tiny portion represented of the Cantina (and with it, the dearth of Cantina patrons). I always liked it, though - the size of several of the pieces made the high price per piece completely understandable, IMO, and it's always great to get more stormtroopers, and then of course there's the Dewback... :wub:

Nowadays, it's also notable for being one of the last wave of sets from this license or any other to have traditional yellow-skinned minifigures for human characters, as well as a rare source of sand red elements. Most of us who are into licensed themes have long since adjusted to the move to realistic flesh-tones now, but at the time it was controversial and the presence of this set on store shelves, at the very same time sets with the new "fleshies" were coming out, was much appreciated by some as a final opportunity to get "classic LEGO yellow" versions of such core characters as Luke, Han and Ben. Nowadays, though, the relative wealth of sand red is what makes this set truly special for LEGO fans in general, while for LEGO Star Wars fans in particular - well, at least this one, anyway - it's great to have since, prior to the release of the current version of the Millennium Falcon (7965), it was the only set in which Han's dark blue trousers from A New Hope actually came in dark blue (TLG's "earth blue"), unless I'm mistaken; all other Hans had pants in either the regular blue or in some kind of brown or tan (somebody please feel free to correct me if I'm in error).

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I also remember being terribly unimpressed with this set upon its initial release. Now that I understand the price-by-weight as opposed to the price-by-piece standard that Lego seems to use (e.g. the Dino sets), I think I've come around. Good selection of minifigs, a very good redeux of the speeder and a Dewback. I would give this an above average score, particularly in comparison to say the 03 Jabba sets.

The actual Cantina is a bit paltry, but as a tiny diorama for Han and Greedo, it does its job. For $30, I doubt many would have been clamoring for a bigger cantina then unless it came stocked with more patrons (which would have meant more $$$). Still hoping for a re-do. Its a shame that the exclusivity of Greedo and the Dewback still let this set command such a high price!

Also, I can't look at the old Stormy minifigs and not think he is wearing a mustache.

Edited by Fighter of Frizzies

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It would be fantastic to get a huge cantina set with the bith band and all new alien molds, that would be a great set.

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