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    Apart from LEGO I really enjoy playing video games such as Portal and Minecraft. I hope to make a Youtube channel and fill it with my games playthroughs. I also enjoy watching movies and enjoy working making/fixing computers.


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  1. Darthluke824

    A track layout for my experiments

    Nice work on the nose of the Class 43. It would look great in different colours too!
  2. Darthluke824

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    Now before everyone gets excited this IS NOT an announcement for new trains but a prediction on patterns. Two years ago in January the Horizon Express was released, with two year gaps inbetween the Maersk train and Emerald Night. Could there be a new train next year? Another steam train or something a bit different? Any ideas from anyone else? (Mods move this if necessary)
  3. Darthluke824

    City Layout - Inspired by Los Angeles, California

    Really like those skyscrapers but maybe some Surfliner action?
  4. Darthluke824

    AT&SF #2926

    Wow! That's big but excellent!
  5. Darthluke824

    MOC UP "American Beauty" sleeper coach

    Nice work. I built some similar but 8 studs wide for ATSF and 2 level ones for El Capitan. I too had trouble with the doors, in the end I put them on jumper plates. They looked good for the baggage car especially.
  6. Darthluke824

    MOC: Department Store

    Nice work! Is there a way for the figures to access each floor though?
  7. Darthluke824

    [MOC] White Lake House

    Very nice, I especially like the smooth roof.
  8. Darthluke824

    REVIEW: 21108 Ghostbusters

    Thanks for the review! I find this is a great set and is currently number 1 on my buying list. The differences between the 'sketch' model and final model aren't huge but the other has a sleekness that the model doesn't quite have.
  9. Darthluke824

    MOC: Econic rescue truck and MAN dive rescue truck

    Nice! They remind me of older 80s LEGO sets. How did you make the door in picture 2?
  10. Darthluke824

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I like the winter sets but this is VERY nice! Brick-built reindeer are very good. Excellent find!
  11. Darthluke824

    Improved smooth curves by AshiValkoinen

    That would be very smooth! Since I don't have room I can't try it but it may work with large amounts of track for even bigger displays.
  12. Darthluke824

    Pulling Power Needed for a Complete Santa Fe?

    Thanks for those points, I was originally going to put the motors I the B units but I may have to have some serious planning before picking up any bricks. Thanks all for the advice! I will try to keep you posted with updates.
  13. Hello all, I am thinking about making a Santa Fe or similar EMD-F7 train. As I may create the full train (ABBA - 10-12 Coaches) I need to know how many train motors I will need to pull this lot. The train should be close to the 10020 with the B unit being James Mathis design. As this is a WIP I have not yet fully designed the train. I will be using Power Functions train motors as 9v is getting expensive. Also rechargeable battery boxes and lights. So how many motors will I need for pulling all of this? Thanks, - darthluke
  14. Darthluke824

    [MOC] Quint Fire Apparatus

    Very nice! :thumbup: It's pretty big though isn't it?
  15. Hello, I can't remember where I read or saw a photo of the real train that the 7938 is based off as well as a brick-built one. I would like to be directed to any infomation about it as I am planning on modifing my 7938. Thanks -darthluke