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  1. Outstanding work again Mortesv, the shaping and detailing is spot on! A perfect companion to the Nebulon-B, but equally impressive on its own! And of course a big congratulations with the new addition to the family!
  2. Congratulations to both Mortesv and Cjd223 for completing this mammoth project. I already was a huge fan of the first UCS Nebulon-B that Mortesv posted back in 2013, but it pales in comparison to this amazing redesigned version. I eagerly followed the progress on this project and the end result is without a doubt masterful, in my opinion one of the most beautiful and detailed UCS scaled ships ever made. As happy as i am that the project is finally completed, i admit feeling rather taken aback by the pricetag that you put on the instruction manual. Even though my rather limited budget prohibits me from bricklinking a project like this, i really looked forward to getting a taste of the building process by recreating the model digitally in LDraw. Don't get me wrong, i have nothing but respect and admiration for the many hours of hard work both of you invested in this project, and i would have happily paid a small contribution as a token of appreciation for your efforts, but there is no way i can justify spending $50 on an instruction manual. Still, personal disappointment aside, i have to say well done to the both of you. The model is absolutely stunning, and i'm sure the manual too is something to be proud of.
  3. I am in total awe looking at this mammoth project! Just trying to imagine the incredible amount of time and effort went into designing this almost makes my head hurt. We have seen some pretty amazing Executor MOCs on this forum, all of them brilliant pieces of art in their own right, but I think you just raised the bar by a few levels with this mindblowing design. Well done! To actually build this for real is a very ambitious plan, but I sincerely hope you find a way to make it happen! I don't have any experience with large scale projects like this, so unfortunately I can't be of any help there, but I hope you don't mind me giving some feedback on two minor visual details that caught my eye. One is a black antenna at the front of the city. It seems to be the only antenna visible, and both the shape and color don't match the rest of the greebling and rather make it stick out like a sore thumb. If it is really nescessary to have an antenna there, i would suggest to at least try and match the color to the rest. The other detail that does not quite seem to meet the high quality of the model, is the bridge. I took the liberty of trying a few configurations in LDraw, and i think i have come up with an alternative suggestion for the bridge: It's width is slightly less compared to the inverted slopes you currently use, and it's a bit higher than the 1 stud you were talking about in a previous comment, but overall i think this matches the look of the bridge pretty well. I hope you find it useful. And again, well done on this impressive design! DFOL
  4. DFOL

    Star Wars Theme Fan Tag

    Someone handing out SW tags? Wouldn't mind being branded with one, if i qualify that is.
  5. DFOL

    Episode III - the birth of Vader

    Impressive... Most impressive! The detailing is incredible, it really brings this scene to life!
  6. DFOL

    SHIPtember MOC #1

    Wow, this design bares a striking resemblance to the Republic Stealth Ship seen in the Clone Wars series. Though it lacks the characteristic stealth generators, it shares the same long and slender hull design. Even when ignoring any similarities to existing designs, you created a beautiful ship in its own right. My compliments for a job well done!
  7. DFOL

    My TIE variants

    Very nice work Cornwaille, your designs fit right in with the official TIE Fighter set. Especially the bomber and interceptor look like they could easily be released as official sets.
  8. DFOL

    [LDraw MOC] Munificent & Recusant

    Thanks a lot for your positive comments guys! I discovered i quite like designing in microscale, finding the best part to get the right shape or detailing is a unique and fun challenge at this scale.
  9. Hello all! I know i haven't been very active for some time, but i sure haven't forgotten about you guys! During the summer vacation i was looking for some nice microscale renditions of various capital ships from the Star Wars universe, but to my disappointment i could not find many with the right level of attention to design and detail. So i decided to design my own, using LDraw. Though i tried to get as close to the original source material as possible, a good looking design was most important to me, so i took as many artistic liberties as i needed. Since i'm quite content with the end results, i decided to share these two with you. Looking forward to reading your feedback and comments! DFOL
  10. The sheer size of this project is impressive all on its own, but it's not just quantity. Looking more closely at the individual parts of the scene, they are all very high quality builds as well. Kudos for finishing this mammoth project, the end result is awe inspiring!
  11. Wow, i'm thorougly impressed by these MOCs Brickdoctor! Especially the ISD is probably the best midi-scale rendition i have seen to date, would love to see it made in the brick some day!
  12. DFOL

    Database Issue

    Don't feel too bad about it Bonaparte, sometimes these things just happen. I'm just glad there is a backup to fall back on if restoration efforts fail. Thanks for your efforts to keep this site up and running!
  13. DFOL

    How to piece together sets through Bricklink?

    Bricklink is a great and fun way to find parts, but it isn't cheap. Personally, when i bricklink i try to buy all the parts that i need with as few sellers as i can, to save on postage costs. Also, when it's not too much of a price difference i usually buy from sellers from my own country, it saves on postage costs as well and it may avoid unexpected charges like import taxes. And i carefully compare the price for each type of part between different shops, to find the shops that offer the best overall deal. As for your question, my advice would be to send Lars a PM to ask if it's ok to share the LDD file of his creation.
  14. DFOL

    [MOC] T-47 airspeeder

    Sounds like old grey pieces to me. Most people try to avoid mixing old grey with bley, but some people like the effect the color difference creates and mix these colors deliberately.
  15. DFOL

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Oky, you did it again! These are just wonderful, Han Solo falling out of the carbonite made me smile a lot, but when i saw Dewback Duty i really laughed out loud!