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  1. lefty


    Yes, that's where the design originated from- http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/TIE/ad_starfighter
  2. lefty

    [MOC]Defender-class light corvette

    You haven't seen that before? You put the neck holes around the arms/pop the arms off and reattach them through the holes. It's neato. wut
  3. lefty

    [MOC] Elite gunship

    Very neat, reminds me of the stuff people would make back before the Star Wars sets came out.
  4. lefty

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    I am very very excited for this next wave of minifigs in hard plastic packing peanuts! Nearly every set has something awesome in it, I'm especially excited for the Jabba's sail barge, I'll get it to go along with the palace I have and rancor pit I'm hoping to get. A weequay! And Gran! I've been hoping for those for years. Finally getting some of the basic thuggy aliens. I'm also confused by the E-wing, is that a TOR set?
  5. Is there a coruscant planet set? I havent payed much attention to them before but the minifig selecion of the next wave has me intrigued. The only thing keeping me from getting multiples for figs is I would then have tons of not-useful balls...
  6. lefty

    Bantha CUUSOO (Updated!)

    I didn't notice that first time I looked at it. That's brilliant!
  7. lefty

    Never look back

    Nice. Is it supposed to be John Marston?
  8. lefty

    REVIEW: 75014 Battle of Hoth

    The only thing I would change about this set is to add a gunner for Luke. I love the printed legs, the gun designs, the probe droid is awesome. The slope front which I think has been used for at least a couple snowspeeder iterations rubs me the wrong way however. It just doesn't look right. I've seen some great MOCs that use angled plates and such but I think those kinds of structures are too weak for set standards.
  9. lefty

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Is that so! That makes me sad.
  10. lefty

    REVIEW: 75003 A-Wing

    The original A-wing set was one of my first Star Wars lego sets (and indeed one of my first lego sets period) at age 9 and this set hearkens back to that time pretty well. The awesome figs, the little tools and accessories, the random bits of the ship that could be anything and detach for no good reason, it's all really fun. Not to mention the set itself looks really good. I just wish they'd bring back the rebel mechanics.
  11. lefty

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm interested in that red mandalorian armor obi-wan is wearing.
  12. lefty

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I think a naboo ship would be a great set, especially with all the new curvy slopes we have. The royal starship would be best I think A)because of the minifig selection (a couple new astromechs would be great, I love astro minifigs) and B) we've actually seen the interior, it could have a control room, a throne room, and a hyperdrive room/ droid bay. I'm thinking something like the ISD or falcon in size with opening panels to reach the inside. The only question in my mind is, would it be bley or chrome? or some combination? Maybe chrome on top and bley on the bottom? I still shudder to think of the price.
  13. lefty

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'd like to see something like that, but maybe a smaller version with one senate floating thing and a couple aliens. A Gran! Or Twilek. And then another set of those coruscant taxis that were in episode 1.
  14. lefty


    You're compromising detail for what, exactly? The "feeling" of a model. You're making a caricature. If that's what you enjoy, do so. That doesn't make your building immune to criticisms.
  15. lefty


    And that's great. In fact I would say that's one of the most concise ways to look at MOCing, and one that would yield good results, and I assume you've followed this model of building for all of your projects along with your other philosophies. The snag however, is this Apparently you didn't get to the last step. And in general... who cares? It still looks like an at-at right? Maybe you'll add it in later, maybe it's still a WIP, maybe you can't figure out how to do it well within your rules and you chose to omit it. All valid points, but whatever the reason someone is going to point it out. The real problem is the way you limit yourself and end up with a pretty good result, when you could have an amazing result, or even the best result. And then when people point this out to you, you adopt this superior attitude that is extremely obnoxious. I understand if you don't care enough to make it perfect; hell for me lego is one of my minor hobbies, I bought my first set today in probably 4 months (skiff, amazing figs btw) and if I was in your shoes and had an MOC like this one, I'd have it locked up and never bother with it again. But it seems you updated it recently and that shows to me you do care, and I'd like to see you build something that someone can look to for years as the standard for LEGO AT-AT MOCs or some other such nonsense. You're 90% of the way there.