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  1. ultron32

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Sandy Claws by Kodiak Sanders, on Flickr Thanks Copmike, this is fun every year. Happy holidays, folks.
  2. Thanks as always, CopMike. Looking forward to the advent calendar. Here's my entry. Christmas Tree by Kodiak Sanders, on Flickr
  3. ultron32

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    I think it's less about wanting something you could sell, than about wanting something that you otherwise wouldn't get. I bought Stay Puft for $6, Tinkerbell costs $35 on Bricklink, so this is likely the only way I'd get her. But I'm overthinking this. The prizes all look exciting! Can't wait to see which ones are prize B.
  4. ultron32

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    The biggest thing I wish for from DC Super Heroes is that they could be in good movies.
  5. ultron32

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    My entry: a rabbit in a snowstorm.
  6. I've been meaning, since the Disney minifigures were first revealed, to make a few builds to go with them. Here is my first: The ticking crocodile. Never Smile At A Crocodile by Kodiak Sanders, on Flickr More details on my Flickr page. Let me know what you think!
  7. #10 - 2 points #16 - 2 points #27 - 1 points
  8. ultron32

    Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    Funny, that's where I've found some too. I got my four favorites so far (Syndrome, Mr. Incredible, Stitch, Cheshire) and they're all pretty great.
  9. 12 - Kendo Fighter Entry by Leopold - 1 point 46 - Frightening Knight Entry by Halhi 141 - 1 point 62 - Lazer Mech Entry by Aaron Gomez - 1 point
  10. 16 - Series 8 Cheerleader Entry by Leopold - 1 point 41 - Series 12 Fairytale Princess Entry by Soccerkid6 - 1 point 59 - Series 7 Ocean King Entry by Ninja Bomb - 1 point
  11. <p>Thanks as always for this lovely event Copmike. Here's my last minute entry: My ideal Christmas tree reminds me of happy Christmases past, like this one which I built years ago this season: _20151129_193047 by Kodiak Sanders, on Flickr WAIT WHAT. AW NO. I DIDN'T SEE WHAT TIMEZONE THE CLOSING WAS. Darnit. Ah well. Good luck to everyone else. Thought I had over an hour left, turns out I was nearly three hours late.</P>
  12. So much for that. Disappointingly only Nexo Knights, and no giveaways or exclusives.