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  1. DCLegoboy75

    Higher prices in Europe

    Here in New Zealand, online is the way to go. Compare $639 for UCS Executor online via USA vs $900+ local retailers. That is if you don't mind wating a few months for it to be shipped. The strong NZD to USD ex rate helps a lot.
  2. DCLegoboy75

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Nice, especially like the buried in the sand pic! Great depth of field on the storm trooper shot!
  3. DCLegoboy75


  4. DCLegoboy75

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Am now thinking a UCS Scout Trooper on Speeder bike. At least 40cm in length.
  5. DCLegoboy75

    Two TIEs To Go [WIP]

    Nice. YouTube your stills with music! Will be a hit for sure.
  6. DCLegoboy75

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Like these a lot! The lighting inside the Palace is superb and brings the whole scene to life. What camera and lens did you use?
  7. DCLegoboy75

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Thanks. Will scout around online to see what it will cost to put together one of these figs. It looks great! Just picked up 250 plants / trees at a reasonable price for my mini-scale Endor bunker scene. Not easy finding local suppliers down under here and importing from Europe/ States makes it very expensive. Looking forward to the weekend!
  8. DCLegoboy75

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Thanks. Nice shots. Where/ which set does Weequay come with?
  9. DCLegoboy75

    Lego Star Wars 4501 - Mos Eisley Cantina Review

    This is definitely one of those sets that the older it gets the better. Good review, makes me wanna build my own Cantina scene now I have Lukes Landspeeder.
  10. Back soon.....busy planting trees on Endor

  11. DCLegoboy75

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Thanks. To be honost, I was just stoked to have finally owned my very own Falcon and so wanted to see what it looked like on different backdrops in 'real life'! Being lazy (could not be bothered dealing with a cluttered background), I chose this photo as it had lots of black background which I shot the Falcon against. Thanks for the nice comments all!
  12. DCLegoboy75

    [Review] 10019 UCS Rebel Blockade Runner

    Nice review. Liked it a lot. Thanks for taking the time.
  13. Lando and his "Love Boat" inspired mo.
  14. DCLegoboy75

    Review: 8129 AT-AT

    Here in New Zealand, this was one darn expensive set....not great value for money and lacking the imposing factor you'd expect with such an iconic and devastating machine. Brother bought this one, I skipped it and got the Falcon that had just been released a year or so ago. After comparing them, very happy with my decision.
  15. DCLegoboy75

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Haha true. Good observation on that.