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  1. purpleparadox

    Welcome to our new History Regulator: ZCerberus

    Congratulations ZC!
  2. purpleparadox

    Lego Nappys

    Awwww! That's so cute! Nice find.
  3. purpleparadox

    It was a [Miniland] Graveyard Smash!

    Very cool. My favourites are Dracula and Frankenstein's monster.
  4. purpleparadox

    Best/Worst designed licenced minifigure ever?

    It's hard for me to pick just one best and worst, so I'll judge based on the minifigures for entire themes. Best: Lord of the Rings!! Worst: Speed Racer.
  5. purpleparadox

    MOC: Piano Player

    That's brilliant! As a pianist myself, I love it. :wub:
  6. purpleparadox

    A family playing Pong in the 70s

    Fantastic! The TV, the controller, the cable...the very atmosphere of the room - it's perfect!
  7. purpleparadox

    [MOC] Synth

    Fantastic! It looks so real. You combined two of my favourite things - LEGO and music!
  8. purpleparadox

    LEGO Design Team – Open Call For Theme Ideas!

    This is what's beginning to confuse me, and apparently a few others. As far as I can tell, there is no "winner". This is not a contest.TLG is simply asking for ideas. You have every right to submit them, and you also have every right to hold them back. The point is simply that TLG wants to know which kind of products we, some of their consumers, would like to see. Do you want your ideas to be reality, on the shelves? That's what this is all about. They might use multiple ideas that get sent in. They might use none. It depends how feasible our wishes are. Not everything in life has to be a contest. We can do things for the prize called happiness.
  9. purpleparadox

    Lord of the Rings Game - Minifig Designs

    They're all brilliant, especially the Aragorn mockup. Keep 'em coming!
  10. Congrats! Enjoy your new position.
  11. purpleparadox

    News LEGO CREATOR 2013 News & Discussion

    That's brilliant! I never even thought of it. Yeah, I'm gonna be doing that too.
  12. purpleparadox

    [MOC] Disney - Tangled

    Wow! Beautiful tower and I love the hair.
  13. purpleparadox

    LEGO Design Team – Open Call For Theme Ideas!

    Cool! I want to break the mould, so to speak, with the idea I enter. No Classic Pirates/Castle...I want something completely new!
  14. purpleparadox

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I saw Frankenweenie...it was actually a lot better than I expected! The animation was done really well.