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  1. The_Chosen_1

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just had my order go through without a hitch! Can't wait to get this sucker.
  2. The_Chosen_1

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Best of luck to those going for Avengers Tower! I'm currently in the queue in the US.
  3. The_Chosen_1

    Jurassic Park/World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I really love the new fossil set! It looks like a really nice display piece, and at a very reasonable price point.
  4. So…do we think the main landing bay doors will open down the middle?
  5. The_Chosen_1

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    For those in the U.S., the Black Panther bust (76215) is available from Walmart for $150. I just had Target price match online. Definitely worth it at this price, even as just a parts pack!
  6. The_Chosen_1

    [MOC] Stinger Mantis

    This is fantastic! I love how many of the interior details you managed to capture in this build, including the holotable (complete with planets!) and the recessed plant.
  7. The_Chosen_1

    Marvel Superheroes 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    WOW! Every one of these Marvel sets is just insanely well done. Absolutely fantastic!
  8. The Yavin IV base has been high on my most-wanted list, and this looks passable from what we can see so far. Still…I was expecting it to be a bit bigger. The MBS treatment with a selection of both Rogue One and ANH minifigs would have been a knockout.
  9. I hope instructions for the Yoda Fountain employee gift set show up online at some point. The dual molded legs on Yoda are an interesting choice though…
  10. I know we all say it every time, but it's still beyond frustrating that this same site fiasco keeps happening year after year.
  11. The_Chosen_1

    Disney Properties 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    If this were a big set based on the classic film, I'd be all in. Unless the new film truly blows me away, this is a super easy pass.
  12. Once again, Lego has knocked it out of the park with these diorama sets and cemented them as my favorite Lego subtheme of all time. I think part of the reason I’m such a fan is that they’re a welcome departure from the usual vehicle-heavy assortments that we normally get. Star Wars has so many iconic scenes that are perfectly suited to this format, and I hope they continue for a long, long time (pun intended ).
  13. The_Chosen_1

    Jurassic Park/World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I wouldn't say that's a "tease" as much as just staying true to the production design from the film.
  14. The_Chosen_1

    Jurassic Park/World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    There's been a Nedry minifig since 2019, but it'll be nice to have him more widely available!
  15. Wow, has it really been 10 years since the last UCS X-Wing?? I’m eager to see what the redesigned model looks like. Sets have come a long way over the last 10 years, and I expect some heavy improvements over the 2013 version. And for the love of all things holy…PLEASE give us a printed cockpit canopy this time.