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  1. Agreed and agreed! The new stormtrooper helmet is just......UGH
  2. I prefer the general shape of the old helmet design (it's aged extremely well), but it is a shame that it doesn't have a molded-in visor. Perhaps that's something that can be rectified down the road.
  3. Based on the Luke minifig with the AT-AT (and the past couple Rebel pilot minifigures released), it seems Lego is reverting back to the original helmet mold, correct? A great move IMO. (Apologies if this has already been addressed!)
  4. Yeah, I may have overstepped in my logic in my first response. I do agree that it's puzzling a set like the Resistance Transport gets made, while there are gaping holes in Lego SW that we've yet to see. This wave is certainly an interesting case study in that regard - on one end there's a niche item (the aforementioned transport), and on the other.....a nearly exact remake of a fairly recent set (DS Final Duel). As I mentioned before, I'm ALL for expanding the theme will lesser-known scenes, characters, and vehicles. It's equally disappointing, however, to see a lack of innovation with something like the Final Duel.
  5. Just because you're unfamiliar with the source material (Galaxy's Edge, in this case) doesn't invalidate the set. Personally, I'll take new sets any day over an endless stream of rehashes.
  6. WOW!!! Incredibly excited for the Galaxy’s Edge themed set! Apart from Thrawn, I believe this might be the first minifigure of a character originating in Star Wars literature (Vi Moradi). Very, very cool! Apart from that, the Ahsoka set is pretty good (is it just me, or does the AAT keep getting smaller...), and I’m absolutely puzzled by the straight rehash of the Death Star II Duel set. Huh??
  7. Crossing my fingers for a large playset-style set as well! I'd probably kill over if Lego ever released the Jedi Temple or Geonosis Arena.
  8. Ah, not sure how I missed those! I stay pretty up-to-date on this thread and #legoleaks on IG. Thanks!
  9. Changing the subject slightly, but are we expecting a UCS set to make its debut for May the 4th (as is typical)? It's been pretty quiet on that front...
  10. I'm pretty sure the lead creative director on the Lego Star Wars theme knows what he's talking about.
  11. Yes, I expect we'll see additional large location-based sets in the future, just not under the subtheme of "Master Builder Series". In fact, seeing how long ago Betrayal at Cloud City was released, I'd hope we're due for another one in the next year.
  12. Funny that the subject of Master Builder Series is coming up; I just had this exchange with Jeremy (an extremely reliable source) on the Rebelscum forums last week. Seems as though the "MBS" moniker is no more.
  13. Well, if the rumors are true that there are no Resistance or Mandalorian sets, I’ll be extremely disappointed. Such a huge missed opportunity not to be producing sets based on current content.
  14. Not unless you actually went through and counted, since many comments mention both. That's the EXACT lineup of minifigures that I included with my vote!
  15. If I knew for absolute certain that a UCS LAAT/i would be true minifigure scale, it might have gotten my vote. I ended up voting for the Nebulon-B though, since it's never had any previous release whatsoever, and can only properly be done in UCS scale.