[OL - FB] Beauchamp Shipyard Offices, Logistics, and Administration

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"To be perfectly honest," Retired Admiral Girard Beauchamp reflected outloud to nobody in particular, but knowing that all were listening intently, "when I first saw the shipbuilding need and the dire strategic risk it placed the empire in, I'd only envisioned the dock space needed to build warships worthy of his majesty's navy. And now look at us..." he said, sweeping his arm over the balcony railing. 


"And it isn't just the works here along the Breshaun waterfront," he turned sharply back to the group, his speed had returned, as had the color in his face, but in truth, neither to the level they had been just months ago. "We had to build a plantation to procure masts, build a carpenter school to train the work force, every time I saw a gap, I found myself having to personally step in to fill it. Now we have a sawmill, iron mine, coal mine, rope factory. And not just building ships, we needed a drydock to repair." 


Which has all led to the need for a brain stem to control this monster. That is why we have now had to expand our administration, logistics, sales, contracts, supply, etc. into this "large commercial" build we are standing in today. 


At least from here, I have the best seat in the house for watching the ongoing construction. He turned back to the balcony and looked down into the yard where Master Shipwright Jean Benoît had cleared everyone away to personally guide the crane for the placement of a new mast. 


This is why Beauchamp had been so enthusiastic that Benoit join the team... he was always personally supervising the most difficult, dangerous, important, and critical elements of the build. His reward for all this was an expanded office space and the lion's share of the first floor in the new building to meet clients, manage the yard, and keep his volumes of old ship designs. 


As for managing the most important/dangerous detail of each build, today, it was not only the placement of the mast, but a chance to watch the new heavy crane team in action. So far... so good... but the gears, levers, counterweights, and bearings that brought the machine to life represented a huge investment and risk. 


Meanwhile, all around him, the normal buzz of the yard continued. A shipment of coal coming into the loading docks with the guards quickly locking the gates behind them. None of this distracts Benoit from the mast hovering over his head and the precariously perched crane team. 


The yard continues to expand. This section will be licensed as a large commercial build despite even though I added the new crane. 



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I love how this just keeps expanding, and how it keeps getting better with every addition!  Keeping it clean and uncluttered with such a massive layout is not easy to achieve, but you've made it look so effortless.  That crane and cohesive architecture is great, and those roofs are gorgeous as always! :thumbup:  

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Great to see all the buildings at the same time!:pir-love: I like the architecture style. What I particularly like about the new building is the passage. The crane is also built in a complex way.

7 hours ago, Ross Fisher said:

Somebody get this man some bricks! We need to get you building in the real world.

I hope somebody get me also some bricks! I am very happy to send a modest list of all the bricks I need.

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It is always great to see the continued expansion of this project and the HQ building is a great addition. I really like how consistent the style is and how each part seamlessly fits in with what came before. Makes me want to try something similar! 

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On 6/30/2021 at 2:05 PM, Professor Thaum said:

Seconded !


Thirded! (?)

This thing is huge, detailed and pure beauty! The various parts are a perfect mach to each other! :pir-love:

And that's where our mighty fleet comes from, gentlemen!

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13 hours ago, Guyinaplaguemask said:

Amazing, the level of detail is truly stunning. Will there be a ship under construction to go with it?

There will eventually be at let 1 more section to fill in the front. There are two bows in there now, I will complete the keels and extend the docks (so the entire build is a complete rectangle). Spot on though, someday... I'd like to be able to have completed or nearly completed ships at the docks. The drydock also fits the Black Seas Barracuda hull (bow, stern, and 3 mid sections).

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17 hours ago, Professor Thaum said:


Done boss !


However, I'd already used the Feature Post functionality... let's those who approve the posts and paying attention.

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