MOC - Narrow gauge "squeezed" toy locomotive

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Hi all,

this time I'd like to show you something that is a bit different. It is more a study, or an experiment than a real model.

It's is a very small narrow gauge locomotive, inspired by an hand-made creation of Mr. Akio Inoue (who is a famous live steam builder in Japan). The locomotive is depicted on Mr. Mori Iroshi site, which is of great inspiration to me. There's also a Youtube channel (simply search AKUBI LR on Google, you''l find it immediately).

Let's say it is a mix between a DEKI-3 and a Rhatische-Bahn GE 2/2 162. Once it was yellow, now it  has RhB colors. It's a bit "Japanese" since it has a super-deformed body, it is more tall than long.

"Power" (HA HA HA :laugh:) is coming from a 9v micromotor mounted  upside-down, and there's a working headlight. It needs a battery car to work. I use it on black narrow-gauge Lego curved track, but I recently discovered that LEMAX track has the same gauge  and offers straight tracks (no switches, sorry  :sceptic:). 

It is sloooooooooooooooooooow! :blush:





I hope you like this little,nerdish thing! It's name is PKZIP (like the file compression archiver for DOS PCs of the past) :laugh:

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A very nice little machine!

You may buy Lego compatible narrow gauge track from:







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Wow! These are really nice custom tracks for narrow gauge trains - pity there are no switches. I usually use this double gauge track, made with straight dark stone grey tracks and the standard flexible track. It works fine, but has very long radius curves. I'd like to have (maybe using 3d printing) smaller 4-stud long grey tracks, so I could have a standard-radius curve and create a close double gauge layout :laugh:





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