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  1. Can't you just put a belville head on a Technic figure? I'm pretty sure I have seen it done before...
  2. BrickThumb

    What's in a name ???

    My name comes from the impressions I end up with on my thumb after lots of building...
  3. BrickThumb

    MOC - Narrow gauge "squeezed" toy locomotive

    So small, and so cute!
  4. Awesome! I love the yellow color scheme, it's so bright and happy!
  5. BrickThumb

    [TC12][WIP] Overkill

    This is so crazy! I like how you've done the wheels, the tank tracks make them look really cool!
  6. 11: 10 23: 6 14: 4 8: 3 13: 2 16: 1 Good luck everyone! so many great entries!