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  1. A lot of Information about all Lego Motors you find here:
  2. Dear Thorsten, let‘s hope you don’t get stoned for admitting you bought a BB model and furthermore admitting you love it… cheers Carsten
  3. CaL

    Beware of BlueBrixx Double Crossover

    Dear all, Bricked4you showed a nice and cheap quick-fix for this problem on his youtube-channel: CaL
  4. I „powerfunctionized“ my 7740 successfully with a BuWizz brick:
  5. Looks like Mould King already has discovered that "steeples speed control" is a "state of the art" technology:
  6. CaL

    BR 99.23-24 in aprox. 1:22

    Nice try on the very famous "Brockenlok"!!!
  7. Hi Holger, such a labour of love or should I better say labour of patience, "brick"-laying the walls out of all those 1x2 and 1x1 plates! A real beauty you created here! BR Carsten
  8. A few US american guys back in 2017 also posted about their solution with ball bearings:
  9. CaL

    Bahnbetriebswerk NeuKirche.

    Hi Enrico, a very nice Layout! Just a short remark from my side: The correct abbreviation for “Bahbetriebswerk” is “Bw”, not “bhw”. Cu Carsten
  10. CaL

    Is 8w or 9w closer to minifigure scale?

    Let me add, that building in an uneven width (e.g. 7 or 9 studs) seems to be more challenges according to some famous Lego train guys, e.g. Holger Matthes - take a look at his nice book:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=The+Lego+Trains+Book&qid=1579858035&sr=8-1 Or his VT 11.5:
  11. CaL

    Side rods on small BigBenBricks wheels

    Hi, this is what I did years ago:
  12. Yes, this train company is called “Metronom” and mainly runs trains in the area between Hamburg, Hannover and Lüneburg.
  13. CaL

    Lego MOC Wooden Gondola

    Very nice! In which original set where the wood pattern tiles used?
  14. Looks similar to my (yet unfinished) attempt to model the famous DB 103 in 8 wide ;)