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  1. Hi, I have both, BuWizz and S-Brick. I can confirm the remarks about the BuWizz’s UI, but the advantages weigh way more higher! For S-Brick you need a battery box or the rechargeable battery, which in total consumes more space than a BuWizz. With BuWizz I powerfunctionized my old 12V TEE (=Set 7740) and because of the ludicrous mode it runs reasonably well. CU Carsten
  2. Hi, a nice and interesting solution! How does the charger unit look like? You should seek for help with the guys of 4Dbrix. They have a lot of experience in 3D-printing and electronics. Regards from Hamburg CaL
  3. CaL

    O-my, get a load of this MOC

    Looks like it always belonged to this layout :) Very nice!!!
  4. CaL


    Hi Christian, greetings from Hamburg, Germany. If you are in general ready to follow a Non-LEGO-purist’s path, why don’t you save time and effort and buy 3D-printed Switches from or BR Carsten
  5. CaL

    Chances of an Emerald Night re-release?

    And here is a nice video about the Em.Night in alternative colouring:
  6. CaL

    BR51-761-5 (Octrainber 2018)

    Oh man! What a beauty!!!
  7. CaL

    Are there any German Lego train clubs?

    Dear Goldenmasamune, please search at for an answer ;) BR CaL
  8. If you have come so far as to start cutting tracks and switches, why don’t you just take a look at 3-D printed track pieces??? For Europe I can recommend, if you are from the US take a look at the offerings of
  9. CaL

    [HELP] Buying RC Train Track

    3D printed tracks: or 4Dbrix. Tracks from injection molds: brickTracks
  10. CaL

    4564 loco with PF and on the cheap

    Hi, go and buy a buwizz battery, which includes already a Bluetooth receiver. And it’s only 3 instead of 4 bricks high.
  11. CaL

    CP 2600 - Portugal

    What a beautiful engine!!!
  12. CaL

    ColletArrow's old MOC thread

    Fantastic builds! Only thing left to do: Buy yourself a Buwizz. It will be really a relief, not cramming the IR receiver anymore into a space limited tank engine ;)
  13. CaL

    [MOC] Narrow Gauge & 9V

    Hi, I remembered, that the German builder Reinhard “Ben” Beneke once made some power pickups. Maybe his solution does help? Here is the link to his Brickshelf-archive: regards carsten
  14. CaL

    Adding a change in elevation to a layout

    Hi, I know it is not exactly, what you are looking for, but offers sets to elevate your tracks. And Duncan from made a nice video about it which you find at his YouTube channel.
  15. CaL

    FS 207 - Badoni / Breuer type IV

    Hi, maybe a buwizz battery box would fit? It runs on Bluetooth and does not need an extra space consuming receiver. A similar option could be the PFx brick. Ciao CaL