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  1. CP 2600 - Portugal

    What a beautiful engine!!!
  2. ColletArrow's old MOC thread

    Fantastic builds! Only thing left to do: Buy yourself a Buwizz. It will be really a relief, not cramming the IR receiver anymore into a space limited tank engine ;)
  3. [MOC] Narrow Gauge & 9V

    Hi, I remembered, that the German builder Reinhard “Ben” Beneke once made some power pickups. Maybe his solution does help? Here is the link to his Brickshelf-archive: regards carsten
  4. As you are not afraid of cutting & gluing LEGO parts, you should take a very close look at the FX-Brick: It is really amazing, what you can do with it!!!
  5. Adding a change in elevation to a layout

    Hi, I know it is not exactly, what you are looking for, but offers sets to elevate your tracks. And Duncan from made a nice video about it which you find at his YouTube channel.
  6. FS 207 - Badoni / Breuer type IV

    Hi, maybe a buwizz battery box would fit? It runs on Bluetooth and does not need an extra space consuming receiver. A similar option could be the PFx brick. Ciao CaL
  7. MOC - Narrow gauge "squeezed" toy locomotive

    A very nice little machine! You may buy Lego compatible narrow gauge track from: 1) 2) Ciao CaL
  8. Bulk Train Track

    And also take a look at 4Dbrix from the USA. They also have a European shop on Bricklink. I was quite surprised by the quality TrixBrix achieved and already own two triple switches :) And as far as I understood does produce MOLDED curves in different diameters, which should have an even better look than 3D-printed ones...
  9. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    I was just wondering why not just simply revive the old magnets as 3d-printed parts?
  10. Office Christmas Train

    Hi from Hamburg, Germany! From my experience, the 9V transformer has enough power to run 2 train motors on the same track. The problem is the weakness of the motors themselves, especially in comparison to the old 12 V motors... I would also isolate the track layout into two halves. It is easiest done, if you leave a 1 stud gap between 2 track sections. And don´t forget to reconnect the track sections mechanically with two plates 1x3 at the outer sides of the rails and two 2x3 plates in the section between the rails ;) regards CaL
  11. Some help for lifted track design

    Dear Jim, I already ordered tracks from trixBrix and was quite surprised what is possible today with 3D-printing! Yesterday I recieved my second delivery from TrixBrix and it does include the incline package. I bought it after I saw the Video Review from Duncan on his YouTube channel DunksterBricks: Feel free to take a look at it! Regards CaL
  12. [MOC] Amtrak P42DC

    Hi bummelsp4449, very nice job! Just a tip conecerning the issue with leaving a gap for the eye of the PF receiver: Why don´t you use a buwizz to power your loco? I just a week ago used it to re-power my 12V TEE-engine from set 7740. The issues of the infrared eye are gone using buwizz because it works with bluetooth. Similar concpest are Sbrick and the upcoming PFxbrick? Kind regards CaL
  13. Help with fence for train line

    Hi, I would mount them on hinge plates, part number 2429 and 2430. Regards CaL
  14. Dear Jtlan, may I ask wo More questions? 1) Why did you choose grey as colour for the rods? 2) Which manufacturer are the wheels from? Regards CaL
  15. Hi, what a wonderful rendition of this iconic little engine from my home country! Reading about all the problems you have fitting the PF IR receiver, I was wondering if you have ever considered installing a BUWIZZ? It really saves you a lot of space! Especially for tank engines like your BR standard class 2 ;) Also a Strick would be a good choice to avoid the need for the IR receivers eye to poke out somewhere. Or if you want to also have steam sound, then take a look at what the guys from PF bricks are doing: And just for fun take a look at my rendition of the BR 24 from 1996, where we had only 6 wides and no BBB wheels :) Regards CaL