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  1. CaL

    Lego MOC Wooden Gondola

    Very nice! In which original set where the wood pattern tiles used?
  2. Looks similar to my (yet unfinished) attempt to model the famous DB 103 in 8 wide ;)
  3. CaL

    Replacement Wheels

    Excellent news! You are my heros guys!
  4. CaL

    BR No. 74656 "Lord Dudley"

    Hi, a very nice build! If you are looking for more british prototypes I can recommend you the YouTube Channel of Chris Eden-Green. The guys looks like beeing stuck in the 1970ies but makes very informative Videos: KR CaL
  5. CaL

    1:22,5 G-Scale Toy Train locomotive

    Hi Davide, thanks for this video! Remembering seeing & riding on trains pulled by some of those type of small diesel engines on some European narrow gauge railroads I must admit that the speed to me seems to fully match my memories ;) Carsten
  6. Hi Martin, a very nice rendition of the original prototype! It was also my first choice to Build in Lego in 1996: KR Carsten
  7. CaL

    [MOC] S-Bahn Hamburg presented on a bridge

    Hi Niklas, nice replica of the trains I use each morning ;) BR from Hamburg
  8. CaL

    GWR Pannier Tank

    Hi, maybe you should give a buWizz a try! 1) It eliminates the IR receiver and gives you more space for additional gearing 2) If the gearing stays with the original gearing, you could run the buWizz in a high speed mode, which puts out higher voltage KR Carsten
  9. Hi, I have both, BuWizz and S-Brick. I can confirm the remarks about the BuWizz’s UI, but the advantages weigh way more higher! For S-Brick you need a battery box or the rechargeable battery, which in total consumes more space than a BuWizz. With BuWizz I powerfunctionized my old 12V TEE (=Set 7740) and because of the ludicrous mode it runs reasonably well. CU Carsten
  10. Hi, a nice and interesting solution! How does the charger unit look like? You should seek for help with the guys of 4Dbrix. They have a lot of experience in 3D-printing and electronics. Regards from Hamburg CaL
  11. CaL

    O-my, get a load of this MOC

    Looks like it always belonged to this layout :) Very nice!!!
  12. CaL


    Hi Christian, greetings from Hamburg, Germany. If you are in general ready to follow a Non-LEGO-purist’s path, why don’t you save time and effort and buy 3D-printed Switches from or BR Carsten
  13. CaL

    Chances of an Emerald Night re-release?

    And here is a nice video about the Em.Night in alternative colouring:
  14. CaL

    BR51-761-5 (Octrainber 2018)

    Oh man! What a beauty!!!
  15. CaL

    Are there any German Lego train clubs?

    Dear Goldenmasamune, please search at for an answer ;) BR CaL