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  1. BurkusCircus

    [MOC] Pennsylvania T1 #5544 version 4

    Absolutely stunning model.
  2. BurkusCircus

    [moc] Virginian AE 2-10-10-2 Mallet

    Yep, makes sense
  3. BurkusCircus

    Connecting Powered Up Troubleshooting

    That's what I thought too, but it's gone through that screen several times. I believe the issue is transitioning from that screen to the control interface. But I'll try contacting Lego in the morning
  4. BurkusCircus

    Connecting Powered Up Troubleshooting

    Like, it'll recognize and connect, but as soon as it starts to sync up (with the 0%-100% yellow slider thing), it loses connection. But I think they think they're connected, because I can try to reconnect without taking the batteries out of the box and back in.
  5. Has anyone else had issues connecting to the PU Hub with the Crocodile? I've had mine built for a couple days now, and have been able to run it for about 3 minutes in that time due to connection issues despite trying 4 or 5 times a day (bonus of not having a job in Coronaland). Any tips?
  6. BurkusCircus

    [moc] Great Northern M-2 class 2-6-8-0

    How do you list off the oddness without mentioning the fact that the driversets have different numbers of wheels? That's the main reason for my fascination for the prototype. But yeah, this is an excellent moc! Great job!
  7. Zephyr did that at some point a few years ago. https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/169035-o-my-get-a-load-of-this-moc/
  8. BurkusCircus

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    Also, for those who didn't see Coal Fired Brick's 4-6-6T model, I wouldn't mind that being a set. Way too obscure though, I'm afraid
  9. BurkusCircus

    Boston and Albany 4-6-6t (WIP)

    Looks great! I remember when Lionel came out with these earlier this year, but their price tag was, as always, a bit high for me. Great little engine!
  10. BurkusCircus

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    Oh, I didn't realize the Disney Train was in the Creator line, though it was just in the Disney line. As for the Emerald Night, it's pretty obviously European, imo. The Olive Green boiler with Elephant Ears and a Cream and Brown passenger car are basically the stereotypical British Steam Engine.
  11. BurkusCircus

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    I know this will never happen, and they missed their opportunity to do so last year when it was first operated, but a Big Boy would be awesome. Too big for a set, though. The Creator expert trains so far (excluding the Winter Village set), were/are 2 European Electrics (Crocodile and Horizon Express), American Diesel (Maersk), and British/European Steam (Emerald Night). So the one big area they're missing are American Steam. As for what could fit best within that category, no idea. Since the Molds for drivers appear to be in sets of 3, a NYC Hudson (4-6-4) would make sense, and probably is a close to wide-appealing as you could get. Only other contender would be a Hiawatha or Blue Comet, as most famous American steam engines have 8-driver bases (N&W J, Daylight, Big Boy, T1's of both the Reading and Duplex variety). So a NYC Hudson would be the next logical step. On the City side of things, we've had an Asian Electric (4511 has just always looked Asian to me), 3 European Diesels (4512, 3677, and 60098), 2 Light Rail/Trams (in 8404 and 60097), an American Diesel (60052), and more European Electrics than sand in the earth (7897, 7898, 7938, 7939, 60051, 60197, 60198). So whatever comes next, it's probably a European Electric. I'd like to see a more modern American Diesel, maybe even modeled after one of the NS Heritage Units. Lackawanna, maybe? As for what I want, I'd like to see a T1 Duplex Creator set for whenever the T1 Trust finishes 5550, and really any of the American Steam Engines I listed off above. As mentioned, maybe a modern Frieght Diesel, maybe in the Canadian National scheme? Also a real model of a Japanese bullet train would be cool. And then, once all of the above is made, they can finally do an M-497.
  12. BurkusCircus

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Okay, at $100, I'm easily buying this thing. Looks awesome!
  13. BurkusCircus

    [MOC] Frisco #1501 (4-8-2 Mountain Type)

    This is truly beautiful. Great job!
  14. BurkusCircus

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    Kinda underwhelming, but a new train is a new train. Regarding the F7 discussion, perhaps an Alco PA would’ve fit better? Still recognizable to train fans but easier to make creepy-looking.
  15. BurkusCircus

    Will there be a 2019 freight train?

    I’d like to see another American diesel, maybe a more modern one like an ES44. As for color maybe something along the lines of UP’s Greyhound scheme (two tone grey and yellow)?