Erebor - final with the movie!

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I am very pleased to announce that after more than a year I finished project Erebor;)

My goal was to build both the front and inside of the building. It was important to me that the facade of the building was mapped as closely as possible. The project was so large that it was divided into two phases (originally supposed to be even 3). The first part - 2/3 of the height of the facade and very limited interior was ready for an exhibition in Chorzow in May 2015

The structure has a height of 2.1 meters, consisting of approximately 120 thousand bricks and weighs 130kg.

Erebor in my understanding is something more than just building with blocks. It's set design for photos and video footage casting the atmosphere of the movie "The Hobbit Fight the Five Armies." However, getting the right mood require interesting pictures. For the first time in my life with such commitment I went to photograph just to see how little in this area I can. For help in preparation of photos and film I haveasked Nicholas Lewisnki “Fullnilson ", a graduate of the Lodz Film School. Shooting Erebor took us over a month. Cooperation with Fullnilson was very inspiring for me.

The interiors of Erebor:

"The visit elves" (a reference to The Hobbit Part 1)

Shot 1


Shot 2


"The sounds in the distance"


"Smaug and Bilbo"


"The struggle in the mines"


"Escape From the Dragon"


"One of them is a traitor"


"In anticipation of the enemy"


The facade of Erebor:

"Meeting before the fight"




"The fight scene - the chaos on the battlefield"


"Last Bolgs ambush"




The building consists of approximately 20 independent modules, each of which could be quite a bit independent MOC. The modules can be arranged in different ways which I used in these shots:



Big dilemma was the color blocks under construction. For a moment I considered the use of sand green and dark green. These colors are so exorbitantly expensive and less available, that quickly gave up the idea and used the traditional gray bricks.


Fortunately, it turned out that adequate lighting is able to fully mitigate the limitations of color as you can see on the film:

If you have a poblem with youtube. Try this link: https://vimeo.com/143540635

Nicholas is a great artist, who in his activity joins the LEGO passion, film and photography. By the way, I strongly urge you to look at his work on Flickr.


With the development of the project shrank my plans. There was a moment that the planned building was divided into 3 stages with a total height of 2.8 meters (including 60 cm below the level 0). I planned a complicated system of bridges and steel works. The main reason for reducing the scale of buildings were logistical problems. The building must be installed repeatedly. Each successive meter in height entails other engineering solutions. Up to one meter provide sufficient lift the blocks themselves. In the case of 2-meter building I used a hidden wooden 3cmx3cm slats across the structure.

At the end - the picture with the author ;)


Of course, more photos on Flickr:


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As a couple of people before me have said, this is just stunning. It's absolutely spectacular. I love it. Easily one of the best things I've seen built with LEGO. It's so wonderful, I just won't be able to praise it enough, so I'll stop now.

It's so fantastic!

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Great that you were able to get such high quality images of your magnificent masterpiece. Absolutely amazing :thumbup:

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thank you all!

please help me to promote the Erebor movie.

I believe it deserves appritiation!




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Been following this on Flickr since the beginning, and was impressed with every picture that came out every day.

It's so great to finally see a moving picture.

Stunning stunning work! :grin:

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Flat out amazing I'm so glad to seethe finished piece!!! The question is now.... What are you going to do now!!!

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Oh. My. Gods.


*sound of jaw hitting the floor*

*stunned silence*

Just wow.

I can't think of very many words that adequately describe the awe in which I presently find myself.

And I'm a very loquacious person.

So. Wow.

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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Wow, I used to feel proud of my recent castle project. This blows my mind. Your photography and movie making abilities really help show off the amazing work you put into this creation.

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