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  1. SirBlake

    [MOC] Excaliburburg

    Holy cow! Not only is this an amazing concept deftly executed, but that is one of the better looking large scale swords I've ever seen. Love it!
  2. Wow, this ended up being pretty prophetic. Well done!
  3. SirBlake

    2023 Majisto GWP

    Woof, a swing and a miss on this one. This has gone from my most anticipated set of the year to a great excuse not to participate in the GWP exclusivity BS. 1 Step forward for TLG continuing to provide options for castle fans, two steps back for a lackluster offering. PASS.
  4. Some good conversation/speculation going on in here. I personally love the idea of the crusader axe torso making a comeback. I was 9yo when 6080 came out, and for me, the two torsos are inseparable from the faction. That said, I think I’d be ok with whatever faction/print they use. Of course something we haven’t already seen in the last few years would be preferred. I was hoping for a secondary archer Lion print like the Falconer CMF, but I like the crusader axe idea just as much.
  5. I agree with that. Also, I’m glad its not over $300.
  6. Yeah, I’m excited at the prospect of the shields smith. Reissuing old shields sounds good, though they seem to have that pretty well covered these days. I would also love to see a selection of new shields.
  7. Hah! I can’t imagine how I missed that. Makes perfect sense.
  8. Here’s a description that popped up that sounds very new and exciting as far as Lego castle civilian subjects: - old farmhouse - cheese maker - Broken Axes Inn - shieldsmith’s workshop - watchtower minifigs include: - crook (is that a typo of cook or is that a term for a shepherd?) - carpenter - tax collector - tapestry weaver - agieldsmith tower guard
  9. SirBlake

    2023 Majisto GWP

    That is interesting. Thing is, we’re assuming it’s the Magical Workshop, but I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere, so it could be something else.
  10. Yup, that’s what I’m basing my assumption on too. Variants would be greatly appreciated. Something like a lions archer in a similar style to the CMF falconer would be appreciated.
  11. Agreed. I think it'll end up being quite similar in scale to the prelim. Also, if it's anything to go by, I think any knights that may come with it will be Lions. That wouldn't break my heart at all, but of course, updated Black Knights would be preferred. Man, I'm so excited about this. I'm so pleased that this appears to be happening.
  12. SirBlake

    Puns in Character names?

    Vadec! What an honor to have you here. Thanks for the explanation of the origin and thanks even more for the update on yourself and family. I really enjoyed your lab and you certainly made an impression, haha.
  13. SirBlake

    VIKING VILLAGE Ideas set via Target vote

    The build looks pretty nice. I like it.
  14. The microbuild castle is pretty cute. I missed the micro version of 375 yellow castle.
  15. SirBlake

    Shield Collection by Year

    This is pleasing to look at. That second row from the top is hitting hard.