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  1. SirBlake

    D&D x Ideas

    Oh wow! That’s exciting. I think anything is possible, and while I understand the notion that D&D is more character based, there are plenty of iconic locations that can be referenced. Just one of many lists I found when I went Googling: What I think may be more likely would be generic dungeons that look/feel like Mines of Moria from LotR.
  2. What is the largest, most expensive art piece so far? I could really see a large map with micro scale builds for the major locations.
  3. Once again, apples and oranges. The two form factors are just too dissimilar. If it truly came down to a 1:1 matchup, Lego would crush games workshop. Nothing against them, but the entire market for small, detailed gaming figurines is dwarfed by the scale of Lego.
  4. Wow, that is seriously disappointing, lol.
  5. First of all, I think it’s really apples and oranges. If you want accuracy and variety, you’re not in the market for Lego minifigs, period. Lego is pretty much it’s own category, but best fits the “construction toy” label, though I do see where it can tread on an action figure license. That’s why Star Wars minifigs have to be packaged with construction elements for battle packs. So it doesn’t step on Hasbro toes. Secondly, I’ll reference the original 2012+ LotR minifigs as exhibit A: how well do the minifigs do justice to the characters? In my estimation, very, very well. I’ve got the whole Fellowship in front of me right now, and they really are nice. Just look at Boromir. It’s sooo good!
  6. I like the 2nd Age idea. We really need a Mûmakil and at least the gate of Minas Tirith in addition to the balrog. I think those are the biggest missed opportunities of the original line. As far as the “gimmick” sets, if I’m honest with myself, I think it has real potential. If they offered the Red Book of Westmarch that opened to reveal a map of Middle Earth… I’d freakin’ love that. Or Sting. Or Star-Wars-style helmets like Theoden’s helm or an Uruk-Hai? Oh man, that could be cool.
  7. Are you sure about that? I thought it was a conflict with the action figure license, similar to with Star Wars/Hasbro. With no active action figure license these days, I would hope that would open up the door for Lego.
  8. BrickHeadz bore me, so that's a little unfortunate, but the fact that the license is revived is good news. Fingers crossed that more is coming.
  9. It was decided way back when (I think correctly) that the Venn diagram showed more overlap in historic themes than it did for the normal licensed audience.
  10. SirBlake

    [CatC] Enchanted Forest

    Love all of this! Great parts usage on those minifigs too.
  11. Good question. Hard to imagine what’s going on there.
  12. That would be appreciated.
  13. Agreed on all points. That’s nice to hear that the scale is so affordable. I guess that’s my new backup plan, lol.
  14. I think there are a lot more people interested in the CMF line than Vidyo. I don’t plan to invest in a scale that accurate, but I REALLY don’t plan on buying truly blind CMF’s, so if TLG is so short sighted that they don’t include some sort of code, and they decide to offer something that I desperately need for my collection, I would have to seriously consider it.
  15. SirBlake

    Various Castle Builds

    These are fantastic! So much to like about these. I particularly like the size that most are built in. I also like the way your bases are built. I tend to struggle with making that transition and this gives me some ideas.