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  1. Favourite Speedchampions Set?

    Ford GT’s hot rod + Raptor new + old Camaros im seeing a trend here. 2-car American stuff.
  2. Future Castle Sets?

    I can guarantee you that if 2013 came out today, I would have been critical of the lame faction heraldry and still bought most of the sets. Oh wait, that's what I did in 2013.
  3. Whoah, that carriage set is awesome.
  4. Future Castle Sets?

    There’s so much talk about how hard it is to satisfy the castle AFOL, but I would totally be happy with a modern take on 6059 with new, well designed heraldry. I’d just by 8-10 of them and build the kingdom myself.
  5. Toys R Us prepping to liquidate US operations

    Well, liquidate means sell everything, so I expect that all items will be discounted at progressively greater intervals until it's all gone.
  6. Future Castle Sets?

    So basically standard Castle theme operating procedure. Sounds good to me.
  7. I looked, but didn't see this posted anywhere else: There's still a tiny chance this could be avoided, but it does seem like the most likely result. No more TRU in the US, and other markets are in danger too, but their fate isn't decided yet. That would be a real bummer for exclusives and the like, though I won't miss the "TRU tax" that is higher prices than just about anywhere else. The only silver lining is that there could be some great clearance deals to be found, for a little while anyway.
  8. We have one kid and a 3 bedroom house, so one room is full of me and my daughter's Lego, though probably 90% of what's in there is mine. My wife knows I work hard and this hobby is therapeutic. Plus, as hobbies go (Golf, fishing, whatever), it's really not that expensive and it keeps me from doing other, less constructive (pun intended, I guess) things. So I guess the point is, it's a non-issue.
  9. Future Castle Sets?

    I doubt that your posting in this thread would prove that, but in the interest of being constructive, what is your suggestion to move forward? What's your kid-focused castle theme look like, regardless of what the average AFOL may want?
  10. Future Castle Sets?

    There seem to be many things that you’re not sure about here, yet you consistently shoot down every idea that would lead to some sort of Castle in Lego. I asked the question before, but you ignored it so I’ll ask again more directly: what is your goal in this conversation, MAB?
  11. Future Castle Sets?

    Man, that HelmsVamp combo is rad. I never would have thought to try that. It is an exciting idea to think what a +/- 2000 piece set could look like. More pipe dreams, but it’s fun to ponder.
  12. Future Castle Sets?

    6080 King’s Castle and Black Monarch’s castle both have a drawbridge and portcullis. Looking at them on the shelf to verify. :) Love the colors on that MOC, @Aanchir
  13. Future Castle Sets?

    The heart wants what it wants, Faefrost.
  14. I picked up the Mustang yesterday. There are some nice techniques and I love the fenders. Beyond that, it’s pretty disappointing on a lot of the details. The grille is a mess and I don’t understand the use of the 1x2 cheese slope for the running pony. It’s just strange. The Nexo shield hood scoop is odd and again, the color scheme is not great. I’ll be modding the crap out of this think to make it better.
  15. Future Castle Sets?

    @Aanchir , thank you for the thoughtful and insightful reply. It helps to see where you're coming from on this.