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  1. Some ideas for CMFs

    Amazing work as always, Robert. If only TLG could return to churning out great series like this. <3 that jouster!
  2. It's the hope that eats at me. Better to abandon hope and be pleasantly surprised later than to be disappointed for years on end.
  3. Same, except having new product available is vital to my interest level. My hobby has completely stalled and I'm dangerously close to a new dark age. It didn't have to be this way, TLG.
  4. I would expect so. If memory serves, the sets were showing up at some TRUs in late February. At least they were the last couple of years.
  5. This is exciting news. Considering that I have a '66 fastback, a lego version of a 68 fastback is a dream come true. Hope we get better pics soon.
  6. I find those bat-figs to be a slap in the face. We could have legit variants on a wizard and roman soldier and instead they're ruined by Batman logos. *sigh* Maybe TLG will come back to us eventually.
  7. This is an interesting thread. One that I haven't seen in a month because I'm hardly on this forum anymore because my hobby is suffering for the same reasons. There's nothing on the shelves for me. Between the off-putting Nexo Knights and a botched CMF schedule that keeps throwing movie figs I don't care about at us, I am clearly out of TLG's crosshairs as far as target market is concerned. It's too bad. The Kingdoms/LOTR/CMF sweet spot was a good run. It's interesting to see that TLG is having growth problems these days and I would like to blame the fact that so many people with my tastes are being alienated by the current offerings. That's probably just coincidence though. The upside is that my old hot rod has gotten more money and attention in the last 18 months than it has in years. I'll be banging through gears if you guys need me. :)
  8. [MOC] - LotR "Mines of Moria"

    This is beautiful. Best depiction of this scene that I've ever come across.
  9. I like the coffee mugs too. Exciting line up, I’m ok with more from all three brands. Hoonicorn is a fun idea, and nothing would make me happier than a first-gen Mustang since I have one myself. That said, with no offense intended to the original designer, there’s not much of the original character of the car in that MOC. Partially because the Hoonicorn is so wildly modified, but I’d love to see more 60’s pony car detail mixed in there if possible.
  10. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    Indeed. Elf sits at 2-over for a day and a half and now noob accounts are reversing that? Itaria where are you?
  11. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    You're right, it's not the end of the world. Still, Elf was on top for 36 hours and this could have been done with. Now we're back to even and it's a little frustrating.
  12. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    Ok, I'm calling it (even though I have zero authority to do so). The elf has won by two votes (again) and that hasn't changed for almost a full day.
  13. [MOC] The Doors - Rock Band

    Man, this is awesome! Amazing job on this.