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    Hercules - heavy transport

    I continue gathering "objects" for my cartoon The latest one is Hercules - heavy transport. This is my first attempt to build someting bigger in micro scale, and learning ground for "Shiptemper" contest. It is medium sized ship - arround 100 studs long. I took me 1 week to build it. Small windows infront are made by transparent tile 1x1 divided by tape and ligthing from behind. Red lights are photoshoped Ship strucutre: Space images:
  2. Migalart

    Spectre MK2

    Zblj To create backgrounds I used free pictures available in internet. First background was made by two NASA pictures: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/exploration/education/gallery/earthsAttic/images/poster/moonSurface.jpg http://www.ourprg.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/pia16610-640.jpg Second background is more complicted - i found nice picture as free download - but it is somebody art. - I cant find the author. http://wallfon.com/walls/space/the-asteroid-belt.jpg
  3. Migalart

    Spectre MK2

    TheWarden < This are not renders. Only Real 100% LEGO and photo camera ;) Jim < thank you very muchfor front page :) I edited pictures source.
  4. Migalart

    Spectre MK2

    Spectre MK2 Let me introduce Minifig scale recon ship with full interior. I am preparing long term project - lego sci-fi comic book and it was first "object" to be included in the book. Here is basic look of the ship: Here is the ship in comic book scenes: Before Specte MK2 I also did Spectre MK1 http://www.eurobrick...7034&hl=spectre But i decided to make upgraded version, and so is Spectre MK2 :) First version of frist episode of the comic book is here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=135775 Still lot of work ahead ;) My Flickr galery: https://www.flickr.c...hotos/migalart/
  5. Migalart

    LEGO Sci-Fi comic book

    murphy_slaw Wedge09 Thank you. I begin to understand what I need to improve. This is very important for me.
  6. Migalart

    LEGO Sci-Fi comic book

    Thank you Chase The Cop very much for comments. I do really need them ;) Regarding special effects - I will think about others like explosion debris Regarding English - this is not my native and I was never a good writer. I try hard to avoid mistakes. If enyone can show me mistakes in book i would appriciate this. Regarding time. I took my 6 months to complete entire episode 1. But Spectre allone took me 3 months to build. The problem is that episode 2 need mor complex scenography. Maybe I will decide to cooperate with other builders to speed up. I have to say, that I learned a lot so in some part next photo shooting should be easier.
  7. Migalart

    LEGO Sci-Fi comic book

    Hello I present the first episode of my project: LEGO COMIC BOOK. I got big dilema with it. On one hand I got entire story, I would like to tell, in my head. On the other I am not sure If mange to do it - IT is so BIG WORK. So this is a try. A first short episode that took me 6 months. Before I started shoting pictures I needed to build scenography. The most important object in scenography for first episode was small space ship. I made it together with interiors. I really appriciate any comment that will help in continuing the project. I mean especially comments regarding both visual part and the story telling itself. I know the story is not revealed yet, and it is only a short fragment.On the other nad it is 34 pages and I am afraid it will be hard to read all of it. So the main question. Is it readable ?
  8. Migalart

    Spectre 501 (long range recon shuttle)

    thanks a lot as i have written this project is mainly to make cartoonnot child play "Project idea – opening areas The main purpose of this project is to create consistent technically (with some si-fi conditions) space ship. This space ship is planned to be in future main action place of space comics I am going to prepare. For the comics I am planning to make many pictures outside and inside of the ship. It was crucial the ship to be accessible and playable inside. In fact the possibilities to make pictures inside was main priority over construction integrity of the ship. For example I divided opening of main windows in navigation room to have possibility to catch the picture “from behind the cockpit”"
  9. Secret project by Earth empire designed in the 2362. The spacecraft in which the 4 person crew can travel throughout the whole solar system. Construction time two months. "Own design" THIS IS MY FUTURE CARTOON (COMICS) MAIN ACTION AREA Project idea – opening areas The main purpose of this project is to create consistent technically (with some si-fi conditions) space ship. This space ship is planned to be in future main action place of space comics I am going to prepare. For the comics I am planning to make many pictures outside and inside of the ship. It was crucial the ship to be accessible and playable inside. In fact the possibilities to make pictures inside was main priority over construction integrity of the ship. For example I divided opening of main windows in navigation room to have possibility to catch the picture “from behind the cockpit” Playability The vehicle is fully playable. It consists of four main modules 12 opened tabs provides access to the interior and comfortable fun. The vehicle has 7 doors that can be manipulated from the outside irrespective of the fact that the flaps are open or close. The vehicle also has opened hangar (airlock), speeder in the hold, mobile access to the AI modules and a few other goodies. Engines and flight The main power source is a powerful thermo-nuclear reactor, but the vehicle also has a pulse motors. With the ability to transmit a constant acceleration of 0.6 G. The vehicle reaches the orbit of Pluto in just 60-100 days. For astronauts running toward the floor quite nice 0.6 G allowing together with the chemistry of maintaining healthy muscle tissue. Most of the time ship travels in vertical position (1) using thermal core integrated engine as main thrust power. It provides 0,6 G acceleration during entire flight. The ship is not fully aerodynamic, but its strong pulse engines allow flexible operations even at Venus atmosphere Pulse engines provides strong “escape” speed for the limited time. Inside structure Ship consist of the following areas: - Hibernation chambers - Medical support - Navigation rooms - Main control room - Hangar (airlock) Hibernation chambers There are two dedicated chambers that can provide wide range of hibernation from slowing metabolic time to total freezing. Medical support Most important equipment here are two medical tables. They are fully automatic and can provide wide range of body regeneration procedures. (in real minifigures can not be put into tables). This tables can also provide limited hibernation options (not fully freezing) Second important component here are “bio batteries charger”. Astronauts have rebuilded digestive system. They have build in bioenergetics system. In case of activity instead of eating and sleeping they only need to replace special bio batteries once every 36 hours. Ship is equipped with 8 bio batteries. Navigation rooms There are two separate navigation rooms each with 2 control chairs. By each of this chair astronaut can control every system of the ship. The control is made by direct mind connection (no need for other displays and interface) The more astronauts are involved in the controlling of the ship more tasks can be split between them. Either way the AI can control the entire ship by herself (girl personality named Amanda is loaded) Chairs in control rooms have horizontal position control. They can tilt in opposite direction to the ship maneuver to limit G force negative effect. (idea stolen from Interstellar) Main control room There are two major systems with direct control here. One is thermal core and second is AI. Both can be switch off here. You can also remove AI memory Hangar (Airlock) This is the only entrance to the ship. It has small speeder and repairing equipment Landing Shuttle is equipped with landing pads. But it is too heavy to be really lifted by this pads. In the early stage of the ship landing pads were integrated part of the ship. Later I removed them and I only place it near to ship to make a pictures. Future and development This is first version of the ship. I am not sure if it will be final one. I got feedback that the shape of the ship is a bit strange, and I have to admit that the head is in different style than the rest. I also miss to build repairing robot. So there is a big chance I will develop the project. High resolution pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/migalart
  10. Good job! I like it vey much!
  11. Migalart

    Erebor - final with the movie!

    I dont have prepared documentation of Erebor engineeing solutions I have however this photo of Erebor dwarf secure transportation:
  12. Migalart

    Erebor - final with the movie!

    A lot ;) On the other hand - this diorama is used partly on commercial events, so some money is back.
  13. Migalart

    Erebor - final with the movie!

    thank you all! please help me to promote the Erebor movie. I believe it deserves appritiation! [media] [/media]link:
  14. I am very pleased to announce that after more than a year I finished project Erebor;) My goal was to build both the front and inside of the building. It was important to me that the facade of the building was mapped as closely as possible. The project was so large that it was divided into two phases (originally supposed to be even 3). The first part - 2/3 of the height of the facade and very limited interior was ready for an exhibition in Chorzow in May 2015 The structure has a height of 2.1 meters, consisting of approximately 120 thousand bricks and weighs 130kg. Erebor in my understanding is something more than just building with blocks. It's set design for photos and video footage casting the atmosphere of the movie "The Hobbit Fight the Five Armies." However, getting the right mood require interesting pictures. For the first time in my life with such commitment I went to photograph just to see how little in this area I can. For help in preparation of photos and film I haveasked Nicholas Lewisnki “Fullnilson ", a graduate of the Lodz Film School. Shooting Erebor took us over a month. Cooperation with Fullnilson was very inspiring for me. The interiors of Erebor: "The visit elves" (a reference to The Hobbit Part 1) Shot 1 Shot 2 "The sounds in the distance" "Smaug and Bilbo" "The struggle in the mines" "Escape From the Dragon" "One of them is a traitor" "In anticipation of the enemy" The facade of Erebor: "Meeting before the fight" "Dwarf" "The fight scene - the chaos on the battlefield" "Last Bolgs ambush" "Showdown" The building consists of approximately 20 independent modules, each of which could be quite a bit independent MOC. The modules can be arranged in different ways which I used in these shots: Big dilemma was the color blocks under construction. For a moment I considered the use of sand green and dark green. These colors are so exorbitantly expensive and less available, that quickly gave up the idea and used the traditional gray bricks. Fortunately, it turned out that adequate lighting is able to fully mitigate the limitations of color as you can see on the film: If you have a poblem with youtube. Try this link: https://vimeo.com/143540635 Nicholas is a great artist, who in his activity joins the LEGO passion, film and photography. By the way, I strongly urge you to look at his work on Flickr. https://www.flickr.c...tos/fullnilson/ With the development of the project shrank my plans. There was a moment that the planned building was divided into 3 stages with a total height of 2.8 meters (including 60 cm below the level 0). I planned a complicated system of bridges and steel works. The main reason for reducing the scale of buildings were logistical problems. The building must be installed repeatedly. Each successive meter in height entails other engineering solutions. Up to one meter provide sufficient lift the blocks themselves. In the case of 2-meter building I used a hidden wooden 3cmx3cm slats across the structure. At the end - the picture with the author ;) Of course, more photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.c...hotos/migalart/
  15. Migalart

    Playable castle

    I decided to take some rest from large MOCs and do something small. I also wanted to do something for my son because my last MOCs were not too much playable. So this time I did something not for Exhibitions. Small playable castle in assuming toy for a boy at the age of 8-12 years. I tried to fit on a small area (1 base plate 32x32) as many as possible of playable elements. More than one base unit plate for child fun does not have too much sense since the castle must be reasonably mobile. The castle also refers to my first MOC of the prior three years and is prepared to expand with new modules if I ever want. As I said in the near future I do not plan to take this castle to any exhibition. It will remain in my son’s room until he gets tired of it :D. Some statistics: - Lowered gate - 5 opening door - 3 opened the hatch of the towers - 7 opening walls - 5 secret passages inside the castle (ie. Allowing escape from prison) - 2 traps, where the road ends in jail - stairs or ladder access to any place in the castle - A removable roof Two defense towers, prison with two cells, knights room, an armory, a lieutenant room, a room of magician. It was hard to take the pictures inside. Here is one good exeption - the prison. My inspiration. My first ever MOC after the dark age: High resolution pictures at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/migalart/