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  1. Artanis I

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    What is the point of voting for an Ideas project? So TLG will consider making and selling it. Why would they sell it? Because people would buy it. Why would people buy it? For parts, for display or for play. Why would people display it? Because they think it looks good. If a child could easily throw something similar together themself it does make it a pointless Ideas project for display, because who would bother with it? What is the point of trying to sell a kindergarten-style finger paint when little Jimmy can make you one? So if an Ideas project is childish, that IS a good argument against it.
  2. Artanis I

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    A couple of years ago CopMike didn't have photos for the prizes yet so Siegfried used the 'huge manatee' image as a placeholder... and like every good in-joke, it only compounds - now the pictures of the winning entries are also manatee placeholders
  3. Artanis I

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Manatees winning manatees?!? How perverse!
  4. Artanis I

    The Morality of Leaks

    Just thought I'd clarify that I don't post less due to some conscious decision (I'm not on strike), I just have a lot less to say nowadays. (I still scroll throught the board most days.) It started slightly when early details were no longer forth-coming, then escalated when themes of interest were no longer forth-coming, then exploded exponentially when I lost interest in SW. Thank Ideas for Voltron, the only Lego I bought myself in 18 months
  5. Artanis I

    The Morality of Leaks

    My post frequency is down a lot, but most of that is due to certain themes being (mostly) dormant and that SW sucks at the moment. But the current (yet understandable) EB policy on 'leaks' was the beginning of the end for me. I'm too busy to do the community build stuff so my only reason for still being here is for some of these conversations.
  6. Artanis I

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    One of those will be a gift for someone, the other will multiple-y not be a gift for anyone.
  7. Artanis I

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    I reckon Saint Nicholas should probably look more like this:
  8. Artanis I

    Rebel Yell

    More, more, more!
  9. Artanis I

    New Flickr limits

    It was limited to 200 photos when I joined, too. So after a little while I got a subscription, which was very cheap at the time. I had no idea that the free version was opened up so much since then. Now the cost for subscription has inflated a lot, what else am I going to do...
  10. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Yeah I thought it was pretty clear that it was a "sign up to our clan where everyone will vote for each others' projects no matter how good, bad or indifferent they are" thing...
  11. Artanis I

    A quick comment on spam

    Right hand is probably on the mouse
  12. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    You're supposed to support a project on its merits, not because it belongs to the clan you're signed up to It would defeat the purpose of raising support at all if garbage projects are voted up by people that don't actually care about it. So if it's a deliberate organised ploy to pool votes, the Ideas team should shut it down.
  13. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Or, roughly 4 months after the previous announcement
  14. According to Bricking Around, it was originally meant to be TRU, but now open to all retailers. There was talk it would be a November release, and then August. But August is over in a few hours time...