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  1. Artanis I

    2023 Majisto GWP

    My order arrived today, this set looks so underwhelming. Besides the nostalgia trip, (which I get when looking at images and my old stuff anyway,) the only redeeming (but not enough) factor is the existence of the torso print. And plenty of folks have pointed out that it's not really a great one. I'm just glad that it exists 'again' for potential reuse elsewhere. More new old dragon knights would be great, even if the helmet & adornments aren't as cool as the originals. Worst bit (of many): they can print a torso but not a shield? So weird. At least it was free, and this time I didn't have to buy anything I didn't want, to get to the threshold. But the Blacktron & Forest sets were really good! I guess you can't smash it every time.
  2. The model might be interesting, but not going to win me over in that boring colour scheme. If they're not going to make a proper space shuttle, go the whole hog and give it cool colours!
  3. Artanis I

    Unitron lore

    The only Unitron set released outside NA was the monorail 6991, and there was nothing in our catalogue about them, just the picture of that set with Spyrius robots attacking it. So we had to just make it up (which is what children used to do in the old days anyway), and figured they were just the new Futuron equivalent (although nothing else came of them in the years following to boost that thought). Not that anyone I knew got that set, it was too expensive, haha. But there was a lone Unitron minifig in the 6705 set, so they weren't completely absent.
  4. The one photo I've seen tells me this is more Space than City Space has ever been, but it is still not Space enough for me. I'll Bricklink the minifigs. More interesting colour schemes & use of translucent elements is desired and not present.
  5. Everything I want is always out of stock when there's a promotion. Ever since we got our own separate warehouse. Before that, (when it came from Denmark,) the free postage threshold was higher, and it took a week longer for your order to arrive, but at least most sets were purchasable at any time. I wanted the Viking Village. Can't even back-order it!
  6. Artanis I

    2023 Majisto GWP

    Been absent for over a month, saw that there was a promotion for this set (hadn't seen the discussion, pictures, or details for it yet), bought the $400 or so AUD required to get it, then after that I saw the proper sized images for it. Now I'm caught up with the discussion, and I can really only say what has been said 1000x already. First thought was "no shield?!?" and it only got worse from there. It always looked too tall to me
  7. Artanis I

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    They are Collectible Minifigs from around a decade ago.
  8. Artanis I

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    The minifig from the game would be fine. The big helmet gives the impression of him being tall
  9. Artanis I

    Shield Collection by Year

    Nice. Crazy how many new pieces are made these days, there's just as many from the last 10 years as for the 35 years previous...
  10. Artanis I

    2024 Space sets

    They should just make some kind of Striker redesign (bigger or just better/newer), reuse the Blacktron minifig as its prison cell occupant. Lights & sounds included.
  11. Artanis I

    Are classic themes dead ?

    Everybody. Is. Dead. Dave. - Holly (Red Dwarf ship computer - IQ of 6000 PE teachers) Castle: dead. Space: dead. Pirates: dead. Western: very dead. Plain ninjas: dead. Aquazone etc: dead. Monorails: dead. Plain smiley with simple torso print and nothing else: dead. Sets made of plates & bricks: dead. If you want any more, you have to make your own. . People will try to say (in fact TLG often does say) they aren't dead because a one-off aimed at adults is released or such, but no-one is falling for that garbage. They are dead. And not "mostly dead". The classic/vintage Lego stuff is dead. Anything we get that resembles that 'good ol' stuff' is a rare miracle, so be grateful, but don't kid yourself!
  12. Artanis I

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    I really like the variety & effectiveness of the points
  13. I don't know if anyone mentioned or noticed, but the Nexo Scheiss Knights space helmet is now available in dark turquoise in a Stuntz set, along with the dark purple airtanks, which should* bring down the Bricklink price for that part! Another one of them has the CMF bounty hunter helmet in green, which would be fun for a custom-made companion. *has already
  14. Artanis I

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    The head (minus the jaw) is really nice. For added variety you can use various armour pieces to cover up the common (and a bit silly looking) torso print. I think that the toe+knee prints are a real detraction. You can mix-n-match parts with the olive green CMF goblin, use the Moria orc hairpiece, or some olive Neimoidian features. But there's no way that sand green orcs and olive green orcs look any good together. Gotta keep em separate.