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  1. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Yeah I thought it was pretty clear that it was a "sign up to our clan where everyone will vote for each others' projects no matter how good, bad or indifferent they are" thing...
  2. Artanis I

    A quick comment on spam

    Right hand is probably on the mouse
  3. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    You're supposed to support a project on its merits, not because it belongs to the clan you're signed up to It would defeat the purpose of raising support at all if garbage projects are voted up by people that don't actually care about it. So if it's a deliberate organised ploy to pool votes, the Ideas team should shut it down.
  4. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Or, roughly 4 months after the previous announcement
  5. According to Bricking Around, it was originally meant to be TRU, but now open to all retailers. There was talk it would be a November release, and then August. But August is over in a few hours time...
  6. Artanis I

    attachments maxed after one post?!?

    Don't use attachments, use a dedicated image upload site and then paste the links in your post. Check the tutorials for more info
  7. The reason the cartoons aren't talked about that I liked, is probably because the ones that are talked about these days were huge, had toy lines associated and/or have been made into big movies etc. So Transformers, Voltron etc are all talked about but not the French, British or some of the American stuff. Yes people remember them when you mention or describe them, but people don't bring it up because Marvel & DC comics, SW and the aforementioned shows etc are so huge the nerds don't really need anything more to talk about. Like Danger Mouse, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Duck Tales for tiny example
  8. Artanis I

    What was the last movie you watched?

    That they were on lots of drugs when they made it. Or just completely mad
  9. Artanis I

    Lego GBC Castle Shooter Module

    I think that GBC modules are way better when decorated. This one is terrific. Honestly, the less Technic gadgetry visible, the better. (And then you can pull off the cover to show "how-it-works")
  10. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Well this is the catch-all Ideas thread but I think I've seen dedicated threads around somewhere. I don't read or post in them so I'm not sure
  11. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Similarly functioned Lego dispenser models have been shared on "lifestyle" websites (for women who do craft things for their kids/home) for years. My sister asked me to make one for her kids. You can put any lollies/sweets/candy in them, M&Ms, Skittles, Smarties, Tic Tacs, Nerds etc... (chocolate is not a great idea due to it potentially melting!) I don't see how it needs to be exclusive to M&Ms, it's not like they built it in the shape of one. TLG can repurpose an Idea however they deem fit. They don't care who voted for it and for what reason, if they think it's viable in a certain form they'll do it, otherwise they won't. Regarding the "children will eat Lego" subject, the set would surely either be made with a certain agreed partnering food product accompanying it, or with none. If there's none, how do you demonstrate the mechanism? With... Lego? Oops! It's a great Idea (obviously not original though) but seems a hot potato.
  12. Artanis I

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    I'm not too concerned, they have airtanks
  13. Artanis I

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    UCS Protoss probe
  14. Artanis I

    James Bond 2018

    I meant it would be an okay model
  15. And it doesn't clog up a whole shelf-worth of retail space or too much factory time etc. Similar has been said about Castle. I am all for it.