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  1. Star Wars Rebels

    and in the Republic you are a general if you're a jedi. Since she wears Kanan's pants... (plus she has a clone captain as a subordinate) haha
  2. They could've tried, but it seems he's the type to spout that legal rights "liberty & justice" kind of speech ("this is America" free market capitalism etc), then threaten to sue for lost potential income or some crap - that sort of behaviour that gives Americans a bad name. I think their hands would be tied. *Hey, you... just because you have a legal right doesn't mean it's right to be an egg dispenser!*
  3. I should've said "no self-respecting AFOL" - I have seen those videos of Death Stars being dropped from a height in slow motion. Pretty cool visual but not cool practice!
  4. You can put most of the ire down to the fact that the new one came out very closely behind the original's final run with a (justified but hefty) price increase. Bump up the price but not really improve/modernise the core structure's build quality is shaky ground. New techniques like clipping plates to a network of beams instead of stacking bricks on top of each other will create much stronger & lighter walls etc. No one wants their DS to explode if they drop it! You can get much nicer looking rounded curves than by stacking straight slopes on top of each other too. Things like that could've been improved relatively easily and perhaps encouraged a lot more sales to owners of the original - just like the other remakes have done.
  5. SW UCS sets would never be "reissued". So far the UCS sets that have been rereleased have all been updated to the modern (at the time) standard. The closest to the original was the Death Star, and that was met very negatively (not updated as much as it should've), while not being bad. All other UCS remakes have been marked improvements on the originals. While SW is still very prominent, there is more than enough market for remakes, and owners of the original are still likely to pick up the new one too. System sets are reissued with minor changes nearly every 5 minutes, that's a slightly different but similar story. SW fans are used to this, and spoiled by it. Reissue of UCS without updates would go down like a lead balloon
  6. But the point is, that while there is a NK "castle" theme, there can not also be a "real" Castle theme, regardless of whether there ever will be again. Mark has basically said (but my words) that normal Castle doesn't playtest well, it has to have wacky features, ridiculous colours and every minifig must be some specific character with a backstory. So blame those kids' taste for why we'll never again see Castles like this: but rather this: He considers NK to be Castle. I do not. Bricklink does not. Doesn't matter. Other than potential one-offs and Creator type releases, it's over - end of story. No more Castle themes likely, sad to say. Elvis is dead, Lennon is dead, Hendrix is dead, Jackson is dead. The kids want Bieber, Pink, Nickelcrap etc
  7. Star Wars Rebels

    Mid season finale? That sucks. When is the next episode? Crazy, only a few weeks ago Hera finally bought herself a new outfit. Here she is with #3! Who knew her wardrobe was so huge?
  8. N**+S**/L*** is where I am looking
  9. Are the pics in the wrong section? All I am seeing is the list of set names
  10. The flash is over that part of the box, so it's hard to tell but it looks to me that it says "sandspeeder pilot" & "sandspeeder gunner"
  11. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    They are "holiday" sets. They in no way depict the "religious" aspects of those events. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there aren't any sets about church or Jesus - only eggs, bunnies, north pole elves etc.
  12. I think if I was wanting any rereleases they would all be too old. So if they were subtly revamped with the current colours and parts, I would like the vintage Pirates ships (& bases?) to be remade. Keep as much of the original vibe as possible! Don't change the minifigs (except the brown/grey). And working cannons would be nice... Even though I'm Castle/Space almost all the way, I don't think any of those old sets could be rereleased & appreciated today without massive changes. So don't bother. The other sets I would like to see released again (original or slightly modified) are the early modular buildings. Not for my sake, since I can't afford that line of sets, but for the community as a whole. Since the subject of images has been brought up, here we go:
  13. I don't think I have anything to add to this, I agree with most of what's been said and am glad that TLG is willing to rerelease sought after sets, especially ones that are scalped through the roof or heavily bootlegged. They really should be doing it actually. Instead of complaining about copyright infringements, cater to your customers so they have no reason to buy bootlegged old sets?