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Pillage the Village Voting - SMALL Division

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79 replies to this topic  – Started by SlyOwl , Dec 06 2008 06:40 PM

#1 SlyOwl

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Posted 06 December 2008 - 06:40 PM

Pillage the Village Voting - SMALL Division

The pictures are links to the entry threads, there you can find the rest of the pictures for each entry.

Rules for voting

- You may only make one post in this thread.
- You may vote for 3 entries - 1st, 2nd and 3rd
- Voting is done via posting as there is no poll.
- The first line of your post should indicate your first choice and match one of the lines above the pictures (example: 1. Dreamweb- The Spaniards are attacking!) .
- The second line of your post should indicate your second choice and match one of the lines above the pictures.
- The third line of your post should indicate your third choice and match one of the lines above the pictures.
- The fourth line of your post should be empty.
- From line 5, you can write whatever you like (e.g. motivate your choice, indicate what other entries you like, ...).
- Whatever you write from line 5 onwards will count for the Creative Critic Awards.
- If you joined Eurobricks after 1st of December you are not allowed to vote!!!
- Voting for your own entry is allowed.

1. Beuk - Pirated Television

Posted Image

2. JimButcher - Hang, ya scurvy dog!

Posted Image

3. RichardAM - Sharkbait

Posted Image

4. Snake...SNAKE...SNAAAAKE?! - The imperials respond to the pirate attack

Posted Image

5. Thrash - Raiding the Fort

Posted Image

6. Zepher

Posted Image

7. Fat Tony - Pirate's End

Posted Image

8. LuxorV - Don't make them ask twice

Posted Image

9. Adam - Dance, lass!

Posted Image

10. Rook - The Collector

Posted Image

11. General Armendariz - Attack on Port Eldorado!

Posted Image

12. Vadim - Image of the Piracy Cruel

Posted Image

13. Etzel - Tower of Despair

Posted Image

14. Majek - Piracy and the Slave Trade

Posted Image

15. Cpt. Jr - Mademoiselle Guillotine

Posted Image

16. Olog - Why pirates are so horrible...

Posted Image

17. pe668 - Colonic Cannonball

Posted Image

18. Buttons - The Cave

Posted Image

19. Paul Cantu - No Prisoners Taken

Posted Image

20. Matn - Governor's End

Posted Image

21. oDDerFiskin - Buried in gold

Posted Image

22. LegoJoe

Posted Image

23. fenrir - Hide the treasure

Posted Image

24. Lt. de Martinet

Posted Image

25. Infomaniac - Cat o nine tails

Posted Image

26. Guss - Mickael the cruel

Posted Image

27. I Scream Clone - Hard choices!

Posted Image

28. 74louloute - When I grow up, I wanna be a pirate...

Posted Image

29. Patriot270 - Sleeping on the Job

Posted Image

30. Erdbeereis1 - A Pirate's Death

Posted Image

31. Davy_Blocks - Run!

Posted Image

32. Commander Laquiet - Death by Cannon!

Posted Image

33. zorro3999 - You have been sentenced to death by immurement!

Posted Image

34. Glorius Shadow - A turn in events

Posted Image

35. Nich Artrii - Lust's Streetside Hair Salon

Posted Image

36. Scop - Governor's Retirement

Posted Image

37. Chrispockster - Swashbucklin'

Posted Image

38. svelte_corps - Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger

Posted Image

39. LegoKing - Monkey Madness

Posted Image

40. Lord King of Everything - When daddy is not at home

Posted Image

41. Captain Zuloo - Dinner Time!

Posted Image

42. Oky Wan Kenobi - Tower Raid

Posted Image

43. SirNadroj - Under the Union Jack

Posted Image

To the barricades!
Posted Image

#2 Sandy

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 09:03 AM

My first vote for this division goes to 22. LegoJoe.
My second vote I give to 42. Oky Wan Kenobi - Tower Raid.
And the third vote is for 38. svelte_corp - Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger.

For LegoJoe's entry, I love the humour in this creation, even though I feel sorry for the soldier. It also captures the theme of this competition well - too many of the other entries just portray pirates, while the challenge in this contest was to have pirates do something cruel. The other two entries that got my vote had more aesthetic appeal in comparison to others, they are simply impressive to look at. But nicely done to all of you who entered this division - it's not easy to get your message across with such a tiny space to build.

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#3 DarthPineapple

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 09:08 AM

I vote 1st for 22. LegoJoe,
2nd for 7. Fat Tony - Pirate's End,
3rd for 17. pe668 - Colonic Cannonball

LegoJoe - I really like both the build as the humor part of it. He's made a great combination of both. The sewer looks really messy while the bathroom clean and tidy. Also the real 'idea' of the contest, Pirates pillaging a village, is put in here well.

Fat Tony - Beautiful MOC. Everything is very detailed and the figure placement is great.

Pe688 - Not the best MOC, but it's good and very funny. The soldier sticking out made me choosing this one as a 3rd place.

Edited by DarthPineapple, 07 December 2008 - 05:16 PM.

#4 Lord King of Everything

Lord King of Everything

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 09:24 AM

37. Chrispockster - Swashbucklin'
7. Fat Tony - Pirate's End
16. Olog - Why pirates are so horrible...

I think the Swashbucklin' entry is quite flawless. The action taking place makes this entry look very alive. It is not the goriest of entries, nor the cruelest idea, but the execution is just marvelous!
I loved the way Fat Tony managed to get birds in different poses, while clearly keeping the specie of the bird constant. Also the cage is very cleverly designed.
Ologs entry is very original in its idea of pirates forgetting they already looted a village in a very brutal manner. I also really like his picture quality.

Edited by Lord King of Everything, 07 December 2008 - 03:49 PM.

#5 simonwillems

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 09:39 AM

22: Lego Joe
28. 74louloute
33. Zorro3999

22.:This entry instantly made me laugh, I like the surreal simplicity and the suspense (instead of sheer horror) of the little scene.
28.: Brilliant comic-style creation, I also like how one arm of the sleeping person is showing to indicate that he is lying on his side.
33.: I love the look on the guy's face, he is facing his immurement (what a good idea) with indifference.

Well done everybody, I should have joined....

Edited by simonwillems, 08 December 2008 - 10:10 AM.

#6 Captain Zuloo

Captain Zuloo
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Posted 07 December 2008 - 10:02 AM

17. pe668 - Colonic Cannonball
41. Captain Zuloo - Dinner Time!
33. zorro3999 - You have been sentenced to death by immurement!

Colonic Cannonball
This is by far the best entry of them all! It is very original, and as I pointed out in the thread, there were similar torture methods used by Asian pirates. So not so original after all eh?

Dinner Time!
It looks bad to vote for yourself I know, but I really put a lot into this. I planned it all out and rebuilt it over 20 times. And to get that table to have skeleten legs - shudder at the thought. So I think I made quite a valid entry. And thanks to everyone who votes for me.  :pir-sweet:

zorro3999 - You have been sentenced to death by immurement!
I really liked this. Because there could be nothing worse at all in the world than this punnishment. This is cruel, hence, this is great!

And good luck to everyone.  :pir-classic:

Edited by Captain Zuloo, 07 December 2008 - 08:57 PM.

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#7 pe668


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Posted 07 December 2008 - 10:53 AM

17. pe668 - Colonic Cannonball
41. Captain Zuloo - Dinner Time!
40. Lord King of Everything - When daddy is not at home

1st. The choice of heads was excellent (I bought them for this competition) as was the photography (Including the drafts I took over 160 photo's to get the shot I wanted. I'm crap at photography). Yes it's my entry but I really like it.

2nd. The chair and the main character fig are tip-top

3rd. Cruel and brutal isn't that what this competition is about?

Edited by pe668, 08 December 2008 - 12:17 PM.

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#8 Guss

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 12:03 PM

1st 28. 74louloute - When I grow up, I wanna be a pirate...
2nd 22. LegoJoe
3rd 33. zorro3999 - You have been sentenced to death by immurement!

Yest I know I'm stupid I didn't vote for me XD but I really loved this entry, it's very original and well built, I loved the idea ^^

I also loved the legojoe entry it made me laugh a lot, the pe688 entry is funny too and I also like the beuk entry.. and .. well.. there is a lot of cool entries!

Edit : added my second and third vote^^


Also the real 'idea' of the contest, Pirates pillaging a village, is put in here well. (legojoe entry)
that's right! I totally agree^^

Edited by Guss, 08 December 2008 - 09:27 AM.

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#9 Paul cantu

Paul cantu

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 03:12 PM

22. LegoJoe
17. pe668-Colonic Cannonball
41. Captain Zuloo-Dinner Time!

I voted for each one of these entries because they each show humor, cruelty and great building technique. Good Job guys!

Edited by Paul cantu, 07 December 2008 - 03:14 PM.

#10 NerdFighter


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Posted 07 December 2008 - 03:38 PM

38. svelte_corp - Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger
7. Fat Tony - Pirate's End
17. pe668 - Colonic Cannonball

All these entries were great, but svelte_corp had to take the cake for being funny and original, but as cruel as any other entry.

#11 Zepher

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 04:07 PM

17. pe668 - Colonic Cannonball

Really well done and very funny.

21. oDDerFiskin - Buried in gold

Not as good of a build, but also fairly funny.

38. svelte_corp - Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger

The build was to great to pass up.

Over all great job everyone!  Tons are wonderful entries!  I'll get no votes :(

Edited by Zepher, 07 December 2008 - 04:08 PM.

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#12 Talon Karrde

Talon Karrde

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 04:18 PM

(1) 28. 74louloute - When I grow up, I wanna be a pirate...
(2) 17. pe668 - Colonic Cannonball
(3) 11. General Armendariz - Attack on Port Eldorado!

Thanks for a great comp!
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#13 Adam

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 04:31 PM

22. LegoJoe
17. pe668 - Colonic Cannonball
1. Beuk - Pirated Television

LegoJoe had by far the best entry in the Small Division. It incorporated humor, violence, and a good use of pieces and figures from the new pirates line. LegoJoe even included pipes for his toilet, and putting a sewer under the bathroom is a stroke of divine intellect that not many others would have done. Great work!

pe668 might have gotten first place in my eyes... until I saw that he voted for himself (and no one for  1st or 2nd). It's something, voting for youself, that I don't admire- it's not against the rules, but somewhat cheap. That aside, his vig was quite a good one. The concept, shoving an imperial into a cannon while in a well made forest scene, gave me a good belly laugh- and that's hard to do.

Now, Beuk's entry was just pure humor. :pir_laugh2: I loved it. The whole idea of the pirates pillaging a TV is just hilarious, and that TV was pretty well made, too. My only gripe is that it doesn't fit the theme of PTV as well as the other two I mentioned... or the time period.

Great entries, guys! And thanks for the great compo (and prizes)!

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#14 Infomaniac


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Posted 07 December 2008 - 04:55 PM

1.   25. Infomaniac-Cat o 9 tails
2.   38. Svelte Corp-Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger
3.   20. Matn-Governor's End

Good luck and vote Infomaniac


#15 General Armendariz

General Armendariz
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Posted 07 December 2008 - 05:39 PM

11. General Armendariz - Attack on Port Eldorado!
7. Fat Tony - Pirates end
22. Lego Joe

I just thought I vote for my self just to gt on the board. :pir_laugh2:  I do have a great entry, Its my first thats tiled!
Fat tonys has a good moc that body is all rotten! And Lego Joe's is so original! :pir-laugh:  Great job every one!

Edited by Genaral armendariz, 10 December 2008 - 06:23 PM.

#16 Lego12

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 06:22 PM

38. svelte_corp - Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger
22. LegoJoe
16. Olog - Why pirates are so horrible...

svelte_corp's entry had very nice details and good use of the pirate pieces, and I love tall vignettes, so I really liked it. The ocean floor was very nice and, again, a very good use of pieces. So all in all, his entry was my favorite. LegoJoe's model was hilarious, which is one of the reasons why I chose it. The sewer was nicely down. It had rats.....and what most sewers have.... :pir_laugh2: , it made me laugh many times and the toilet was nicely done and it didn't look like a brand new toilet, but old-fashioned and I'm glad he thought of that. It was a great idea! Olog's entry was very well designed and the use of tile was very nice. He made it look like a real house and it amazed me how he thought of that idea.....people have some really creative minds....anyways, I thought it was funny and everything about the house was great! It looked so real! Great job guys, may the best MOCer win! :pir-wink:
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#17 Erdbeereis

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 06:40 PM

38. svelte_corp - Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger
22. LegoJoe
28. 74louloute - When I grow up, I wanna be a pirate...

What a great contest with many brilliant entries! :pir-classic:

For me, it was a relatively tough choice here, but in the end, I had to vote for Svelte_Corp in 1st place. His was the entry that when I first saw it, I immediately loved it. The different corals in the water are so creative, especially the crystal skull one. Plus, It utilized the gold and dark red pieces to perfection.
Another thing I loved about his entry was the sheer idea of it all. A pirate holding a mermaid captive just so he can sell caviar is so absurd, yet so entertaining. Lastly, I loved the wife pushing away the other customer to get her hands on the caviar in the golden bowl.

2nd place went easily to LegoJoe. An extremely creative idea that was also very well executed. I loved the toilet, as it had a great design and matched the rest of the entry very well. The sewer area also looked lovely with the trans-green moss and great torso choice for the pirate. He also did a very nice job with the little details such as the hangers on the wall for the torch backpack and gun, plus a great head choice.

3rd place went to 74louloute. By far the most creative entry in my opinion, he also built it very well. The "thought bubbles" were just a stroke of genius and I loved the effect of the minifig in the bed. A nice little action scene on top as well.

Overall, the small division for the Pillage the Village contest contained many wonderful entries.

Some of the entries that earn honorable mention from me:

Pe668 had a very nice entry as well. Great landscaping and a really humorous idea combined to make a lovely entry. It only missed making the top 3 by a small amount.

Chrispockster's Swashbucklin' was another entry that I liked a lot. A nice idea that was very well built, especially the nicely tiled deck and the rigging that the pirate is swinging on. The main thing that kept it out of the top 3 for me was that it was slightly bare in some parts.

Great work everyone and thanks Classic-Pirates for hosting such a fun contest! :monkey:

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#18 Sir Dano

Sir Dano
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Posted 07 December 2008 - 06:56 PM

1. RichardAM - Sharkbait
2. Chrispockster - Swashbucklin'
3. svelte_corp - Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger

#19 Legoking

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 07:05 PM

1. 39. LegoKing - Monkey Madness
2. 14. Majek - Piracy and the Slave Trade
3. 22. LegoJoe

Majek, I think you had a terrific MOC. Your theme is great and you have used some great bricks in your MOC that I like. The Fire Nation flags from Avatar really fit in. The slave trader has some great accessories like the Indiana Jones whip and how the chain from his staff holds the slaves together. I think you have done a great job Majek. I wish you the best of luck!

LegoJoe, you have a very funny MOC, yet it still fits into the PTV contest. To start out, I like the new pirates you have included in your MOC. The thing about is that you included humor by having the pirate shoot his gun up the pipes. The expression you put on the guards face is priceless. You also have everything smooth and clean, except for the sewer. You have done a great job creating the toilet also. I wish you the best of luck!

Everyone has done a great job with their MOCs. You all deserve a round of applause.

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#20 NewRight

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 07:25 PM

1st - 7. Fat Tony - Pirates End
2nd - 23. fenrir - Hide the Treasure
3rd - 3. RichardAM - Shark Bait

Great entries all around.

#21 Patriot720


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Posted 07 December 2008 - 07:44 PM

29. Patriot270 - Sleeping on the Job
38. svelte_corp - Brickbeard the Felonious Fishmonger
17. pe668 - Colonic Cannonball

Good luck to every one! :pir_yoda:  I loved all of the Small entries, but these 3 stood out to me.

Edited by Patriot720, 07 December 2008 - 07:45 PM.

#22 Commodore_Jackson


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Posted 07 December 2008 - 08:22 PM

22. LegoJoe

28. 74louloute - When I grow up, I wanna be a pirate...

29. Patriot270 - Sleeping on the Job

Legojoe's entry immediately caught my eye. It's interesting on a few different levels. One, the most obvious as well, is the humor. The Imperial Soldier goes to the restroom to meet the grim end of a pirate's musket. I also appreciate the clash shown through the two levels. While the imperial is in a clean and modern setting, the pirate lurks through the grimy and dark sewers, fitting to what these two sides would have lived by in the day.

When I grow up is a fantastic entry showcasing a modern setting but also featuring the contest's theme of piracy. I thought it was very clever to feature the kid dreaming of a free life of piracy.

Sleeping on the job is exciting I think since while the soldier sleeps on duty, I imagine a large siege will take place as the entrance is blown to bits. I'd love to see this one on a larger scale!

Edited by Commodore_Jackson, 07 December 2008 - 08:25 PM.

#23 Captain Blackmoor

Captain Blackmoor
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Posted 07 December 2008 - 08:45 PM

first vote: 22 Legojoe
second vote:  1 Beuk - Pirated Television
third vote: 33. zorro3999 - You have been sentenced to death by immurement!

My first vote goes to 22 Legojoe because the idea is just hilarious! The MOC is pretty nice build and the sewers are just perfect, using green bricks and a brown rat to make the sewer look disguisting. :pir-skull:
My second vote is spend on 1 Beuk - Pirated Television, when he revealed his MOC I immediately knew this would be a topper. Not only the idea is very funny but it looks great too. Especially the poles in the water with the different colours.
This guy has an sharp eye for small detail :pir-sweet:
The third vote is for 33 Zorro3999 - You have been sentenced to death by immurement! Because the idea is just very cruel. The pirate won't have a very nice death.
It's build nicely but I voted for it because of the horrible idea beyond it. :pir-skull:

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#24 Lt. de Martinet

Lt. de Martinet

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 08:49 PM

1. Majek - Piracy and the Slave Trade
2. Matn - Governor's End
3. Lt. de Martinet - The Oarsman's Demise

1. I liked this creation because it showed a side of piracy not usually shown. As if that weren't enough, it's also well-built.
2. Really well-built; I also really like the creations that show no direct cruelty, but suggest that there will be some in the future.
3. Sorry to vote for myself, but see my second reason for my second choice.

Edited by Lt. de Martinet, 08 December 2008 - 05:59 PM.

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#25 Wouwie

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Posted 07 December 2008 - 09:10 PM

1: zorro3999 - You have been sentenced to death by immurement!
2: Legojoe
3: Beuk - Pirated Television

1. Humour! And cruel :tongue:
2. Funny and pure cruelty.
3. Most humour in it. :pir-tongue:
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