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  1. Infomaniac

    Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme - Themes Suggestions

    Sub Theme: Ship in a Bottle Factions: Pirates, Imperials (blue in color), Islanders (similar to the CMF figure) Premise: The five mythical ships in a bottle were just legend until the young Johnny Dagger discovered a strange map on skull island. After following the map through the caves, cannibals, and quick sand of skull island, Johnny was disappointed to only find a dusty bottle at the map's X. Hoping to at least get some rum out of his journey, the thirsty Johnny popped the cork. With a crack like a cannon, and a hurricane gust of wind, something big flew out of the bottle. The astonished Johnny couldn't believe his eyes, there sat the legendary clipper 'The Albatross.' Johnny Dagger and his new found pirate crew begin a search for the other four mythical ships aboard 'The Albatross'. But word of Dagger's discovery travels fast, and soon the evil Imperials are hot on their trail. The chase is on, and it's a race against the clock for control of the high seas! Possible Sets: Mid Sized Imperial Prsion (escape play feature with one of the ships in the bottle). Small island with (Ship in Bottle to ship) play feature. Large flagship with imperial and pirate flag, so kids can play through 2 scenarios, one where the pirates win, and one where the imperials win. Possiblities for Legendary Ships: -Large flagship -Medium clipper (Albatross) -Small Sail boat -Row Boat -Raft
  2. Hey Guys, I'd like to present my newest creation Edoras. More specifically the golden hall of Meduseld. Thanks for watching! Sam W, Infomaniac P.S. If you like the build, please 'like' it on Rebrick. Every like helps me in the Lego Castle anniversary contest. Directions on my photo. Thanks again!
  3. Infomaniac

    The Sarlacc

    The Sarlacc "Although The Saralacc might seem old and battered on the outside, she's got more fight in her than the shiniest ship in the spaceport"- Ned Nebulae The Sarlacc began her life as a Corellian Yt-1300 bulk cruiser, until she fell into the hands of Ned Nebulae in a high-stakes game of Sabac. Nebulae fell in love instantly, and immediately set to work revamping and re-modeling The Sarlacc into what it is today. Nebulae added 3 high military grade turbolasers, in addition to a new hyperdrive, shield system and engine complex. The most important and notably addition to The Sarlacc was Nebulae's installation of 3 high power tractor beams. The Sarlacc's signature move is to catch a fleeing ship in her tractor beams and move the vessel in front of the ships forward facing weapons. This is what gives her the name Sarlacc, after the infamous Tatooine Sarlacc which stays stationary and drags its prey to it. Over the years, The Sarlacc has gained more and more battle scars, giving her hull a distinctive pattern of patches and pockmarks. Nebulae jokes that for every bounty he claims The Sarlacc gets a fresh coat of Durasteel, which is shurprisingly accurate. Additional Views Ned Nebulae The infamous bounty hunter and pilot of The Sarlacc, Ned Nebulae, grew up on the mean streets of Corellia. He began his career as a bounty hunter after winning his ship The Sarlacc in a high stakes game of Sabac. Shortly after aquiring his beloved ship, Nebulae suffered an accident while chasing a bounty that sliced half of his body off. Rumor has it that he rebuild himself, with the help of his crew mates EV-(2)R5 and Hank Sprocket, using the parts from an IG-100 series droid. Ever since his rebuilding, Nebulae has claimed a shocking 21 bounties, earning him an invite to the Bounty Hunter Guild, which he promptly turned down. The Crew From left to right: EV-(2)R5, Ned Nebulae, Hank Sprocket EV-(2)R5: The ship's droid computer and navigator. Famous for his reckless yet successful Hyperspace jumps and spinning maneuvers. EV-(2)R5's intelligence is comprised of an old EV-19 droid torso, 2 R5 series droid heads that all contribute to the droid's unique personality. Ned Nebulae: The ship's captain and bounty hunter. Known for his cybernetic implants and his sharp shooting with his blaster pistol Hank Sprocket: The ship's engineer. Sprocket is constantly repairing the ships 3 delicate tractor beams. Sprocket can also hold his own in any kind of skirmish or scuffle. The Prisoner Hold Links The images above are deeplinks to those same images on Flickr The gallery of full images can be found here Thanks for viewing, good luck to all in the contest, and don't forget to vote! -infomaniac
  4. Infomaniac

    The Ent

    The Ent After an industrial accident, the malfunctioning robot worker En-T-01 was tossed into the woods and never heard from again. EnT-01 was assumed to have rusted away, but some locals claim that he still functions half machine, half plant. Large footprints have been found, and travelers swear to have heard low rumbling singing coming from the treetops: "These woods are very old, yet I am older I watched them grow, and they have grown on me I am the missing link between gear and growth The cycle continues on for eternity." Despite a lack of hard evidence, the legend of "The Ent" is still told around campfires across the globe. Do you believe? Link to set C&C welcome, Infomaniac
  5. "Let's Finish This the Way it Started.... Together" Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 comes out in theaters this week, and I decided to build a scene from the trailers in honor of its release. This scene appears in almost all of the trailers and will hopefully play a big role in the movie itself. Harry has just tackled Voldemort off of a cliff within a crumbling Hogwarts, and most likely is about to duel the evil wizard for the last time. The source image can be seen in the following photograph, or you can pause this at 1:16 Clicking on the photographs takes you back to my flickr post. Thanks for reading/viewing -infomaniac-
  6. "What happens when you mess with the physics of it all?" It was my distinct pleasure to go and see Inception about 3 weeks ago with a good friend who simply raved about the movie. I fell in love the second it started. I loved it so much I saw it again a few weeks later with another group of friends, and it was even better the second time. I really wanted to build something from this movie, to show my devotion. I was considering the elevator scene, until I saw that a few builders way better than I had already done that part. I settled on the scene where gravity alters a city street. To get the full effect pause this trailer at 43 seconds. Trailer
  7. Infomaniac

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    TAKE THAT MEGA BLOCKS!! Lego is going to show 'em how it's done -Infomaniac
  8. Infomaniac

    The Carpenter Ant

    The Carpenter Ant The preferred ship of the bounty hunter "The Carpenter" based on the real life insect. Built for the bounty hunter contest on FBTB forums, but it doesn't really seem to fit in the Star Wars forum. Also, kudos to Dan Rubin for inventing the Tan Fantasy, it really is a cool color combo :) "The Carpenter" bounty hunter flies the Carpenter Ant, although he does have many other insect themed ships in his garage. "The Carpenter" is an imperial washout. He was tossed out after an experiment involving Killik (insect) DNA went horribly wrong. Armed with a pulse rifle, and super strong prosthetic arm he is ready to settle some old scores. C&C welcome -Infomaniac
  9. Magma Mech Overhauled 8189-1: Magma Mech revamped and overhauled. 1 gunner and 1 pilot fit into this mech Link to Flickr Link to Brickshelf (when moderated) C&C welcome -infomaniac-
  10. Infomaniac

    PETITION to keep the Pirates theme beyond 2010

    Signed I want to see some updated bluecoats, and possibly some updated islanders
  11. Infomaniac

    TThorse: brickbuilt horse

    Absolutely beautiful! I really like the Cuirassier combo. well done
  12. "We Need More Reinforcements!" "En route to Tatooine, Boba Fett realizes that delivering Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt may be trickier than he had anticipated."- Starwars The ultimate visual guide (97) That is the understatement of the universe. Every half decent bounty hinter and mercenary in the galaxy attempts to steal Jabba's prized carbonite frozen spice runner. Not to mention the Rebellion who are just as desperate to keep Solo out of the clutches of the underworld. A small squad of relatively untrained rebel troops attempts to recapture solo on the shipping port of Gall. A small band of half decent mercenaries also decides to join the fray, and hijacks a small cargo transport. Fett is outnumbered, but in no way outgunned. He takes on all of them at once in one of the most epic battles of the Starwars expanded universe. "We need more reinforcements!" "But commander, there is only one of hhh..... (gets shot in chest)" The bounty hunters on their cargo ship. The prize is a concept Boba Fett, so I thought that I might take a swing at a concept Boba of my own. He can be seen better on my flickr. Flickr C&C welcome -Infomaniac
  13. Infomaniac

    Brickfair 2010

    I'll be there for the entire thing with weapons.... I mean creations :) I'd love to meet some fellow EB users, so if you are going keep an eye out for me or my creations see you there
  14. Infomaniac

    Tournament of Retribution II Official Signups

    Infomaniac Bluecoats
  15. Madness! Alamut market is no place to wander alone. Dastan ventures into a rough section of town looking for the legendary dagger of time. He has been followed the entire way by a bloodthirsty group of Hassansins. The Hassansins set a trap for the lonely prince outside of the astronomer's abode. Can Dastan survive with his life? Features: -Hidden ladder -Break away wall -Ramp to roll barrel down from -4 minifigures -The key to eternal youth -2 lego houses -A lego compass that actually works! -ACTION AND ADVENTURE AROUND EVERY CORNER More views The hidden ladder 245 pcs