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  1. NewRight

    WW Category 2

    Was talking to Forest last night and decided that I wanted to power build a western diorama in one night. So I did and this is the result. More or less it started with the train tracks and slowly worked its way downhill to what you see now. Flickr
  2. NewRight


    I've redone this fighter a few times, but I finally started from scratch and this has turned out as my favorite starfighter yet, which is funny since I said that the first time I built this about a year ago. A strike fighter usually best adapted to air combat, but also with capabilities for space combat. Its predecessors include the Aerosyke fighter, along with the Aero Strike Fighter. But this new fighter bring a new image to the Bungie Co. and their line of fighters, modularity. Also see the full gallery on BrickShelf. When the 'Retake' folder become public look there for better photos.
  3. NewRight

    Imperial Trading Post Hopefully this link will work. I'll try to take a look at the top post soon too. Glad you guys like it and thanks for the blogging.
  4. NewRight

    Imperial Trading Post

    Would have been an entry for JRC: II, but since I can't enter its a pseudo entry. A remake of 6227 Imperial Trading Post. I'm happy with how all the details turned out. Sorry for the shoddy photography too. Hopefully it'll last long enough until the snow and crappy weather goes away. View everything on BrickShelf.
  5. A dojo deep within the mountains. In this dojo NinjaGo practice their Spinjitzu in peace and harmony... or can they? Assembling all of these Ninja ideas into one creation. Loads of fun to build and I'm really happy with the final outcome. Originally I was hoping to have it done for CCCVIII, but time didn't permit. I do like the LEGO playset style it has though. AfroNinja by Powerpig.
  6. NewRight

    The Angelica

    [pid][/pid] 122A Well like the little sub-description says this is my ship The Angelica which premiered at BrickWorld 2010. Last year in June to be exact. I took some old photos of it, but I found it just to difficult to work with and it was later demolished in a rage type... thing. In late October it along with a few other of my creations were invited to LEGO KidsFest, but I had no ship. How could I bring a non-existent ship. I began work on a rebuild, but then a few other plans came up and I could not attend the LEGO Con in October. So the remodel was scrapped along with everything else. So, lots of history behind this ship and I actually have official plans for an Angelica 2 although I will probably rename it, new coat of paint, all the works. Anyway here are my few photos of it that in my opinion do it no justice at all. I also have one picture of it from BrickWorld that can be found on Flickr. The sails are custom and the string was bought especially for this project. The remodel will most likely feature the same custom sails if not then I have a few more BrickLink orders to make in addition the one just make for the next ship of mine. Until the next ship, cheers!
  7. NewRight

    Christmas Interrupted

    Just as the Rebels begin their Christmas celebration they are interrupted as Vader and his Snow Troopers break into their not-so-secret base on Hoth. Larger photo available on BrickShelf.
  8. NewRight


    Inspired by the works of M.C. Escher only in LEGO castle! An entry into CCCVIII. I have a few other entries as well that I hope to upload soon.
  9. NewRight


    Based on the legend written by T.H. White in which Arthur brings Excalibur to his nervous step-brother Sir Kay because he has forgotten to bring his sword to the tournament. Sir Ector also stands by. For the Fairy Tale category of CCCVIII. There is also a full Full Gallery.
  10. NewRight

    Armada Outpost

    An small outpost in the middle of nowhere with a small community. Originally inspired by 6244 Armada Sentry, but it took a turn in a different direction and I'm happy with it. I encourage you to view the Full Gallery [When Public]
  11. NewRight

    Blimey, Pirates![/img] Pirates hoist the colors on the shore of a well-armed pirate fort. Yes the fort has an interior which can be seen in the BrickShelf Gallery, when public, And yes its the larger version of this.
  12. NewRight

    The Royalty

    I love the angled hull, nice work overall.
  13. NewRight

    The Missing Anchor

    Here's a link to another photo. Forgot that I deleted that photo off of Flickr.
  14. Started with me wanting to build a castle, then I mixed it with my desire to build a Forced Perspective Creation. I think everything went really well here. View the Full Gallery.
  15. NewRight

    Interior Design

    My continuation into the interior design realm which I still do love. The original is available here.