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  1. Ragnarök Now 3: Conclusion

    Reading the part of the deadboard where the scum attempted to frame Mencot as scum, then realized belatedly that he was the very scum they were looking for made me laugh out loud. This game should go down in history for its freak coincidences. The vigilante gets lynched without claiming on the first night while the serial killer takes out a scum, the scum frame the very traitor they needed, the scum try to recruit every non-recruitable PR in the game, the serial killer accidentally kills the investigator... Part of me wishes I were some kind of scum mastermind at the end, saving the kill for a wild, unexpected victory. I wonder if the game would've progressed any differently had Dave thought I was the bomb instead of Pandora, and tried to recruit me that night.
  2. Ragnarök Now 3: Conclusion

    :wub: :wub: What an absolutely amazing game! I'm thrilled to have been a part of it. First of all, hats off to both Hinck and Panda Express. Especially you, Panda: you played a smart game, and your arguments on the last day were so clever and convincing that I had this image prepared just in case Hinck flipped scum and won the game. Both of you deserve mad props for sustaining a full day with well thought out, reasoned arguments and speculation. I'm sorry that I kept everyone, including the deadboard, in suspense. More than anything else, I want to send a big, massive, covered-with-kisses THANK YOU to TPRU for hosting and letting me be a part of the experience! Reading the deadboard and the night results truly demonstrates how much time, effort, and skill goes into creating a mafia game of such quality. I'll admit that the moment we started discussing traitors and conversions, I got nervous - that kind of mechanic can be very risky, but here it was implemented to perfection. The fact that this game lasted eleven (or shall we say twelve) days, and that those last few days were the most tense and interesting, speaks to how well this game was designed. I especially liked the combination of a traitor and a one-shot conversion. That kept the town guessing at all times, and I can only imagine what would've happened if we hadn't lost the vigilante, and if the miller had been investigated. To those of you on the deadboard - that was a hilarious read. It's great to see that everyone stayed invested in the game, even after death. I feel bad about the writeboard gambit. That definitely did more harm than good, and directly led to the death of at least two townies. It was a gambit worth taking, I guess, and I'm glad that it at least gave the scum a modicum of confusion. One thing I really wanted to address is the fact that I was able to play with a number of people I've never played with before. Probably half of the players in this game were new to me, and we all had a fun time and an interesting game! I'm glad that EB mafia is still alive and thriving. I hope that those of you who felt upset or disheartened are reading this. I know from personal experience how frustrating and even personally hurtful mafia can be. It's easy to feel personally betrayed, especially when you get screwed over for unjust reasons. Reading the deadboard, a couple townies probably feel like this is more of a pyrrhic victory than a happy ending. My advice is to keep playing, and don't let that bring you down. With something like this, you only get out of it what you put into it. Participate, throw out your ideas (however wild they may seem), and you're guaranteed a good time! Lastly, to answer a question that I'm sure is on all of your minds... yes, I am the one who PM'd TPRU with "megabluck me sideways."
  3. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Eleven

    What is that safer option? However stupid it was, it was a plan that we came up with and I consented to. My biggest doubt involves Cranebeinn blocking Pudding Head. It's the most glaring hole here, and it's giving me headaches. In the last few posts, you have said that Cranebeinn was still suspicious of Pudding Head, which seems to support the idea that he would block him. But why would he vote for you yesterday, then block Pudding Head at night? This question is for both of you. Furthermore... to the both of you, do you believe the scum had a recruiter who could recruit anyone, that they had a recruiter who could recruit just vanilla townies, or that there was one or more traitors who could be recruited? Or something else?
  4. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Eleven

    Just realized I forgot something. This is more for the benefit of our friends in the deadboard than anybody else. Several days ago, I messaged Petrus something along the lines of, "If I die and another townie dies with me, be suspicious of Pudding Head." He responded saying more or less, "Ditto." I didn't fully trust Pudding Head: I was worried that, if he were scum, he would tell the vigilante to target me, killing two townies in one blow. Hilariously, ironically, spectacularly, I messaged the worst person possible. My biggest doubts come from that message Petrus sent me in response. He said he had been planning to tell me the same thing. Why say that, if he were a serial killer, and knew he would show up neutral if he died? megabluck. Just checking to see if I've been given swearing privileges. This game is going to haunt my nightmares. I'm not that evil. I read it when it had about four posts and I've been busy ever since. I spent the last two hours reading all of this and working through the possibilities in my head.
  5. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Eleven

    Now would be a fantastic time to be able to say f star star k! This is exactly the position I did not want to be put in. As you've both said, the outcome of this game basically depends on who I decide to vote for. There's so much pressure I'm worried my brain will explode. When I first opened Day 11, I saw what had happened last night and the first few shots thrown by Pudding Head and Petrus. I decided then that I would stay silent for the majority of the day. I knew that if I went in and made an opinion, any opinion at all leaning towards one person or the other, it would derail the conversation. I wanted to see the two of you argue it out so that I could gain some last-minute information. Whatever happened, there was going to be a tennis match between Pudding Head and Petrus. I didn't want to be the ball. But I've enjoyed watching this tennis match, not just because it's helped me reach a decision, but also because it's been some of the best mafia I've ever played. I imagine the deadboard is in hysterics right now. If it turns out I've chosen poorly, I hope I won't be remembered as the dunce who lost this game for the town. I've done my very best to play this game as the best bomb I could be, and I honestly think it's been one of my strongest games. What strikes me as both fascinating and hilarious is that if I were in either of your positions, I would've done this so much differently. Let's say Pudding Head is scum and Petrus is town. If I were Pudding Head, I probably would've killed Petrus, and relied on Cranebeinn to help lynch Agnar (me). Conversely, if Pudding Head is town and Petrus is a serial killer, I would've killed Pudding Head, and once again relied on Cranebeinn to help lynch Agnar (me). It's this kind of hypothetical that has ultimately informed my decision more than anything else (I must sound very melodramatic right now, hyping up my vote, but if I'm going to decide this game, I'm going to do it in style). I don't think Pudding Head can be scum, because there were so many opportunities for him to win that he didn't take. At least, there were so many easier, safer ways to do this. Let's go all the way back to Day Eight, when Canute and Pudding Head had that legendary argument. Pudding Head revealed that Petr targeted Toki before Canute waged war, meaning that he couldn't have been bussing those two as a defense. If there were three scum alive that night (Pudding Head, Petr, and Toki), why bus two of your team members? There were only seven players remaining. All you'd have to do is lynch somebody else, then you're three-for-three and you've won the game. Again, if I were a scum Pudding Head in that scenario, I probably would've tried to lynch Petrus. The town block was already suspicious that he could be a serial killer. In fact, why wouldn't Pudding Head have gone through with the plan to let you target me? That would've been a great way to get rid of two powerful townies with little to no culpability. As a side note, let's make it clear that Pudding Head certainly has a tracker ability, and Petrus certainly has a kill. It's my understanding that trackers can be scum-aligned, but they are usually town-aligned. It's pretty much accepted that the scum had a converting ability this game, so there is the chance that Pudding Head was converted, but Petrus could've been converted just as easily. Besides, I wholeheartedly denounce any game that allows a town PR to be converted to anything, especially scum. I also dislike games where the host grants one team favors in the middle of the game. All of this is my personal opinion, and has little bearing on who's town and who's not, but suffice to say I'll be very interested to learn game mechanics when this is all over. Why not start the day by accusing me? Petrus had already attacked me for having a scummy bomb claim. If I were Pudding Head and I were scum, I could've simply said, "Cranebeinn blocked Petrus and now he's dead. Agnar, you have to be scum." There's a good chance Petrus would've gone along with it. Hell, why not lie that I'd been tracked targeting Cranebeinn? Put two nails in the coffin? For the record, I'm voting for Petrus because I think he's a serial killer, not because I think he was converted to scum. Moving beyond hypotheticals, TPRU's admission that no game mechanics had been changed suggests to me that there was a third party during the entire game. Pudding Head makes a solid argument when it comes to Petrus killing Danr. Vote: Petrus (Pandora) I will be keeping a close eye on this throughout the remainder of the day to see if anything new comes up, as well as to reread the arguments from both sides.
  6. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Ten

    There are some things I would like to clarify/comment on, but I've been annoyingly pressed for time today. I wanted to pop in and place a vote, because I think it's important that we lynch someone today. I'm still willing to follow through on this plan, and will even vote for myself if that's the way the town chooses to proceed, but it's predicated on two ideas. First, that you all are confident enough that I could be scum to want to lynch me before Petrus, and two, that you will actually follow through with the plan once I'm gone. The thought of you flipping a coin to decide the game isn't very comforting. If there's a tomorrow, then regardless of what Canute flips, who will you want to lynch? Me, or Petrus? If the answer is me, then please say so. We'll lynch me today and block/kill Canute in the night. For the time being, I will Vote: Canute (CallMePie) I think of all of Pudding Head's strange and frankly ridiculous theories, his most recent about redirection actually has merit. I doubt there's a second scum team (if there is, then I'm disappointed we weren't made aware of it from the start), though TPRU's comment about the rule change being something that should've happened from the beginning has made me a little more inclined to believe that Petrus is an SK. I sincerely hope that I have time to come back and reenter the fray a little later, before the day ends. For the record, my preferred course of action is still to lynch Petrus tonight. Doing so, however, requires the cooperation of the town, and the town working together is more important than my personal preference.
  7. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Ten

    I have several suggestions for how we might proceed. I'm operating under the assumption that both Cranebeinn and Pudding Head are town. If this isn't true, then I honestly think we're screwed. At the very least, we know that Cranebeinn is the blocker because he was able to stop Petrus from killing Toki on Night Six, and we know that Pudding Head is the tracker, because how else would he have known to contact Petrus? I know that either of these roles can belong to scum (more likely blocker than tracker in my experience, but what the hell), but we haven't had any counterclaims. That leaves us with the likelihood that either Canute is scum or Petrus is the serial killer. I understand that you all have concerns about me, and I'll address those in a moment. As for why I think Petrus is the serial killer... it goes along with the thought that the scum might have or have had a day cop, and that they took out Patrekr because he had a role. It would explain why we've seen no neutrals and no third kill (I understand that not all games have neutral parties, but I think it's reasonable to say that most games do). While I doubt Petrus knew that Danr was the investigator (though Danr could've claimed to Petrus, since Petrus is a well-known and well-established player), if I were a serial killer I would want to go after targets that I had not discussed with Pudding Head in an effort to take out someone on the town block. Before I go into my suggestions, where I factor in suspicions of me, I'd like to address those suspicions. Pudding Head, I first messaged Jarl on July 12 at 8:49 PM. He sent me a Writeboard link at 9:36 PM of the same night. I don't know how that timing compares to your timing, but there you have it. You've tracked me twice, and on both nights I haven't done anything. In fact, on every night this game, I haven't done anything. Because I'm the bomb. When I made that claim to you, did you have any reason at all to suspect me? Did I have any reason to worry about getting killed in the night? If I were scum, and if I had a passive scum role, why would I claim anything other than vanilla, knowing that a bomb claim would only draw attention to myself? The following two suggestions only work if you believe that I'm town. Today, lynch Canute. If there's a tomorrow, lynch Petrus. I would advise blocking Petrus at night, but I don't think it would matter if he kills anyone. It would just expose him. Today, lynch Petrus and block Canute at night. If there's a tomorrow, lynch Canute. None of that makes sense if you think that I'm scum, however. So here is an alternative. Today, lynch me and tonight, have Petrus kill Canute. If there's a tomorrow, lynch Petrus. Even if Petrus kills someone other than Canute, he will be exposed as a serial killer, and there will be a majority of two available to lynch him. I'm town, and I would prefer to stick around, if only because having one more townie improves our numbers. However, I will win with the town regardless of whether I'm alive or dead. If lynching me today will put us on a path to rooting out the last non-townie or non-townies (though my guess is that there is only one), then I encourage you all to lynch me. Looking at the numbers, I'm fairly confident that any of these plans will work, but only if both Cranebeinn and Pudding Head are town. If they're not, then like I said before, we are straight donkey-f*cked. If we had more townies alive, we could entertain the notion of Cranebeinn or Pudding Head being scum, but I think it's too late for that. All that said, if TPRU responds to this and tells us that our win conditions changed because of a shirt in game mechanics, then I think it is absolutely necessary for us to lynch Canute. God damn it. A wrinkle in time, a wrench in the machine, and a shirt in the game mechanics. I'll wear that typo proudly.
  8. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Ten

    My money is split between Petrus being a serial killer and Canute being scum. What bothers me is that if there was a scum inside the town block, then I don't see why they would not have targeted Pudding Head. With the investigator dead, the only two advantages we had in rooting out scum were the tracker (who found what looks to have been the scum converter and his converted target) and the hope that they might try to kill me. Clearly the latter has yet to happen, but if there was scum in the town block, then how did they not try to kill Pudding Head? Canute is scummy to me simply because protector and investigator are the easiest roles for scum to impersonate. But I personally think it's more likely that Petrus is a serial killer. However, I want to get my facts straight here: Pudding Head, when did you learn the roles of each player still standing? When did each player claim to you, if they did so at a different time from when you learned? Before the investigator died, who had town results? And if possible, can we get a compilation of all the night results we know of from the first night to last night?
  9. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Nine

    Vote: Toki (TrumpetKing)
  10. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Nine

    So the scum team's only factional kill is to create dirty bombs that can only be triggered by the vigilante? How does that explain the first couple nights where there were two kills? The scum have both a factional kill and the ability to weaponize players? Wouldn't that be heinously overpowered, not to mention unprecedented and rather convoluted? If that truly is the explanation, which I guess we'll only know for sure when the game is over, then I'll be more annoyed than anything else. For the time being, I think it's more likely than not that the scum have been trying and failing to convert people. I'm assuming that there have been a maximum of two scum alive over the course of the past three or so days. With numbers at such a dire low, I think it would be far more important for them to try and recruit new members than it would be to try and kill townies, some of whom may have been potential targets for recruitment.
  11. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Nine

    I'm glad to see that Pudding Head proved trustworthy and that Petr was in fact scum. I'm inclined to agree with the prevailing theory that Toki was converted the night before last. I can't think of another reason why Petr would've been targeting Toki, except maybe for some kind of protective or blocking ability. Earlier in the game, we speculated that the scum might have a day role cop, which was why the targeted Patrekr. Maybe that could explain why some people were tracked but still did nothing at night? Because their action took place during the day? However that doesn't explain why there hasn't been a kill in the past six days. If the lack of kill has been the result of some kind of priming action, then would the primed players persist even after the arsonist (or whatever the priming role is) has been killed? Which is to say, if there's some kind of scum arsonist and he or she primed three players before getting lynched, do those three players stay primed for the next person to inherit the role? My current guess is that the scum spent the last few nights trying to convert different players, before finally managing to succeed with Toki. Last night, Toki refrained from using the factional kill because he knew it would draw attention to himself. For all he knew, he could've been tracked, exposing his conversion.
  12. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Eight

    This day isn't concluding in a way that satisfies or comforts me, but I'll take what I can get. In the event that Pudding Head is scum, I think the very fact that Pie raised the question is enough to throw a monkey wrench in his plans. I don't think it will be possible for him to win tonight if he's scum, not now that people doubt him. Vote: Petr Half-Troll (Piratedave84) The town clearly wants to lynch Petr based on the votes, and as I said before, what interests me most is learning Petr's allegiance. That will answer most of the questions of the day. It's just a shame that we won't be learning Petr's allegiance in what I believe to be the safest and most informative way possible. I feel like I've been repeating myself a lot, so I'll try to keep this short. I still stand by my idea that it would be best to block and night kill Petr. This reduces the body count, allows us to learn Petr's allegiance and prevent him from doing anything in the night, and would theoretically keep both Canute and Pudding Head happy. At least, it might keep them from killing one another in real life once the game is over. To answer the question that Pudding Head raised: what if Petrus decided not to kill Petr? What then? Again, the idea was that even if this were to happen, the town would have information that we could act on. If Petrus did decide to not kill or to kill someone else, we would know to distrust him, and who he decided to kill would give us further information. I could spend the next few paragraphs detailing all of my reasoning behind this idea, but I've already done that in earlier posts, and frankly it would be pointless since it's clear that we're not going through with it. If there's any time before the day ends, I would be very interested to hear what people have to say about the apparent lack of a third party in this game. Canute has stated the possibility that Petrus is a serial killer several times. If there is no third party, could that mean that there are six or seven scum? If Petrus is not the serial killer, and Pudding Head you seem to believe he is in fact the vigilante, how do we account for the lack of a third party, except by speculating that there are more scum than usual?
  13. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Eight

    My goal is simply to leave as few townie hats on the ground as possible. If we block and night kill Petr, that leaves the bodycount at one and gives us a lot of information at little cost. If we lynch him and block the vigilante, that also leaves the bodycount at one but gives us a lot less information. My motivation here is to help assuage Canute's own, rather valid, concerns and prevent the possibility of some kind of "execute Order 66" type of thing. Like I said, I'm inclined to believe that Pudding Head is town, I just don't trust him blindly and I think that Canute has voiced a number of reasonable doubts. In his post above, Pudding Head more or less gets the basics of the idea. I've tried to make it clear that I don't want to be difficult, just cautious. I want to learn Petr's allegiance. However, I would like to do this in a way that keeps as many townies alive as possible while simultaneously giving us the most information possible.
  14. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Eight

    Does it look like my biggest concern? Perhaps consider responding to my post instead of commenting on that?
  15. Ragnarök Now 3: Day Eight

    I can say "shit" but for some reason I'm not allowed to say f star star k?