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  1. proving once and for all that castle>space

  2. Bayonets at Dawn Contest

    2 points for: 2. Tanotrooper - Capture of the Eagle of the 45th (Waterloo) 1 point for: 22. Perfectionist - Battle of Fontenoy (May 11, 1745)
  3. Review: 7947 Prison Tower Rescue

    Fright Knights with new pieces, poorly played on this TLG, compared to the bigger castle.
  4. Khazad-dûm

    I just wanted the hands to grip stuff, and basically just copied what miniland builders use on their figs - as it's basically the same scale so maybe I copped out on that a little... The most annoying thing to attach was the head (believe it or not) and I made it so small because cave trolls have *no* brains Anyway, thanks y'all!
  5. Khazad-dûm

    Because I know you eurobrickers love your lotr... Who doesn't really? flickr Movie accurate-ish interpretation, I suppose
  6. Troll Cavalry Ideas?

    Go for it
  7. Troll Cavalry Ideas?

    Here is something I created, probably not what you're looking for, very parts intensive too - but still perhaps something to think upon.
  8. Tower of Drahomira

    Brickforge Arabian Helmet
  9. What Men Love

    Tiled water here is fine. SNOT water is overrated. Hell; tiled water here gives him more opportunity to put in a couple of white cheese slopes in, for waves breaking against the dock.
  10. Pillage the Village II: The Calm After the Storm

    Oooh fantastic, this will be interesting!
  11. Dalebottom Keep

    Thanks for all the kind comments guys
  12. Dalebottom Keep

    O'er the dales, the great Hawk sails Down to the dell, like a bolt he fell In furious pursuit of his prey. Brickshelf Some Deeplinks: Courtyard shot Modularity! Who goes there? I was going for a sort of realistic, Norman style castle, with defensibility and playability; so I wanted realistically thick walls which made fitting everything into the courtyard a real challenge. But really; such a fun build, I can only urge anyone who hasn't tried working within these space confines already to have a go, it really is interesting. Enjoy, Eurobrickers
  13. The Sheriff...

    ... He may be a maverick, but he gets the job done. Just a little sci-fi western something. Enjoy, eurobrickers
  14. Tournament of Retribution

    I had to work the next day, sorry.
  15. Tournament of Retribution

    Drunkenness had increasingly become a problem in the Bluecoat ranks. Who can blame them with all the victories the Glorious Redcoats have been winning of late? So, the fiendishly clever undercover redcoats division have decided to take advantage of this situation... Hahahahaha, imbeciles! (Went for a minimalist build)