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  1. The UCS falcon in September, but that is going to put me back for a while on new Lego acquisitions since it was $799.99 USD.
  2. I wonder how long it is going to take for TLG to catch up on VIP backorders alone. Saw it was updated on their product page from being exclusive to VIP members from November and now pushed it through December. Looks like they are going to potentially go into the new year catching up on orders before they are available to the public. I spent 4 hours trying secure mine when it released in September.
  3. Thank you @CopMike. After being a member since 2008, I am sincerely glad to see Eurobricks has been thriving each year since I joined. Happy Holidays to all.
  4. I've missed this for the past 3 years, hopefully my entry still counts. I got the time zone mixed up because I live in New York. Hope your in a jolly mood today Mike. Thanks again for having this raffle.
  5. This is Boba Fett's ideal Christmas tree (aka the most random tree he could find). As always, Fett is looking to get paid. That is my signature minifig for those of you who didn't notice who Fett is bartering with. I know this was late, and had the time messed up because I live in New York, I apologize. Would appreciate it I could be entered in this raffle, if not, good luck to all, and great MOC's by all the participants.
  6. Finally was able to get my hands on one of these bad boys after all the years I've been saving up for him!
  7. Welcome to our new pirates moderator: Phred

    It's been a while since I've been on eurobricks, but congratulations Phred.
  8. Pirates 2009 vs. Pirates 2015

    I'm finaly glad to see TLG is bringing back the blue coats. My passion for Lego my reignite once again.
  9. Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Funny story about clone and knockoff Lego products in general. There is a building in Billund, that houses the famous Lego vault containing every Lego set made to date, I am almost certain of. But walking around upstairs in the museum, you see the history of how Lego evolved over time, including a red car model that Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen build years ago. But later on we were taken to this semi-secret room that is filled with Chinese knockoffs and clones of Lego. I went on this tour back in 2011, but our tour guide said how hard TLG tries to eradicate Lego clones from stores, but it is a hard battle for them to win.
  10. Why the Pirates theme disappeared in 1998?

    I believe this might be another explanation that will answer your question Captain Fortune. In the 1990's and early 2000's, TLC was not doing that well and recording losses of significant amounts. Check out and read this short article.
  11. ReBrick "Name the Ship" Contest - and the WINNER IS...

    Haven't logged onto eurobricks in months, but to log on and see this is great news and made my dad. Can't wait to see the final ship design and will look forward to buying it. Long live lego pirates!
  12. You do make a valid point as to selling the entire lot as one. It would take a long time to find a buyer since it would be quite a bit of money. Yeah, wouldn't really be interested in selling only a few. Thanks though. LegoKing
  13. Thanks for that recommendation. I know the values of the sets I have, not worried there. I believe to maximize profit, it would be to sell everything individually, but that is really time consuming.
  14. I've been collecting Lego since I was 3, so I have a strong passion for it. Not really doing it because I need money or space issues, but because it just sits there and lost my love for Lego. That really will make me think after you're story Andy. I have only a few 80's space sets and such, but those are quite valuable now a days. Thanks for that story though. This will be a tough choice. That is true, and you do make a valid point. This would be a large sum of money and I would say that there is someone out there to try and scam me. Thanks for that pointer.