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  1. Congrats with your birthday!

  2. Paul cantu

    HMS Active

    This sir is a beauty! I really like the classic color scheme and size of the ship. The sails look great and the detail is wonderful, especially the cabin. Other small details such as the bell really complete this moc. Good job!
  3. Paul cantu

    Tchuk-Norst's first frigate

    This is a pretty spectacular ship. The general shape and size looks almost perfect. I like the colors that you chose and the way you applied each is great. I also like the number of cannons you decided to use. I think that since the ship is pretty large you could use a few more sails, I know they are hard to come by but if you make custom sails out of construction paper they will do the trick and are unlimited. I also think that adding a bit more detail to the cabin would be nice, maybe a few more windows in particular. Great work all around!! I hope to see more in the future.
  4. Paul cantu

    French Navy Xebec

    That is a wonderful ship. I love how precise it is to the model, it looks quite realistic but at the same time very playable which is refreshing.The manner in which you constructed the rigging and masts is fantastic! Great work!
  5. Paul cantu

    Andrea's Isle

    Thanks! I named it after my sister! Hahaha! I asked her for a name and she said Andrea so I used it and added a little bit of flavor to the story. Yes, I would have entered something like this but I didn't have enough time with school and sports.
  6. Paul cantu

    Andrea's Isle

    More here(when public):
  7. Paul cantu

    Pirate Island V2

    This island looks like a whole lot of fun to play with. I really like all features that make it playable. Such as the gate, prison, the hidden dock, and the moving skull. I also think its cool how you included an interior to the captains house.
  8. Paul cantu

    Le Fourageux, French third-rate ship of the line, minifig scale!

    This is looking really good. I like all the windows and small details as well as the sheer size of the cabin. I can't wait to see more progress!
  9. Paul cantu

    The launch of HMS Gallardía

    This is a beautiful ship. I really love the unique style you used, it adds so much more detail to the ship. The colors also look spectacular. The way you placed the cabin windows looks very realistic as well. I hope to see more creations soon.
  10. Paul cantu

    WIP The Making of a Fleet

    This is a really cool project that you are undertaking. I love the colors of your ship. I think the cabin could have more exterior detail, like little flowers. The bow also could use a better figurehead because this magnificent ship needs a magnificent figurehead. Other than that it looks spectacular. I can't wait to see more of your ships.
  11. Paul cantu

    Pillage the Village II - VOTING - Large Category

    marshal_banana-2 The action, exterior and interior are all over the top and outstanding. Derfel Cadarn-2 The idea is wonderful and the skill of building completely matches it. Cap'n Blackmoor-2 I really think that this is one of the best ideas in the contest and has a really unique style. I Scream Clone-1 The treehouses are perfect as are the pyramid and landscape!
  12. Paul cantu

    Pillage the Village II - WINNERS - Medium Category

    There were some fantastic entries this year and it is an honor to know mine was one of the best! I am really excited about winning my first Lego contest!
  13. Paul cantu

    Pillage the Village II - RE-VOTING - Medium Category

    There were so many great entries and I choose these because they displayed clever ideas with great detail and perfect presentation. Shmails-2 Etzel-1 74louloute-1 TinyPiesRUs -1 Captain Blackmoor-2
  14. Paul cantu

    Pillage the Village II - VOTING - Small Category

    Admiral Ron-4 Jansued-2 Lego Warlord 8-1 Great job you guys! I thought Jansued had a very original and clever idea. Admiral Ron, your building skills are superb and i love the soldier in the attic. Lego Warlord 8, you just presented a common pirate life scene in a very new and detailed way!
  15. Paul cantu

    Coming Home

    I really like this idea, it fits the contest perfectly. I like the stone appearance of the building and the roof is built well too. You also chose some excellent minifigures for this moc. Suggestions -I think you should add a child to the moc that is running to his father. If you don't want to do that than I suggest adding a dog, cat or parrot to the moc. -You want the house to appear as if it located on an island or other tropical area to make the entry feel piratical. i think adding a palm tree will be the best way to accomplish this. -I think you should have the soldiers hat in his hand and maybe a musket or sword in his other hand. -You should add a broom or shovel to the empty barrel. -Adding a bit more furnishings to the house and a small window or vine to the side of the house will add that one extra bit of detail.