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    LEGO Pirates! And castle. plus LEGO star wars. But mostly Pirates. Did I mention castle?I love Pirates! Stopmotion animation football baseball camping outdoors stuff


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  1. General Armendariz

    British Napoleonic Army

    I know I still don't have enough backpacks for my troops.
  2. General Armendariz

    British Napoleonic Army

    Great army you got there! I also saw your French army and its quite impressive! Makes me want to make my army even larger!
  3. General Armendariz

    French Imperial Soldier 28 gun Frigate, and a friendly return from bei

    Thank you so much! It means alot to hear that I've been planning on making a redcoat ship next possibly My army got slightly bigger with a few figs and hats here and there to fill in the gaps. But im hoping to make it grow even more! Also heres a rare sight to see, this is an old picture of my ship in early WIP form. A look at what the bottom kinda looks like on the inside!
  4. General Armendariz

    French Imperial Soldier 28 gun Frigate, and a friendly return from bei

    Thank you! Yes with a ship its never fully finished!
  5. General Armendariz

    Star Wars

    Yes I know about that, the gloves are long enough I Just forgot to tuck one in But I soon just hope to get screen accurate rubber gloves with rubber hand gaurds. I hope one day to become the highest level of stormtrooper for 501st, Centurion
  6. General Armendariz

    Star Wars

    At 5'7 it's quite common getting the short stormtrooper comments! I don't actually make the moulded parts, you buy the plastic kits in rough forms and form There you have to trim them out and put them together, it's like a life size model kit and I haven't thought of that yet! Will try it out:D
  7. General Armendariz

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    I'm back after about two years!Sadly I stayed away for so long This community is just too amazing!
  8. General Armendariz

    Star Wars

    A starwars thread eh? Well I think this is the perfect place to show my Stormtrooper armor Yes thats right a complete ANH stormtrooper setup! Thats what i've been doing in my vanishment First the helmet: Full armor pic! Keep in mind I had to cut, measure, trim, and glue all of it to fit me, I put together the whole thing With E-11 blaster Troopers need groceries too Im yet to join the 501st but I sure plan to! so what'dya think?!
  9. General Armendariz

    Full-hull French Frigate (WIP)

    Beautiful build, theres not too many brick built hulls so its good to see this one and it looks like its already fantastic!
  10. General Armendariz

    French Imperial Soldier 28 gun Frigate, and a friendly return from bei

    The battle was originally just a standalone teaser trailer, scenes were made for that trailer, never to be completed. but thanks!
  11. Hello Eurobricks! Many of you may not remember me as I do see many new faces, but I just couldn't stay away from this wonderful community! If you don't remember who I am, I was the video maker for the classicpirates YouTube channel:) I return with my pretty much finished french 28 gun Frigate, and a show of my Imperial Soldier and Imperial Guard Armies! I do apologize for my years of absence and no explanation Lets start off with the ship shall we? Just so everyone knows this ship was built using Captain Greenhairs method My Sig Fig!! General Armendariz reporting! It seems a certain Assasin hitcxhed a ride from a certain video game Back is removable to view captains quarters! And now on to the army! 81 total blue coats, 63 total red coats. Thanks for looking!! Thats all for now
  12. General Armendariz

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 4 discussion

    That jockey player makes a perfect football player!
  13. General Armendariz

    The pirates are here!

    sweet entry, I like the action crammed into a small baseplate
  14. General Armendariz

    El Bricko MOC - Peoples choice award

    This is amazing! I just love the road showing tracks of the horses. This is the very definition of Lego Western.
  15. General Armendariz

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    An amazing ship really, phenomenal rigging. And to top it all off its all modular! Great job.