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  1. due to building lego combat robots i decided to vote by taste! and i think i found some of the best overall, also a mention to blackout for good srimech and look to thumper for look and to la grange 3001 for unique design! good luck to everyone 9:10 15:6 21:4 30:3 18:2 7:1 10 to bison due to packing 4 functions in a invertible chassis with only 2 motors 6 to maximum impact due to the effective internal compactness and chassis strength of the best of "big bots" 4 to the blacksmith for compactness and strength, one of the most difficult bot to defeat! PS have to admit that i would've placed my bot 2nd in this scoreboard but i think the lack of a proper srimech from other good bot can make it able to take the lead (in my mind)
  2. 1) right! 2) right! 3) WARING: false assumption! Big (aka destructive) spinner are robots that have a really heavy spinner but not in module, it is all about what % of total weight has got the spinner, let me explain: Uk Heavyweight, a big spinner has a 20-30kg spinning mass UK featherweight, a big spinner has a 4-5kg spinning mass ... ... UK amtweights, a big spinner has a 10g spinning mass! Opponents doesn't depend on weight (if you have to (4) imagine battles) so you should mentally test "how this bot will handle a spinner on the same class? How a flipper? And so on" instead if you want to image fights between contestants (but there should be no real battle as you said so this is not the right way maybe) then it is right that big spinner are in the big class
  3. building a big AND compact bot is cerainly hard, and you made a really good work doing that, your bot is big but not hollow, but "compact" is also quite subjective, for example someone can argue that the 8043 is really compact due to having 6 functions with 4 motors, but it has some empty space in it, so what someone can think of your build is "that is a great punch function, but it is good because it is well build or because it needs 2 L motors and 2 servo motors? (correct me i don't remember the numbers) maybe mammoth system is better/more compact using only 2 motors?" and other things like that. about size i judge as asked, there is the likeliness to win a battle criteria, and this is a combat robot contest, so i just need to think about all other bot of same size when i need to give points for "likeliness to win a battle" and big bots will be treated as small bot: same class of opponents so the best one will win. and this is like in real life. looks and signature aren't so influenced by size because yes, having a lot of space can lead to a more detailed armor, but it is harder so better look=better quality, while the signature move should be judged out of combat: is that spinner powerful? it doesn't break itself? it is good, no matter it can't break other legos
  4. I use old 9V for my spinners, but 1:6 M motors are fine too (like ochayedonald's bots), RC motors use too much power for the rpm they gives, they are just "mechanically" cheapier but not as good as old 9V with low friction support (managed to have 2000+ rpm without worrying about power consumption of weapons while spinning up) so I think power of a robot is more or less power of its design, for example thumper and powerspin have different motors and sizes but their power is almost the same (high mass vertical and horizontal spinner) lsame thing: despite being different harvester of sorrow and pancake have a really similar power to nibbler (low mass spinner) But what i've seen reading voting comments is that lots of people voted for their own criteria and this is good because the winner should appear good for really different voters, not only be good at one thing (like the power of a RC motor)
  5. OK tanks, I will stop writing even suggestions, I had no intention to post score I know that is not fair for who want to keep the suspance and maybe also influence voting
  6. I' using a program to calculate votes...removed. Is this is too much Jim? Should I remove this?
  7. Regicide is just not too powerful, I think SoA impact speed and look affect the "low vote" factor for maximum impact, go read the voting topic, you are wrong ;)
  8. What do you mean with powerful bots? I may can help with this "noticed" though, also some contestants are really close with points, there will be a real fight to choose who will be the winner, keep voting! Also Jim contest are usually publicised in the front page, why not this time?
  9. Also you can change gear to modify speed, also your bot is not too slow, but some 4wd steer faster ;)
  10. I'll try to control it via ir, I think only skill is required (i'm rc-anything driver/racer since I was a child) because I was able to drive sbrick with 100% and I really can't stand no physical feedback Well.. can't say how many liftarms/exposed gearing i've broked due to too strong spinning weapon
  11. I i win i would certainly build @Marxpek bot and film some fight, I love that bot and already almost built it, also xerion wheels are really useful for trial trucks (one of the few wheels without a contiguous rubber surface that doesn't grip on dirt) and I will finally perform well near real rc trial trucks!
  12. Well that is empty and just simplify the work of others (yes voting criteria as liveliness to win a battle are not ther) but the lack of some criteria is not proper influence I think But thanks really helpful!
  13. how sorry not to answer before, as for "armed by gravity" you mean the moving yellow gear on ldd right? not it si not armed by gravity, the purple moving part is connected to a rubberband that pushes it on the gears with the result that the gears are pushed "down" but even if upside down the gearing are connected, as for the srimech, the two strange horns at the back nd of the arm are there to make the bot move correctly while reloading when upside down, without that the bot can't self right if not with the weapon pre loaded (due to CoM on the back) I also want to talk about the likeliness to win a battle criteria there are several way a flipper can win a battle: 1) flipping a non invertible opponent 2) damaging internal components of the opponent due to high stress caused by hard-landing 3) throwing a bot out of the arena walls (robot wars) or getting it stick on the arena wall (battlebots) 4) my robot can use the arm as a spear, that would be more powerful than other rubberband based weapon in this competition (i'm not sure about wimbledoom one but i have a lot of power with a really point edge) 5)judges' decision (if the battle time ends) and i can say i HAVE THE VOTE OF A JUDGE!!! (more or less) also i really want to make a video about how though is my bot but i will be away from home until next Wednesday
  14. Well 180g are quite good, i'm familiar with 2k rpm but ~80-100g even if your bot is bigger and heavier I would really love to fight it with my witch doctor
  15. Sorry @Milan information topic link in voting topic lead to tc9 why? Also we should vote independently from category? For example I can vote all 6 for cat a or cat b and or whether I want or we should give 6 votes for A and 6 for B?