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  1. Nice design, and well photographed too. Eight-wide really works well for the LMP shape, even if it ends up a little large for city-scale. Really like the all-black colour scheme and the parts used for the nose. I don't mind the absent shark fin, but a front splitter plate would be a nice addition. Impressive first post. Hope we'll see more in the future!
  2. The great thing about stickers is that they're optional. I haven't used any stickers any all on mine, and it still looks fine. I replaced all the internal cockpit stickered parts with printed tiles to good effect, and also reversed the direction of the rear controls so they turn in the correct (even if non-canon) direction with the rear blaster. The pilot does have a joystick for flight control - two in fact - one on each side of the seat.
  3. Fair enough. The set is definitely a bit over-priced, and I didn't get 75150 so I wouldn't know how the two compare. My last A-Wing was 75003, and the new set is definitely a step up from that version.
  4. I was impressed enough by the new 75175 A-Wing set enough to buy it, but there are several flaws that can be addressed resulting in a much improved model. One aesthetic issue that stood out even from the earliest released images is the stepped transition of the curved slopes on the top of the hull. And while I really like the new fin parts and the attempt to angle them inwards, the official set's solution results in too much angle, a flimsy connection, and rather odd-looking brick-built engines. The landing gear is also less than ideal, with rear struts that don't fully retract and a front strut mounted higher than the rear, resulting in the model sitting very nose-down when landed. So I've addressed all of these points and included a few extra improvements to produce the version below. Features: Removed slope transition on top hull Brick-built engines replaced with cylinder bricks Engines/fins connected securely at corrected angle Fully retractable rear landing gear Front landing gear lowers to same height as rear Wider mounting of laser cannons Engine detail included under rear cover FREE LDraw instructions HERE.
  5. Here's the LDraw file I just finished for anyone interested in modding their set to this version.
  6. Oh, and here's the shot of the model alongside Hoffman's Swordfish II and Hachiroku's Kaneda's Bike.
  7. The ultimate version of this vehicle, fought by Major Motoko Kusanagi in the 1995 anime film Ghost in the Shell, is now and always will be Cole Blaq's magnificent creation. But what I wanted was something a little smaller that I could display alongside my copies of Chris Hoffman's Swordfish II (from Cowboy Bebop) and Hachiroku24's Kaneda's Bike (from Akira). So for this build I worked at microscale and initially produced a couple of prototype designs in LDraw. From here I chose to develop the right-hand model further, replacing the eyes and redesigning the rear shell/body section so that it would be connected to the turning head instead of the chassis. The end result is a model that I think adequately captures the look of the iconic Think Tank and includes a nice amount of articulation and pose-ability. The head and shell rotate around a central pivot, the legs are fully pose-able, the chin-mounted belt-fed cannons can tilt and swivel, shoulder-mounted guns are included, and the retractable manipulator arms serve to clasp a statuette-scale Major by the skull. If you'd like to make your own copy, free instructions are available from my website (click link in my signature below).
  8. A couple of weeks ago I found time between other projects to design a couple of small MOCs. This one began with a custom redesign of the 60145 Buggy set, which involved streamlining and lowering the chassis, as well as adding more details such as front suspension struts and more lights. From the moment I first saw the set I thought it was just begging to be militarized, so once I had an upgraded buggy design I was happy with I knew this would be the next step. The military version features a tan or DBG colour scheme, a .50cal MG mounted at the top of the opening cockpit frame, a gunner seated above the engine within an opening protective frame, a spare wheel and radio antenna, and hardpoints on either side of the driver for stowing individual weapons. One of my oldest and most requested designs is the Desert Patrol Vehicle (shown below for comparison), and this new LSV design provides a lighter, faster, and more compact alternative for spec ops insertion and light strike missions. Instructions are available through my website (click link in signature below). Weapons are from BrickArms and balaclava heads are from EclipseGrafx.
  9. Finally, an affordable way to start building up my collection of blaster pistols!
  10. Ah, I see. I would just raise the hinge parts by one plate, but you might find a better solution.
  11. What's your concern with the boot lid? The version I built seemed to work fine.
  12. Thanks for sharing your pics, Seasider. My only suggestion would be that the rollbar hoops could be a little higher, but I really like the look of your metallic engine block. If you're interested I have substantially modified my Caterham model (here), and can share LDraw file with you once I get around to making it.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I think this is a beautiful set and I look forward to building it, but the promotional blurb/feature list has me baffled. Am I supposed to be excited by the inclusion of minifigures here? But there are two of them! With blasters! Ooh! And binocs! And, wait for it... even helmets! And there is space for them in the cockpit!?! Huh? What? Are we meant to stick them in a glove compartment or something? Still, a very nice model (despite the stickers). :)
  14. The nice new cockpit print for the latest Y-Wing left me thinking that a few of my other SW sets could use a cockpit upgrade. The worst offender being the 75049 snowspeeder, which still uses the same windscreen used in the first snowspeeder set released nearly two decades ago. I fully realize there are better snowspeeder MOCs out there, but this is a nice easy fix to make the current official set look a little bit more like the actual movie model. It retains the two-stage opening mechanism of the original set, and is both robust and easy to open. Getting rid of the old snowspeeder cockpit also had me wondering whether the 9493 X-Wing, which uses the same piece, might look better with the new cockpit part used on the more recent resistance X-Wings. I've opted for the trans-black unprinted version, which also happens to match the substitution I've made on my UCS X-Wing (switching from the stickered trans-white to a plain trans-black 12x6x2 piece). Let me know what you think, or post and discuss your own cockpit mods and solutions.
  15. This model has been sitting proudly on display next to Chris Hoffman's brilliant Swordfish II at my work desk for some time now, but I recently revisited it to see if grip-able handlebars could be added. It required reversing the stud-direction on the forwards section of the model, but the result is quite good. LDraw instructions