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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, I have just finished another micro landscape in time for the Battlefront Death Star DLC. I wanted to do something different from some of the other trench run mocs I have seen and so I chose the moment Han comes to Luke's rescue and shoots down one of the tie fighters. I really like the drama in this scene and Im really happy with the way it has turned out. The inspiration for Luke's Xwing and Vader's tie came from a post by 'BEAVeR' (http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=84301) however I really wanted to get R2 in this scene and so instead of a 1x2 white tile for the nose I went for a 1x1 and added a 1x1 blue stud to represent R2 behind the cockpit. Thanks goes to 'PRAITER YED' for the idea of using knifes as the wings cannons - I think they look really effective. Originally I used BEAVeR's design for Vaders Tie but it would've meant having to paint the shields black, which I wanted to avoid and also I didn't think it looked menacing enough so I simply turned the Tie fighters wings on their side. I think Vader's Tie has a real presence in this piece now and looks like the dangerous ship that it is! Finally for the Tie's cockpits I used an Arkenstone piece from The Hobbit sets, which almost looks as though it was specially designed for micro ties! I am really happy with this MOC and would love to get your opinions and as always any advice going forward for future MOCs! (Also would anyone be interested in seeing the design process? I have some pictures of various stages of the builds that people might find interesting?)
  2. This is my few years old MOC of the final attack on the first Death Star. Like my Battle of Hoth the model was several years underway in planning and gathering of the needed bricks. This model was also modified last year as I wasnt happy with the clustered attempt of greeble I had done... I myself think this version is better Again, I apologise for the poor pictures, I really need to invest in a proper camera... Death Star Trench Run by Kenneth, on Flickr Death Star Trench Run by Kenneth, on Flickr Death Star Trench Run by Kenneth, on Flickr More pictures in my Flickr account
  3. GeneralWashington420

    Mini MOC - Death Star Trench Run

    Link to the images!
  4. "We count 30 rebel ships, Lord Vader, but they're so small they're evading our turbolasers." "- Biggs, Wedge, let's close it up. We're going in full throttle. That ought to keep those fighters off our back. - Right with you boss." The theme of the Death Star attack has been banged on about by AFOLs. Fortunately, this does not mean, that the subject is exhausted. It took a bit different approach than the usual <middle of the trench – accelerating Luke’s X-Wing – T/F vee in hot pursuit> and to give the scene a bit more dramaturgy. For that reason, the DS’s equator does not run at the right angle through the MOC, and we have a small anti-aircraft (anti-starship) artillery barrage. The MOC is placed on a standard 48x48 board and consists of four main modules: The base with decorative boarder; The trench itself with the walls; Two loosely put on DS surface panels. Plus additional X-Wing fighters of course :). What I really wanted in this microscale MOC, was a good representation of the X-Wings. That is why they have their characteristic feature of folded (and movable) wings. The drawback is a slight asymmetrically placed left and right pairs of wings and engines. Also, I am not entirely pleased with the fuselage in front of the fairings. But at least all have R2 units… Also the scale of the DS denoted that the Rebellion fighters were too big for the trench itself. That is why, with their measurements of 9 studs width and 6 length, they had to be left on the battle station’s surface. To make the scene complete, six rotary turbolasers are placed, “some on the towers, some on the surface”, which try in vain to stop the attackers. And a small comparison of the adversaries: As I always lack the trans-clear elements, especially the bars (which also usually fell down on my Bricklink buy lists…), I had to devise a different solution to the issue of placing flying objects. It came in the form of optic fibers. Thanks to their flexibility, i was able to place them in possibly invisible way on the maquette (part of the element is folded and hidden in base elements) and, having only three pieces, by folding one into ”U”, place all in all four flying objects. Unfortunately, this advantage proved also to be a vice – too long segment meant weak stabilization power and “floating” of the raised item. And stiffening with super glue was out of the question. Entire gallery on Flickr. May the micro-Force be with you!
  5. It all started a year ago. I was following toomuchcaffeine's project on cuusoo (micro star wars scenes), and in the comments he said he had trouble making an X-wing. I could spare some time, and I started building myself, in the hope that I could contribute to that wonderful project. I wondered how small I actually could go making the X-wing. I wanted to make it instantly recognizable and yet very tiny (those official micro models from the planet sets are great, but you can't call that micro ). So I had to use some odd parts for het most iconic features: the wings. The X-wing got car doors.Once I had that key-feature, I kept the main body simple and focused on the shape. I suggested this design, but (obviously!) it was too big for 2MC's project (no hard feelings!) But I started to really like this micro-scale building. I improved my X-wing, and decided to deliver him a friend enemy. The TIE-advanced got shields as wings. I was happy with this micro build and I made this little scene, complete with pew-pew lasers! (the flick-fire missiles are unfortunately out of scale ...) Again, built with LDD and rendered with LDD2POV-Ray. Then, I amused myself by making a real scene , with the excuse of letting you see the model from another angle... Hope you like it, and if you do: thank you, the pleasure is all mine. Eurobricks is awesome