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Found 9 results

  1. Darth Bjorn

    [M10 - Sarapin - TCR] Traitor’s End

    *Your entry has earned 21 XP* Mission Log from Cpt. Bannon: Our original mission was to ensure the imperial energy supply from the drilling platforms on the surface of Sarapin. However, things took an unexpected turn, when we received a direct holo transmission from Moff Barthol. Barthols number one agent, Lord Amus has revealed that Senator Belrus is in league with the New Republic and that he is secretly scheming to undermine the Commenor Remnant. Personally I’ve always felt that Commenor has been a little too lenient with the New Rebuplic. Sometimes you’ve got to wonder - what happened to the glory of the Empire? Log update: We have received word that the treacherous Senator Belrus is in fact on Sarapin. How convenient that he is meeting with the administrator overseeing Sarapin mining. We have been instructed to rendezvous with Agent Amus and his men on the surface in order to capture the senator and return him to imperial custody. A few moments later on a landing platform at the Sarapin mining administrations headquarters… Cpt. Bannon: Senator! STOP! There’s nowhere to run! You are under arrest for treason against the Empire! Administrator Shatul: Kill hime! Kill ze traitor! Agent Amus: Sure would save us a lot of paperwork! But... Our job is to bring him in. Belrus: Yes! I surrender! Take me back to Commenor… I demand to talk to High Command! Cpt. Bannon: Right awa… Agent Amus: Would you like a cup of Jawa Juice as well? Your imperial rights was revoked the moment you sided with the Republic scum! Take him away! /// Phew! This one took some time, but I really feel my patience paid off. All the rock-work, lava and the platform has been done using SNOT technique, and the walls have been tilted. Let me know what you think! Any feedback and comments are welcome. :)
  2. STAR WARS: FACTIONS THE INVISIBLE WAR It is a time of great strife. The great GALACTIC EMPIRE is beset on all sides by a coalition of terrorists, revolutionaries and traitors calling themselves the Rebel Alliance. Striking from hidden bases and fading into obscurity before the Empire can react, the Rebels have proved to be a deadly and frustrating foe. At the edge of the galaxy, Grand Admiral Martio Batch, known as THE INVISIBLE ADMIRAL, hatches a plan to give the Rebels a taste of their own medicine and restore peace to the galaxy... Dantus Sector (J6), aboard the Super Star Destroyer Terror... The interior of the Super Star Destroyer Terror was surprisingly bland, lacking the highly polished floors of the Executor and the silent bustle of terrified crew. The atmosphere appeared somewhat more laid back - although the navy ratings and officers remained quiet, it seemed more from a sense of honest professionalism than fear of Lord Vader's wrath. Little wonder, since they were at the opposite edge of the galaxy to the drama that had recently engulfed the Anoat sector. Flight Lieutenants Arias Mercer and Rubee Blue both arrived outside the briefing room at exactly 0700 - and were somewhat surprised to see each other there! Before either could speak a word, however, the doors slid open with a quiet 'hiss'. Awaiting them were a pair of Imperial Navy soldiers - a starfleet Captain with a gentle smile, and a grim-faced Sergeant of the navy troopers, presumably a bodyguard. The two pilots were a little taken aback - the man hadn't yet introduced himself (and in their experiences, ALL officers wanted their subordinates to know exactly who'd be taking all the credit for their victories as soon as possible), and had even broken protocol to offer snacks. Arias smiled, but Ruby's expression was carefully neutral. The grim-faced Sergeant, his eyes hidden behind a reflective visor and his face twisted into what seemed to be a permanent frown, reached up and withdrew a pair of canisters with some kind of glowing blue liquid inside from the cupboard beside him. A blast of chilled air hinted that the cupboard - and therefore the drinks - were cooled. Without a word or any change in expression, the Sergeant gave one canister to Lieutenant Mercer, and the other to Lieutenant Blue. Arias smiled wide in thanks and took a thirsty gulp, whilst Ruby nodded silently in thanks but didn't actually drink. After the Sergeant resumed his post, the Captain turned his attention to the viewscreen behind him, his expression hardening slightly as he moved on to business. He turned his gaze to Ruby, before gesturing out to the stars with a gloved hand. The captain smiled, apparently satisfied with Ruby's answers. He took a bite from his cookie, before pressing a button on the console mounted to the ugly table that dominated the room. The scratched, dented thing whirred quietly, and a holoprojector built into the center flared to life. Displayed in blue was Arias Mercer's dossier - not his current Navy one, but the one he'd had as a part of the Imperial Army, years prior. He watched the holoprojection for a few quiet moments, then began to interview Arias. The Captain pressed a few buttons on his console, and the holoprojection changed. Now, it displayed a map of the Dantus Sector. Planets were colour-coded depending on purpose, allegiance and current status. Five of the planets were pulsing with a white light. The three exchanged a final salute, before Ruby and Arias turned and left. They talked animatedly about the briefing and the mission all the way back to the guest quarters area, before returning to their separate cabins. After they were gone, the grim-faced Sergeant turned to his commander and, under his visor, raised an eyebrow. He had concerns, and with just the two of them remaining in the briefing room, he felt free to put voice to them.
  3. Darth Bjorn

    [N10 - Foundry - TCR] The Can Can

    *Your entry has earned 22XP* Mission Log from Agent Amus: Ever since battle of Endor the imperial presence on colony worlds such as Foundry has been sloppy at best. Even though the Republic has declared Foundry a member of the state, they have shown little interest in anything other than the aristocratic and political districts of the planet. In their ignorance they have ignored the real power of Foundry. The industrial underworld. Mission log - continued: I’ve arranged a meeting at the cantina known among the locals as the Can Can. Clever nickname for a place that is supposed to look like it is run by droids. Mission log - continued: My intel suggests another individual is running the place. Running most of the underworld on Foundry actually. Inside the Can Can... When the music is playing... The bar has anything from blue milk to Merenzane Gold... Wealthy guests drinking Merenzane Gold... Sore looser... The street outside... Someone trying to remain anonymous... Staying warm in the Underworld... Phew. I finally got to post this one - I wish I could have paid more attention to the wall-work and stuff like that, but the build just took way too much time - and I wanted to move on. The diagonal walls was a real challenge - but cramping loads of details in this one was really fun... Let me know what you think! Below is a little peak behind the scenes, and close-ups...
  4. *Your entry has earned 4XP* In the early of [N10 - Foundry - TCR] Scout of both side , prior to the action, Capt. Anton noticed some change of Dukoolar's uniform and rank, it's the new assignment happened on the capital, planet Commenor. Here's the flash back that Scar Squad learned later when the task force reintegrated.
  5. *Your entry has earned 11XP* Recently our high command, received an emergency holo message from Kuat: An epidemic began to spread at several different locations there. This is a great opportunity to help the people, gain more influence on that system and get the support of their leaders at the same time. The diplomats of the Remnant are already on their way to the planet and our and our most important task is to bring as many medical supplies as possible. Foundry was a heavily industrial planet of the Techno Union, later in the era of the Galactic Empire, it was an imperial fortress and the home of several TIE fighter factories. After the end of the Empire, the planet became abandoned and the complexes are nowadays still locked down. Because these factories are huge, almost like cities, there was plenty of medical centers there too. We have a good chance to find the needed medical stuffs and this planet is halfway between Commenor and Kuat. We need to use all of our available ships to transportation, unfortunately our ship doesn't have a big cargo bay, since it was originally a transport hauler for walkers and big crates. Because of that, my squad's first mission is to find a Heavy Duty Container, in which we could we could transport the medical equipment through the hyperspace. Scar Squad is already scouting on the planet. They haven't found a med center yet, but they got info about one of the abandoned TIE fighter factories. These places are massive buildings, with several sections and landing areas, but it's our best chance, to find a proper container. We just received a message from Agent Sugy right now. Scar Squad reached the factory and she sent the location of the factory's storages to us. So now we are traveling to one of the supply warehouses of this factory... Boghi - I thought this whole place was locked down, but it doesn't seems to be. Gubi - Probably scavengers or some pirates did this. Boghi - This whole lock is broken, fortunately they left the door open. Gubi - Let's open the door. We need to be careful, don't know, what's going on inside. Andrysh - It's clear! Gubi - Boghi, is there any chance to make some light? Boghi - The building was locked down, but the backup power supply should work. Let's see the main switch. Gubi - Great, now we have lighting. I believe the main storage room is that way, let's move! Gubi - Here it is, this container could be the proper one for our purpose. Andrysh - There is quite a big mess here. Boghi - It looks like, most of the crates are empty. Andrysh - But at least the container is empty too, so we don't have to unload it. Gubi - The situation here is getting more and more interesting. Who needs so many replacement parts for TIE fighters? Gubi - As we now have this container, we need to open the big door of the warehouse and get a carriage to move this thing. Boghi - Probably we should check the control room upstairs. Gubi - Agree and maybe we could learn, what happened really here. Then let's go. Boghi - It looks like they have been here too. Gubi - Can you turn on the system? Boghi - I hope, I can. It should work with the backup power supply. Boghi - Yeah, it's working, I'm in. And... Done. The door is open now. And I have access to security recordings too. Gubi - Good. What can you see? Boghi - It's hard to tell, it's quite old equipment. I see a ship. It looks like the corvettes was used by the Rebel Alliance back in the day. Andrysh - Could it be the New Republic? Boghi - Negative. This is black and yellow coloured. And I see an insignia too. Gubi - What is it, pirates? Boghi - I just checked it in our datebase. This one is looks the most like the insignia of the Mining Guild. Gubi - Of course, I should have known. The Mining Guild was once really close to the Empire and they are useing TIEs still nowdays. Andrysh - Let's find a carriage and pick up that container finally. Gubi - You're right, dont waste any more time. Now we finally have the container and we are on our way to find a proper medical center, here on Foundry.
  6. *Your entry has earned 7XP* Previous as: And now: Agent Sugy is reporting: the New Republic General kept his word, showed Capt.Anton and his squad with Foundry abandoned Tie-fighter factory, in where our squad found the containers per Capt. Gubi request, following is the record from operation leader Capt. Anton Below are some ideas of this scene: The 74-z speeder was MOC per MF scale and applied sitting/riding position, post as HERE and still some piece parts are on the way, may update later; By the inspiration of skyline, I extended my Nano MF scale trains into a workshop, and below stop motion is what I imaged it progress, wish you enjoy and have fun :)
  7. Darth Bjorn

    [M10 - Kuat - TCR] The Commenor Treaty

    *Your entry has earned 7XP* Mission Log from Senator Belrus: In light of recent epidemic breakouts on Kuat, The Imperial Remnant high command wants to cease this opportunity to establish a presence on the planet. Due to new republic allegiance, the remnant has dispatched a stormtrooper platoon to an abandoned imperial facility in the polar region of the northern hemisphere. I have arranged to meet the regional archduke at the facility under diplomatic immunity. The Archduke: Good morning senator. We’ve considered your proposal. The epidemic breakout is currently contained to slums and lower levels of dense urban areas in our equatorial regions. It seems like the epidemic doesn’t take to the cold - why I imagine you chose this location for our meeting… Senator Belrus: *pokerface* The Archduke: Since the republic’s health organization has been unable to show any progress in fighting these outbreaks, the Kuati aristocrats have decided to declare a state of neutrality for Kuat. We’ve signed the Commenor Treaty allowing your presence on the planet and ring. We welcome your assistance as long as you comply with the Galactic Concordance. Senator Belrus: The terms are acceptable. We will sign the Commenor Treaty. The Archduke: And one more thing Senator. No bucketheads! Senator Belrus: *nods* Some behind the scenes shots: Let me know what you think! CC are more than welcome... ;)
  8. *Your entry has earned 5XP* Agent Sugy is reporting: We reached the New Republic when our squad recon. the Foundry system per Capt. Gubi request, following is the record from operation leader Capt. Anton
  9. *Your entry has earned 9XP* Cpt. Bannon likes his surroundings as simple and clean as possible. No distractions. Clean as a whistle, and efficiency above anything. A little comfort and the occasional blue milk or brandy doesn’t hurt. Some time before… Lt. Markland: Cpt. Bannon. These are your junior officer quarters. Your belongings have already arrived. Lt. Markland: You will find the elite personnel manifest on the data console. Let me know if you need anything. I’ll let you get settled. Good day Captain. Quarters description: This is the quarters of Cpt. Julo Bannon onboard the Star Destroyer, The Relentless. The standard Jr. Officer Quarters comes with sleeping quarters with a small workstation and storage. Additionally the quarters are linked to a personal refresher with standard refresher interior, a sonic shower and additional storage. On rare occasions, distinguished officers are allowed some degree of personalization. In Cpt. Bannon’s case this includes a vintage lounge chair and a few collection items. Behind the scenes sneak peak: /// Let me know what you think...