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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, bit unusual for me here, but space vehicle is one of my other interest in Lego, so from time to time I try to make some themed mocs. Today I present to you the "Aether". The Aether Interplanetary Space Station is the pinnacle of Legoland's scientific and technological development. Designed to compete with NASA's Lunar Gateway, it surpasses the latter and takes the concept of an interplanetary space station to the extreme, becoming one of the most ambitious engineering projects of all time. The Aether has an expandable modular design, 2 docking modules, a laboratory module, 3 living modules, and a control module to which a robotic telescopic arm is connected. The space station can accommodate 3 to 5 astronauts, and is equipped with the latest technologies in the aerospace field. The Aether is also equipped with a revolutionary ionization engine, more efficient and faster than normal rocket engines, plus numerous photovoltaic panels for power, a solar panel, and numerous telecommunications antennas on each frequency. The Aether is the strong point of the "Asgard" ecosystem, also consisting of capsules, landers and interplanetary probes, which sees Legoland take man to the Moon and Mars, before the USA.
  2. Here is a new moc presented at a recent lego fan show. Builder, my friend Fabrizio Panini. The work required about three years of design and installation. The number of pieces used is about 170,000 pieces (of which 4,000 are trans-yellow only). Many moving parts. 10 XL motors and 10 custom LED cards were used. We do not know the total weight but we used about 15 kg of Technic pieces. I hope this sharing likes you. I will soon upload more videos on the channel. Good Buildings at All!
  3. MSP

    [MOC] Babylon 5

    Hello everyone. I would like to show you my new MOC of the Babylon 5 space station from the homonymous TV series. It has taken me 7 months to finish it. I started with LDD, changed the scale, changed again the scale , almost give up (twice, at least), finalized the design, bought pieces, discovered LDD does not take into account Gravity Law , redesigned the internal structure and the "tail", bought more pieces, made some minor changes and finally there it was, my own Babylon 5. It is 84 cm. long (33 inches) and it has of 2332 pieces (1904 of them are Plates, Tiles or Cheese Slopes and 270 are various types of Bricks 1x1). I hope you like it: You have greater resolution photos in Picasa and Flickr.
  4. My Lego Space moment is when Lego Brick first meets Outer Space and Classic Space was born. This year is the 40th Anniversary of Classic Space. FLIP the brick over to reveal additional brick and plate pieces that can be combined with the original building bricks to build a Classic Space Station. Both the red and white space minifigs were the first to go into outer space. It is both a commemorative set and a playset. I think this will make a very nice gift set for fans of Classic Space, both young and old. Please vote here if you like the idea. Thanks.
  5. DanDare006

    Star Wars Cloud City 2017/18?

    The Cloud City playset from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Backs… I wanted to design a fun and playable set which would include the ionic scenes from the Empire Strikes Back film. The aim was to create a set that resembles the shape of the cloud city and offers a playable platform like the Death Star play set. I’m a keen Star Wars fan and as Cloud City hasn’t seen a new set since 2003 I thought I would have a go. I hope you enjoy and welcome your creative input into my project. Thanks for your vote…
  6. woofmcmoose

    [M-H03] That's no moon.....

    Location: H03 - Kaalin Tags: Building, Spaceship, Spying 22 Octobrinali 3815, Mantis Postal Station B08-3 Moose: "Yes, my Domination for Dummies has finally arrived!” “Postie: Can I help you?” Moose: "Parcel for Henry Moose, Staff Number Alpha-six-one-four-two-nine-three-seven-papa-two-eight-fi…” “OK! I got it! Geez, most people just use their ID tags… Here you go, thumb print here.” Moose: “Sweet, now to open the box. Hmm, it does look awful big for a book. I bet there’s lots of useful information in there.” Moose: “Wait, what the?!?” Moose: “It looks like some kind of fancy suit.” “Come with me if you want to live” Moose: “Isn’t that a bit melodramatic? Or are we about to be hit by a meteor or something?” “No you idiot, it’s a threat!” Moose: “Oh…I see…well, pretty stranger or death? Hmmm… I guess I’ll come with you.” “Good choice. But one more thing, call me pretty again and you won’t live.” 22 Octobrinali 3815, OTS Deuterium, undisclosed location “Welcome on board the OTS Deuterium, now take off your clothes!” Moose: “What? Right here? …. “And wait, you’re Octan?... this is like one of Alvin’s fantasies.” “I’m not trying to seduce you. Put on the suit. I wasn’t to check there hasn’t been a mistake. By which I mean there has been a big mistake.” “And no….I’m not Octan, I just borrowed one of their ships for a little trip we are about to take to examine their progress on Kaalin.” Moose: “Wait, so I’m a spy?” “No Moose, you are not a spy. You do however, due to an administrative error, own a spy suit.” Moose: “Which makes me a spy?” “Gaaah! Look, these things are extremely expensive as they are custom fitted and contain persuadomatic technology. So either you will become a useful spy, or your contract will be terminated and you will enjoy life in the MANTIS forced labour division.” Moose: “We don’t have a forced labour division!” “No we don’t, just like we don’t have a special operations command or spy corps.” Moose: “Oh. Well I guess I could get used to the life of a spy….” Moose: “Fancy bars….” “No….” Moose: “Martial Arts….” “No….” Moose: “Witty puns…” “No….” Moose: “Hot women….” “NO! That’s not what being a spy is about!” “We are going to jump to Anomaly H03, fly casually toward Kaalin and deliver some cargo to the experimental Prometheus Class Orbital Power Station that Octan have built in orbit.” Moose: “That sounds a lot like my normal job of being a pilot…are you sure this is spying?” “Yes! According to the Hitchhikers guide to Andromeda, spying includes ‘gathering information about another faction’ which is exactly what we are going to be doing. If it wasn’t spying we couldn’t even get to Kaalin, especially if we forgot our spy suits!” 25 Octobrinali 3015, Kaalin geostationary orbit “There she is!” Moose: “Wow, that thing is huge. Sensor suite is online and logging.” Computer analysis: The OPS Prometheus is significantly larger than expected. The solar arrays total 2km in width. The majority of the structure appears to contain the power conversion and transmission equipment. The habitat dome on top is shielded from the sunlight keeping internal temperatures close to those of the tropics of Farmolis. There are two smaller domes which appear to contain hydroponic farms. Switching systems for the power beam appear to be located within the primary radiator array. “Excellent. Now let’s get closer; approach just like I briefed and, whatever you do, don’t get between the station and the planet as the microwave link will fry us instantly.” Octan ATC: “Shuttle approaching O.P.S. Prometheus what is your cargo and destination.” Moose: “Prometheus, OTS Deuterium, we are carrying parts and technical crew for the forest moon.” “You idiot!” Octan ATC: “Deuterium, say again? Did you say forest moon?” Moose: “Negative Prometheus; Cargo is parts, a droid technical crew and four mushrooms.” Octan ATC: “Deuterium, you are cleared to approach, we could use those mushrooms, the cafeteria Bolognese has been pretty bland of late. Proceed on approach route Alpha.” Moose: “Wilco, approach via Alpha.” “I can’t believe that worked. Do something like that again and I’ll shoot you myself.” Moose: “Sorry…..” “Now bring us in past the primary radiator array and I’ll get out. You deliver the cargo then pick me up again on the way back.” Moose: “You’re getting out?” “Yes, just fly casual and act like you belong. The droids will handle the cargo so you shouldn't have to talk to anyone long enough to blow our cover.” Where is Moose’s companion going? Will Moose get away, is it all and elaborate Octan trap? Tune in next time to find out!