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  1. woofmcmoose

    [MOC] Space Hunter

    That's a really cool looking little ship.
  2. woofmcmoose

    [M-F04] The Centurion

    Excellent saucer! It looks just right for spyrius, though reminds me it was the only Spyrius set I didn't have as a kid :( Erm, too late: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=114288
  3. woofmcmoose

    [M - B05] Lost and found

    Location: B05 Anomaly (Marphacia System) Tags: Spaceship MANTIS General Operations Auxiliary Transport Ship Gozanti, E01 Anomaly "Are you absolutely sure about this doc?" "Well, the Flashbulb came back in one piece so we've proven the drive works. Carlson's analysis shows at least 9 potential 4-D exit states including the adjacent sector anomalies. Its just a question of trying the others one by one until we find the signal." "And the drone can't do this because?" "We only pushed the drone into a state of superposition, pushing it into 4D-space collapses the GATE field and we would lose our telemetry link. Both we and the drone wouldn't know where it ended up." "So how do we know where we'll end up?" "We'll figure it out when we get there...." "Ah, the Big Sal approach to science!" "Sir, not to hurry you, but the drive is primed and the more you talk the less keen I am to keep it that way. If we're going to do this lets get it over with." "Ok, on my mark, 3, 2, 1, Engage!" foop! wop! "It worked sir, we're back in real-space." "Hooray! But where in real-space?" "Not sure yet sir, Computer is running star positions against our database now." "Incoming broadwave Sir!" "Let's hear it then!" "Unidentified vessel entering the Marphacia system, this is the Kawashita gunship Fugu, surrender immediately or we will open fire." "Well, that solves the 'where are we?' question." "Sir, gunship is closing fast!" "She's firing!" "Missed, and again!" "Returning fire!" "Noooo." "Dammit, those were warning shots it's standard Kawa protocol, now they'll be coming for us for real!" "Direct hit sir. Only minor hull plating damage but we don't want to take many more of them!" "Right Carlson open a broadwave channel immediately and for gods sake stop shooting!" "Yes sir, sorry sir!" "Fugu, this is the MTS Gozanti. We are on a peaceful scientific mission, cease fire. We are standing down all weapons systems and will comply with all further directions." "MANTIS! What business have you here? Our borders are closed in light of the recent Seperatist attack. All MANTIS shipping movements are to be co-ordinated in advance through the relevant general command office. Your ship has no such approval!" "We are investigating a GATE anomaly. The full details are classified and subject to a co-operation and non-disclosure order between our respective governments. I am transmitting the relevant clearance code now for you to verify the existence of the agreement. "This code, it pertains to the case of the Hasui-Maru." "You are familiar with the case?. "What do you know MANTIS? Where is my Daughter's ship? Where is my daughter?"
  4. woofmcmoose

    [M - B05] Experiment G1B05

    “Moose! Would you care to explain why it has taken you 2 months to get any results on this GATE project when Big Sal has made more progress in just 1 week!"” "Sir? I wasn't aware Big Sal was working on GATE experiments. Surely he can't have achieved anything in such a short time?" “It says right here in his dispatch: Experiment G1B05 a success, stable GATE field achieved and target rendered undetectable as planned."” "Undetectable.....?" Great build Sal, look forward to your next experiments!
  5. woofmcmoose

    [M - E01] A Familiar Face

    Thanks for all the feedback. Sal I love the reaction build! Also credit to Umbra-Mania for first introducing the bagpipe dubstep genre to andromeda http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=116667
  6. woofmcmoose

    [M - E01] A Familiar Face

    It was supposed to be pombie, but who really knows, has she stolen her brothers haircut or he, her clothes? Yep there are 4 power functions leds wired into the accommodation block.
  7. woofmcmoose

    [M - E01] A Familiar Face

    Location: E01 Anomaly (Donwarr System) Tags: Civil Building, Military Building, Spaceship (if you're feeling generous) MANTIS General Operations Auxiliary Transport Ship Gozanti, Maian 12th 3816 Note: This is last weeks build and should not be scored. "Are we ready doc?" "Yes, sir. Datalink with the Flashbulb is nominal and we're pretty sure we have the field equations locked to give us a persistent state of superposition. To 'leave the GATE open' if you will." "Pretty sure?" "Well, as far as we know we are the only people to ever do this on purpose!" "Oh well, lets get this madness under way before I change my mind." "Yes, sir. Initiating GATE field in 3...2...1..." Note: Flashbulb is a previous build and should not be scored. "Telemetry shows superposition is holding. I cant get a good reading on all feasible end states, but it clear the anomaly shares co-ordinates with more than just the adjacent systems' anomalies." "So in which of these 'end states' is our missing ship?" "Impossible to tell at present sir, but I am picking up the broadwave, they are still out there." "Well, what are you waiting for? Patch it in!" "Mayday Mayday Mayday. This is Kaigun-shosa Hoshi of the Haysui-Maru. Navigation and propulsion system failures. Request assistance from any nearby vessel. Salvage costs will be reimbursed by the honorable Kawashita Corporation. Datasquirt of last reliable navigation data to follow along with wakeup codes. We are going into hibernation to preserve remaining life support. Please help...." "Her......?" District 3, The Core, Torresta, Julali 10th 3815 Uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss..... "Hey, where do you think you're going?" "Inside of course! It's not everyday the galaxy's best bagpipe dubstep DJ comes to Torresta!" "You're not going in like that!" "Sorry looks like this may take a while..., I'm not with him by the way...." "I did not presume you were." "Come on my friend! Let me in." "So, what brings you out tonight?" "Not without a shirt! We have a strict dress code." "I am celebrating, I graduated from my officer's course at The Academytoday, tomorrow I return to Kawashita." "What will you do when you return?" "First officer on a cargo ship most likely, hopefully something small and fast." "Hey Brad!" "Go on in Steve." "Whaat! You won't let me in, but a Forringi in dayglo combat armor can just waltz in without paying!" "Buddy, he is the galaxy's number 1 bagpipe dubstep DJ. Now beat it!" "You just wait, one day I'll be CEO..." "Hey is that a neural piloting HUD?" "Yes it is, check it out!" "Sweet, I wish MANTIS would spring for those." "Hey, you two, do you want in or not?" "Apologies, come on .... what was your name again?" "Moose, and yours?" uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss "........" Some time later...... "Come on, there is something I want you to show me." "Erm......" "It's something only a MANTIS employee can." "Erm......" Some time later still...... Flight simulation lab, The Academy, The Core, Torresta, Julali 10th 3815 "I could get in so much trouble letting you in here...." "Ah, but it will be so much fun." Does this spaceship simulator count as a spaceship? "Just load a simple dogfight package, first to five kills, loser buys larvae-dogs." "Ok, lets see ho good you are. Also, lets see how good I am after quite so many Frogma Martinis..." "Hmm, are you sure you're not a spy?" "Of course not. Now less questions, more flying!" "Best of luck...." zzzoooommmm......pewpewpew.....pewpewpew..... Some time much later still..... Visitors accommodation block C, The Academy, The Core, Torresta, Julali 10th 3815 (actually probably early on Julali 11th) "Thankyou for walking me home..." "I don't get how people live in these, there's no privacy." "Don't be such a prude, also, why do you think I got a second floor room!?" "Come on, there is something I want you to show me." "Erm......" "....." "....."
  8. woofmcmoose

    [M - E01] Maian the 4th be with us.

    Thanks for all the positive feedback! I was a bit worried about the interior as it was really one of the last bits of the build. I made an attempt to make the ship at least somewhat liveable for short missions away from the fleet. I spent far to long trying to figure out how to put some bunks in there too; lets just say the crew string up hammocks in the cargo bay!
  9. woofmcmoose

    [M - E01] Maian the 4th be with us.

    Location: E01 Donwarr Tags: Spaceship MANTIS General Operations Auxiliary Transport Ship Gozanti. "Henry Moose, personal log 04 Maian 3816. This is about the craziest thing that could have happened. After the 'minor incident' on the Horizon production of the experimental field coils was tasked to one of our fleet's micro-g factory ships. Whilst Dr Fields when to oversee production, I was left to supervise repairs to the Horizon. The Doc came back, not only with our modified Flashbulb fighter, but with a General Operations Auxiliary Transport. The GOAT has also been modified with the same experimental GATE field generators as the Flashbulb. They expect us to live test it! At least we can try the drone first." Lots of pics and OOC description: Rear turret (play feature- rotating engine turns turret) Landing gear is down in all these shots as I couldn't balance the model otherwise, but it does retract. The business end featuring 3 large Death-RayTM blasters. Interior: Cockpit and 'space toilet': Science, sensor and drone control: Cargo bay: Galley: Engineering and GATE drive core:
  10. woofmcmoose

    [Challenge 4][CAT B] The Academy

    Location: Urban Sector 314, The Core, Torresta Whilst the downtown Core skyline is dominated by the Leone Cor administration building, on the outskirts 'The Academy' is the most prominent landmark. Here, MANTIS recruits, as well as independent students and those sponsored by the other corporations receive training in the full range of skills required to support exploration and exploitation of Andromeda's riches. The Academy consists of two buildings linked by a skybridge over one of The Core's many Lava canals. Alpha tower, on the east bank of the canal, contains the student and faculty accommodation, social and administration areas. Omega tower, on the west bank, contains the training facilities. The floors below the skybridge are for classes open to all students, whilst those above are for restricted courses training MANTIS students and operatives. A sizeable landing pad tops Omega tower and is the only upper floor accessible to non MANTIS personnel.
  11. woofmcmoose

    [M - E01] Progress Report

    Location: E02 Donwarr Tags: Spaceship, Building (Spaceship interior), Spying Mantis Science Vessel Horizon, Materials processing lab. "How's it looking Jane?" "The mix looks fine from up here, the molten awesomnium and mithril are blending nicely." "Ok, lets take another extrusion." “Analysing.... it's no good; the lattice is still wrong." "Dammit. Computer, log mix 34 sequence 5 a failure." "Logged." "Incoming transmission...." "Send it through." “Doctor! Where is Moose? And why has there been no progress with finding the missing ship. I sent you the GATE equipped drone you requested over a month ago. We need results dammit!” "Sir, replicating the alloy used in the Octan GATE drive is more difficult than we anticipated. Our experimental efforts so far have failed so Moose is going to see if we can't find out another way." Mantis Gunship MG Chimera "C'mon B3, find us a target, their fleet is bugging out of the system; we don't have much time." "Sir, Suitable contact found. Transponder pings as the factory ship OCS Merchandise." "Show me." "That will do nicely, moving to intercept." Some time later aboard Octan Factory Ship, OCS Merchandise, Refinery Deck 7 Zzzzzaaapppp! Zzzzzzaaapppp! "Sleep well Octan drones. B3 get in here." "Access the terminal and see if you can find the data we need." "Yes Sir." "Sir, I've found the data. The solution appears to be manufacturing the alloy in zero gravity. The 1g conditions in our lab prevent the desired crystal growth." "Good work, squirt the data direct to the Horizon. Doc are you seeing this?" "Yes, thanks Moose, this is exactly the break we needed. And it was so simple after all; just remove the artificial gravity." “Computer, deactivate artificial gravity." "Nooooooo...." "Deactivating...."
  12. woofmcmoose

    [O - E01] Unmechwarrior

    As a former (un)battletech player I wholeheartedly approve of this build!! Also, great NPU on the wheelbarrow.
  13. woofmcmoose

    [M - F03] Flight test.

    Location: Forring (F03) Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle "Henry Moose, personal log. The Horizon has rejoined the fleet at Lesser Drigo, whilst the modifications of the Flashbulb fighter are underway to begin our gate experiment. In the mean time I have been assigned to test the YF-017 prototypet. So I'm taking it to Forring to provide a little lift and shift help for our current operations." "So far, results are promising. Not only does she look cool, her cockpit looks a bit like our corporate logo. Hmm, maybe I've been in Octan space too long..." "The twin fusion sub-light drives produce a huge amount of thrust." "Which is further enhanced and precisely modulated by the annular accelerators in each exhaust giving excellent throttle response and precise control." "A twin Death Ray BlasterTM turret on top gives excellent protection." "She has the capacity to mount a number of weapons or equipment modules under the fuselage." "Which allows her to act as a drop ship for vehicles so as the MPV-9 Bushpig." "Which is itself a pretty nifty ride." "Notable features include a directional scanner array and a twin tube APHID missile launcher for self-protection."
  14. woofmcmoose

    [M - G02] MFX-9 Flashbulb

    Location: Freegate (G02) Tags: Spaceship Aboard the Mantis Science Vessel Horizon in low orbit. "Ok Doc, what's the plan?" "Command have assigned us an MFX-9 Flashbulb for our little experiment, it has just arrived in system and is en-route." "Wow, I assumed we'd have to scrape by with an old comms drone the way Capt Keynes responded to our request. I've not even seen an OFX-9 before, the Titan never had any GATE equipped drones." "They're an excellent bit of kit sir, get rid on the need to recover fighters before a jump and redeploy afterwards, they allow you to jump into system and full combat readiness." "Armament is 2 light gauss rifles and 2 M-class Death-rayTM Blasters." "Guidance and targeting relies on a QP-7 multi-spectral sensor up front." "And in system propulsion is provided by a C04-N heavy ion drive." "And it will find us the Kawa ship?" "Well sir, our analysis of the data pulled from the OSS Profit revealed it was fitted with an experimental GATE drive. We believe the key to the drive anomaly was the use of a mithril alloy in the primary field motivator." "Mithril?" "Operative Hawk is bringing some up from the surface as we speak. It should be within the capabilities of our materials lab to produce the alloy." "The Flashbulb GATE drive on the MFX-9 should be fairly easy to refit with an alloy motivator then we can begin the experiment." "Excellent!"
  15. woofmcmoose

    [M - E01] Nature's Magic Space Holes

    Location: E01 Anomaly, en route to Donwarr Tags: Building (Spaceship interior), Spying Aboard the Mantis Science Vessel Horizon 05 Marzn 3016 Note: MSV Horizon is a previous build and not to be judged. "Computer begin log entry." "Recording." "Henry Moose, Personal Log 05 Marzn 3816. We are en-route to E01 to rejoin the fleet. Our mission to locate the missing Kawashita ship is ongoing. Last week we tracked the OCS Profit to F02 in the hope we could determine the nature of the GATE field anomaly generated by it's drive core which permitted us to receive the Kawa transmission in the first place. Unfortunately we only found more questions. The profit had apparently crashed on Lesser Drigo and both Octan and we were on the hunt. Thankfully we got there first but only just......" Main Engineering, Wreck of the OCS Profit, Lesser Drigo, 01 Marzn 3816 "Wow this is quite a mess." "Another one! I don't like this sir..." "Don't worry, this ones dead too." "That's rather my point; the whole crew are dead, with nothing left but bones and spacesuits. Anything capable of doing that to a person is not something we want to meet." "Don't worry, our scans showed not other bio-signatures, stay alert though just in case." "I'm always alert Sir!" "Reserve power is still functional. Carlson, get in here, work your magic and see what you can find out." "Yes, Sir!" "Sir, the computer still contains the GATE field analytics from the last 12 jumps, along with the Chief engineer's logs. Shouldn't take too long to break the encryption and copy them to my data pad." "Well, get on it. Rover, this is Moose. We found what we came for, we will return to you shortly." "Roger, you may want to hurry it up. I've picked up a flight of Octan Hawks, inbound. Comm chatter suggests they are on a salvage denial mission. I give you ten minutes before they turn what's left of the Profit into dust." "Carlson, you heard the Doc. Hurry it up!" "Yes Sir." MSV Horizon 05 Marzn 3016 "We made it out just in time. Carlson and the Doc are busy analysing the data we recovered and think we may be able to create the same effect as the Profits drive field. However, given the fate of the Profit I won't risk trying it out with the Horizon, so we are joining up with the fleet to relay our findings and hopefully commandeer a suitable GATE equipped drone ship. In the meantime I am going to study up on the mechanics of GATE travel so I can hopefully understand some of the things Carlson and the Doc are proposing. End log." "Recording Complete." Recreational Room, MSV Horizon 05 Marzn 3016 "Right, Laser Bean Poppers, check. Larvae smoothie, check." "Time to study!" "The Unitron Corporation presents: Gravitational Anomalies; Natures Magic Space Holes!" "Hi, I'm Roy LaFleur. You may remember me from such films as Astroman vs the Olympians" "and Bikini Babes of Ice Planet 2002" "Mr LaFleur?" "Yes Jimmy?" "How does my Mommy work go to work in the Andromeda Galaxy when we live in the Milky Way?" "Well that's easy Jimmy! Mommy just steps through the GATE." "What? Like this one here?" "Yes Jimmy. Except that the street is the Milky Way, this side is Andromeda, and the gate is an n-dimensional singularity which is opened via a Rhumkopf-Brickowski field." "I don't understand?" "Well Jimmy, lets go inside and ask a Scientologist to explain." "Okay!" "Mr Scientologist, how do GATE dives work?" "Well that's quite simple. Do you recall the experiment "Schrodinger's Pig?" "Why yes, the demonstration of the concept that the pig may exist in a quantum state of Superposition, where it can be both dead and alive, until it is measured by opening the box which fixes its state." "Indeed, well we can conduct a similar experiment to demonstrate topological superposition in n-space." "Can we see it?" "Why, of course Jimmy!" "So, we put the pig and the poison in this box." "Poison?" "Of course! Two experiments for the price of one. Demonstrating theoretical physics is not cheap." "Now we close the box" "Now the pig may be dead or alive but we are certain it is in this box, are we not?" "Yes." "Well, let us see. Yes, indeed the pig is here, and indeed we have collapsed its quantum state to the real state of 'alive'" "But how does this explain GATE travel." "Let us close the box again and consider it's location. Now in conventional 4D space-time we have two separate boxes in this room. But what if we consider additional dimensions and extend those boxes along an additional 4 axes in n-space. They do in fact share precisely the same co-ordinates in many dimensions. So there is a possibility that the pig also occupies this box in certain dimensions that we do not normally observe." "But it's in the other box?" "Well yes, to attempt to move it between these boxes in our own measurable 4D space would be impossible, and measuring outside our own 4D realm is also normally impossible. However, the universe has provided a way." "The Gravitational Anomaly." "Exactly, the Gravitational Anomalies are points of intersection where it is possible to both measure and move between conventional 4D space-time and n-space. Quite why such points exist is unclear, some postulate they are points of collision between parallel universes. Regardless the Rhumkopf-Brikowski, or GATE, engine allows us to effectively push a ship into n-space at one anomaly and back into 4D space-time at any other anomaly which shares at least 4 identical n-space co-ordinates." "But what about the piggy?" "So we tip the pig out of our space-time, into n-space and he exists in topological superposition. He may be in both boxes at once! Then we measure him in 4D 'real' space and determine his location. See!" "We have confirmed the pig is in this box, thus collapsing the 4D co-ordinates to this point. We also appear to have collapsed his quantum state to that of being dead." "Waaa!" ...fshhh....plink....plink....fshhss... "Guys! I'm trying to concentrate!" ...fshhh....plink....plink....fshhss... "Yeah, in your face Carlson 3-0!" "Guys!" "Sorry Moose."