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  1. reddx

    Raffle: A Nuisance in Newbury

    Pink one for me as well, thanks. Yes, I do agree, there are some very nice builds among the entries.
  2. reddx

    Raffle: A Nuisance in Newbury

    What am I? A creature of course..
  3. reddx


    These are so fun and nice looking, I went and check out your flicker page. Love the many designs you came up with. Good job.
  4. reddx

    Euclides Sector II

    Classic Space, one of my favourite themes.. Everything is so well thought out here. Love all the detailing. Well done.
  5. reddx

    [MOC] 1989 Batmobile and Batwing Reworked

    Love these for the fact that they are minifig size vehicles and yet captured the source material so well. A lot of the official models I find are just too bulky. But then, can't blame the designers too much as they have to design to a budget and still incorporate play features.
  6. reddx

    [MOC] Pirate Island vs Imperial fort

    This is all so nice. Love all the subtle detailing, the interior as well.. Have bookmark the page for future reference, lol. Lego should think of releasing something similar, an Imperial fort or pirate cove with lots of nooks and crannies to stage minifigs. I am sure fans would love it. All we have been getting so far are small builds and facades.. nothing meaty.. My suggestion would be to build on the last wave and add an item or two (or few) every few years (you don't need to release everything in one wave). If it is going to be another ship, maybe it could be a trading vessel or one from the Orient. Maybe even a village or trading port like in the days of old.
  7. reddx

    [REVIEW] 75810 - The Upside Down

    Excellent review. I too feel Jonathan, Nancy and Steve should be included if this is a one off set.. unless Lego is planning something in the works for Season 3. Like some fans here, I too have to decide between this and the new HP sets coming out. I do hope Lego is listening and will keep both on shelves a little longer, so fans have time to get both.
  8. Excellent review and I like your new scoring system. I like both this and the Ninjago City sets and will definitely be adding them to my collection.
  9. reddx

    [MOC] Hogwarts Castle: The Clock Tower

    Nice work. So much details. I also like how you light up each scene. It adds so much to the atmosphere.
  10. Prize F, Day 9.. Awesome. Thanks CopMike.
  11. reddx

    [MOC] Taikoo Ropeway

    Beautifully executed. So much to see. Good job.
  12. ... Meanwhile somewhere on a street in Agrabah... ... Thank you CopMike for organising the Xmas Raffle, and a Merry Christmas to everyone here on Eurobricks.
  13. My Lego Space moment is when Lego Brick first meets Outer Space and Classic Space was born. This year is the 40th Anniversary of Classic Space. FLIP the brick over to reveal additional brick and plate pieces that can be combined with the original building bricks to build a Classic Space Station. Both the red and white space minifigs were the first to go into outer space. It is both a commemorative set and a playset. I think this will make a very nice gift set for fans of Classic Space, both young and old. Please vote here if you like the idea. Thanks.
  14. reddx

    Gigantic Christmas Village

    So Stunning!! Love it with the lights on (and off.. hehe..). Just perfect!!