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  1. Trioluan will answer the call. Awaiting intel!
  2. Yes. We are waiting for an official answer or, even better, a new version of LDD.
  3. Right click the file and select "Save target as..." or your browser's equivelant. Just a side note, LEGO released LDD version 4.3.12 a few days after I posted my batch file. The new version can be installed without problems (no flash player) BUT the library version (the parts) is OLD!! My suggestion is to stay in 4.3.11
  4. For anyone who wants to install LDD on Windows 10 version 1809 or later, until Lego releases a new LDD version, you can use the custom batch file I've created. What it does, is automatically do the procedure mentioned by yedda_2000 in THIS post. All the necessary files and instructions can be found on my LUGs website :
  5. Just to make things clear, because I am a bit confused. You are taking about stealth missions and how other players respond to them, correct? Can you give us an example?
  6. Thanks for your comments, guys. I used green and yellow color variations under the light and dark bluish 1x1 round bricks to make this effect ;) My time is veeeeery limited but it's good to be back.
  7. Nice one! I like the placement of the crashed cart and the bodies. The vehicle looks great! The red light adds a nice touch!
  8. Trioluan Somewhere on grid G12.... A dead body of a well known man was discovered in the sewer water... The message by BoBKiD206, on Flickr The Message by BoBKiD206, on Flickr The Message by BoBKiD206, on Flickr The Message by BoBKiD206, on Flickr The Message by BoBKiD206, on Flickr The Message by BoBKiD206, on Flickr The Message by BoBKiD206, on Flickr The Message by BoBKiD206, on Flickr The Message by BoBKiD206, on Flickr Fan Fact: There are two versions of this MOC, a GBW edition with the combat minifigs and a... civilian one with two swimmers. Although they both share the same title, they both send a different message. ;)
  9. @TheBeeze, thanks for the info. I'll take Trioluan please.
  10. @TheBeeze, which countries are available? Could you put me in a queue for either Toohati or Swintoc and choose one of the available as a backup?
  11. I'd like to take a new country if possible. (Toohati or Swintoc look great!)
  12. BoBKiD

    Campaign 8- The Space Race - 7/25 - 9/13

    Question: Are ground Space Comm buildings allowed for this campaign or are we limited to air and/or space builds?
  13. BoBKiD

    CP6 - Race to Safety - 3/13/18/18 - 5/7/18

    You mention 16 sites. What are they? Also, from what I understand, each player needs to create a MOC for a particular "site", 16 in total. That means 16 players MINIMUM. Correct?
  14. Question since I am a bit confused: When are we allowed to build side-builds? During the campaign period or at any time?
  15. Thank you for your comments. I totally agree with all of you that the MOC needs more details. The truth is, I had a limited time to complete this and it was built in a single day. Also, I had two major... misfortunes that day! A) I was at about 50% when I realized that I had forgot to install the power functions cables (see hidden photo bellow) and B) only then did I realize that my white bricks are limited to what you see on the MOC and two more ziplock bags. Thanks again for your comments and advice. I really appreciated it!