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    Pirates of Barracuda Bay

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  1. BoBKiD

    GBW Hot Zone: Mission Sign Up

    Requesting "Pirate mission" Bolshaya Zemlya Mission Type: Rescue
  2. BoBKiD

    Great Brick War: Hot Zones- Sign Up Now!

    Tewakamaui North Tahopan : PSIC MINE !!!! 
  3. BoBKiD

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Congratulation, guys! See you all in the next phase!
  4. BoBKiD

    Phase 3 Discussion

    @Dutch Thriceman, I feel you, bro! I am in the military so moving around is in my nature! Haha!
  5. BoBKiD

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Question: Can we use boats to travel by sea using map blocks with no land? (e.g. A1 to A9)
  6. Excellent build with amazing details everywhere. The black background works great for the photos. I need to try it... (and a "Rising Fever" IPA beer as well!)
  7. Wow! Simply, Wow!! The buildings are great, the vehicle is superb, the whole MOC is outstanding!! Well done!
  8. BoBKiD

    [GBW] - Sidebuild - Brotherhood - Tacle

    Nice build with a smart story twist. Who's behind the money transfer? Who were those soldiers? Interesting indeed...
  9. BoBKiD

    [GBW] - Battle for E7 - Brotherhood - Terminal

    One of my favorite CoD maps made with Lego bricks! Sweeeeet! A job well done! Oh, uh....
  10. I didn't even remember I had those until I read your comment! Great build, lots of detail and great soundtrack! Nice!!
  11. Nice build and details! I really like the comic style. It's becoming a cool trend! ;)
  12. BoBKiD

    [GBW] - B1 - Plantasea - The Bunker

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. @ParmBrick their reign of terror(ism) will end soon!! @SATSOK I hope you like the ground! @Dutch Thriceman I was lucky enough to buy the 1x1 round bricks from the LEGO Store in Athens. I managed to buy three large caps and I need at least 4-5 more!! And yeah, you misinterpreted the brown hat guy. It's a tiny room with a desk and a cooking spot, as seen in the following photo: PS. The second part of the story is up!
  13. Location: B1 (Old abandoned bunker) Intel: The leader of a local para-military organization is hiding there. Plantasea forces are ordered to capture and interrogate him. The Bunker - Cartoon - GBW by BoBKiD206, on Flickr The Bunker - Cartoon - GBW (Part 2/2) by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0007_000 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0009_001 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0003_007 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0004_006 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0005_005 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0006_004 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0002_008 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0001_009 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0000_011 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr GBW_Reloaded_B1_0000_010 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr Facts: The squad on the boat is none other than the "April giveaway" gift!! Many thanks to @Eurobricks and of course to @TheBeeze for everything he does for GBW! Contest Time! by thebeeze111, on Flickr
  14. BoBKiD

    April Giveaway!

    Wow!! Thanks everyone! I promise to use the newly "recruited" troops in our fight against those KLR scums!!
  15. BoBKiD

    April Giveaway!

    Congrats @French Man !!