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Found 13 results

  1. LittleJohn

    Amon Hen

    My entry for Round 3 of the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics over on MOCpages. My category this time was Amon Hen. My opponent’s homepage. I really enjoyed this build, and it was fun to do a decent sized landscape again. I was a little apprehensive about having to build so many trees, but they ended up going quite quickly. In total the build took 8 days to complete. A huge thank-you to Graham and Michael for all their support and critiques along the way, I know it wouldn’t have turned out as well without them! Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  2. TheLordOfBricks

    MELO R3: Ithilien

    Hello! This is my entry for Round 3 of the Middle Earth Lego Olympics! My category was Ithilien, so I decided to build the fight between the oliphaunts and the rangers of Ithilien! Linky to MELO... :D So, onto the build: Again, no WIP pictures this time, as I just wanted to chug through this one without any advice... :D This build is roughly 70 x 60 at max with an irregular baseplate, the oliphaunts took around 5 days to build and the landscape took the other 3... (The first 2 days I was still scrambling for what to build...) So yeah, I really went out of my comfort zone for this one, I am not a pro at BBFs, but I really do like these, the heads are actually at a couple different angles off of each other, and the "nets" in the movie are out of lego capes... I hope the judges see that I went out of my comfort zone for this one... :D Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! This was a fun one! Good luck Classical! May the best Ithilien Ranger win! :D C&C Appreciated! To God be the glory!
  3. TheLordOfBricks

    MELO R1: Goblin Town

    Welcome! This is my entry to MELO, it is on a 50 x 30 ish base, and is about 1500 pieces, it is a build of Goblin Town... Enjoy! Linky to MELO on Mocpages... :D This build went pretty quickly, but I had to have a bunch of minor changes, and it fell apart sometimes, along with trying to get an ok looking Brickbuilt Goblin... :D Anyways, here are some pics: Figless: Figs: And as always, WIP pics: So, if you didn't know, Round 1 of MELO is happening, and this is my entry to the contest, the Round 1 category is Poems/Songs, and I chose the Down To Goblin Town: Clap! Snap! the black crack! Grib, grab! Pinch, nab! And down, down to Goblin town You go, my lad! Clash, crash! Crush, smash! Hammer and tongs! Knocker and gongs! Pound, pound, down underground! Ho, ho! my lad! Swish, smack! Whip crack! Batter and beat! Yammer and bleat! Work, work! Nor dare to shirk, While Goblins quaff, and Goblins laugh, Round and round far underground Below, my lad! Good luck to my fellow MELO contestants, this is gonna be a expected and fun journey! (Hooray for bad puns!) :D ;) C&C Appreciated! To God be the glory!
  4. KevFett2011

    MELO Round 1: Treebeard

    Hi guys, here is my first entry for the first round for the MELO 2017. In the first round, we had to build something from a poem or a song.I decided my for the Treebeards Song : In the willow-meads of Tasarinan I walked in the Spring. Ah! the sight and the smell of the Spring in Nantasarion! And I said that was good. I wandered in summer in the elm-woods of Ossiriand. Ah! the light and the music in the Summer by the Seven Rivers of Ossir! And I thought that was best. To the beeches of Neldoreth I came in the Autumn. Ah! the gold and the red and the sighing leaves in the Autumn in Taur-na-neldor! It was more than my desire. To the pine trees upon the highland of Dorthonion I climbed in the winter. Ah! the wind and the whiteness and the black branches of Winter upon Orod-na-Thon! My voice went up and sang in the sky. And now all those lands lie under the wave And I walk in Ambarona, in Tauremorna, in Aldalome, In my own land in the country of Fangorn, Where the roots are long, And the years lie thicker than the leaves in Tauremornalomee Here is a link to the poem: My build shows Treebeard, the leader of the Ents with Pippin and Merry on him. MELO Round 1: Treebeard by KevFett2011, on Flickr MELO Round 1: Treebeard by KevFett2011, on Flickr I hope you like it, let me know ;) Greetings KevFett2011
  5. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Boromir & The Ring

    Boromir & The Ring Back again! For round three of the Middle Earth Lego Olympics over on Mocpages, we were again asked to build a creation based on a character assigned to us; and this time I was given Boromir. I've chosen to construct a creation based on the scene where Boromir is driven mad by the power of the Ring, and attempts to steal it from Frodo--who escapes from him by wearing it. The build is made from the perspective of Frodo while wearing the One Ring. Build Time: 10-12 Hours Enjoy! ~Nemo
  6. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] Frodo's Choice

    This was a back-up entry to the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics on MOCpages. I built it before hand just in case the entry I actually submitted (which you can see here: http://www.eurobrick...00#entry2103221) didn't work out. :) The category is to take a song from the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit movies (this one being "May It Be," which is played during the credits in Fellowship of the Ring) and interpret it into a build. I don't really have thoughts on why I chose this scene, other than the fact that whenever I heard the song, this one always came to mind. :)
  7. My entry for the 2014-2015 Middle Earth Lego Olympics My entry is based on the game Middle Earth; Shadow of Mordor In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, you take on the role of Talion, a valiant ranger whose family is slain the night Sauron and his army return to Mordor, moments before his own life is taken. Resurrected by a spirit of vengeance and empowered with Wraith abilities, Talion ventures into Mordor and vows to destroy those who have wronged him. Through the course of Talion's personal vendetta, he uncovers the truth of the spirit that compels him, he learns the origins of the Rings of Power and ultimately confronts his true nemesis. Hope you guys enjoy :)
  8. Graham Gidman

    Edge of Night

    My entry to Round 1 of the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics over on MOCpages. The category is to take a song from the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit movies, my choice being "Edge of Night," performed by Billy Boyd (Pippin) in Return of the King, and interpret it into a build. :)
  9. Legopard

    [MOC] Lady of Lórien

    Hello The MELO goes in the second Round. And here is my entry to the given quote: "Your quest runs on the edge of a knife, stray but a little, and it will fail." I took the opportunity to try my hands on a iconic Lothlorien treehouse with the typical elvish architecture. More pictures of the scene on MOCpages Jonas.
  10. mpoh98

    Balins Tomb

    Hello All, Here is my entry into the Middle Earth Lego OIympics over on Mocpages. Barad Dur Bracket: Category: "A shadow lurks in the dark. We cannot get out...they are coming." I am facing the very talented opponent Josh Walter, and his amazing entry. Man, I have to stop with these last minute entries, they are robbing me of all my sleep. :P So this was built in around 3 hours, I did not get as much detail as I wanted, but I am alright with it. So this is a creation from both my imagination and from the movie. The lines in the floor, and some of the minifigs were all from my imagination, but the rest I tried to stay true to the movie. Enjoy! Artistic Photo, no photoshop! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  11. Jacob Nion

    [MOC] Flies and Spiders

    Hey guys, here's my entry for MELO round 5. Semi finals! Category was "flies and spiders". Thanks for looking!
  12. After reaching Round 4 of mocpages MELO (may you remember my "last march of treebeard") my new category was "Mount Doom". You probably saw the fantastic entry of my opponent matthew oh. The judges already made their decision and gave me the privilege of marching in round 5, the semi finals. It was a very tough round against matthew and I want to pay tribute to his great entries. But now enjoy the pics: Thank you for looking!
  13. mpoh98

    MELO R4: Mount Doom

    My entry into the Middle Earth Lego Olympics Round 4! Enjoy! Category: Mount Doom The climax of the quest! A volcano, nine-fingers, and the end of "the Precious". Make every brick count! I decided to get as close to the movie as my pieces would allow, with my imagination taking over every now and then. :D I had basically 1 day to build this entry, since I was waiting for some pieces. Thanks for viewing, and best of luck Jacob! I decided to do an irregular baseplate, and I think it turned out well! I might do more of them in the future. :D This is one of my favorite creations so far, even though it was a rushed entry, since the MocAthalon has arrived. Of course, I had to include a playability, as you will see.... I also made my build playable! With a slight push, the cliff falls away! Thanks for viewing, and Sol Deo Gloria!