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Found 13 results

  1. mpoh98

    The Hermit's Hut

    Another free build for Classic-Castle. Enjoy!
  2. Bentoft

    CCCX - Toberg Library

    My second entry for CCCX at classic castle: Toberg Library by bentoft, on Flickr Toberg Library by bentoft, on Flickr Toberg Library by bentoft, on Flickr
  3. Legonardo

    Watching the border

    the border between Avalonia and the surrounding guilds is well guarded. here is one of the smaller entries to the western grasslands from mitagardia going though lindinis. enjoy!
  4. In the midst of the Mirkwood forest runs an enchanted stream closely guarded by elves that protect and repel any unwarranted visitors. These elven guards patrol not only the forest floor, but also the canopy with their uncanny ability to leap from tree top to tree top. Entry to the CCCX contest for the Forest Life category. AC
  5. This is an entry for CCCX-Classic Set Re-imagined category. I took #1596 Ghostly Hideout and redid it as I would like to see it today! It still has one renegade, a ghost and a bird as advertised before!
  6. An active Viking whaling outpost processing the recent catch has attracted some unwarranted attention from an airborne predator. AC
  7. ACPin

    Huntsman Shrine

    The legendary exploits of the huntsman are forever enshrined in his memory. AC
  8. Mark of Falworth

    CCCX Knight's Challenge Redux

    My first entry to the Classic set Re-imagined Category of the CCCX. __________________ So, I was searching around for a good set to remake, and I came across "Knight's Challenge 6060" I knew I had found it. Though I have never got my hands on a copy, I consider this set a Classic among Classics. :) Reference photo via
  9. Artizan

    MOC-Sea Serpent

    CCCX- Classic set re-imagined entry. The infamous battle ship of the Black Knight faction returns to seas!
  10. Here are some custom figures I made for this years Classic Castle CCCX contest: The Royal Knight (fantasy) and The Minstrel (realistic) For the figs I have mostly used Lego parts that I have customised. On the royal knight I have also used Brickwarriors and Brickforge accessories. Occelot, the Royal Knight Gilbert the Wandering Minstrel Thanks for watching Some C & C would be welcome, what do you guys think, what could be done better, ASO
  11. Mark of Falworth

    Zuriel Castle

    More views on Flickr. In the delta of the Khos river stands Zuriel Castle, which guards the mouth of the river that brings life to the heart of the deserts of Loreos. Having successfully withstood all attacks launched against it by formidable foes, it stands as a bulwark against the enemies of the Desert Prince. For the Glory of Loreos! _____________________ Well, this was certainly a stretch to say the least. The irregular rockwork was pretty challenging, but building a castle on top of irregular rockwork was very difficult. Thankfully it all came together nicely, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. This is my first entry to the Tudor Castle category of the CCCX Thanks for viewing, and have a great day!!
  12. I made this for the Daring Escape category in the CCC (colossal castle contest). Inspired by DC, Sirens-of-Titan and LL. Robert has finally been captured and put into prison. His partner in crime, Louie, quickly digs a tunnel for him to escape. Afterwards they rob a wealthy merchant and are making off with their loot, but the how far will they get with it? Any C&C welcome
  13. Mark of Falworth

    CCCX Avalanche at Deadman's Gorge

    Built for the CCCX. Three merchants by the names of Laurence, Watkins, and Ellerbee, were traveling to the city of Lyme by way of the high road. However, when stopping at a local inn, they were informed that a hostile army had camped on the road ahead. Dismayed by this information they inquired if any other route was to be taken on the way to Lyme. After hearing several different and ridiculous options, and consulting their map, they decided to take the trail through Deadman's Gorge... They later regretted their Ill-Advised Journey. _________________________________________ This is my first entry to the "An Ill Advised Journey" Category. This build is inspired by many great builders around the community. It's been a great first year guys! Thanks so much! Have a great day!