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Found 3 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* While CorSec was busy on Vanik, their allies, the Bothans, were having meetings of their own. Since smuggler and cartel business was on the rise, the Bothans knew they needed more eyes around the galaxy. Every since their now famous role in taking down a Death Star, the Bothans had a hard time acting as spies. By partnering with the Kubaz, they hoped to gather more intel that could help CorSec and the New Republic.
  2. Please judge this freebuild. _____________________ During a deceptive period of cease-fire between the Alliance's and imperial forces around the sector, Jacob Nion uses his time to renovate the SoroSuub Luxury Yacht he had found during the evacuation of Cloud City long ago. The endless junkyards of Nar Eurbrikka provide enough spare parts. And it's a good opportunity to meet again an old friend. And some shots of the ship Sadly there's still pure emptyness. Simply because I have no idea what I could install inside. So, finally. After a long time I'm glad to return to SoNE. I had the Yacht finished for a while now, but didn't want to post it until I would have got better photo equipment. And then there was a different rpg on eurobricks... but here it is! When I did my first Luxury Yacht for the very first episode of SoNE, I fell in love with this ship class. And I really wanted to improve it. You can compare the model to the original in the wookieepedia article Thanks for having a look! And man, it's good to be back on Star Wars!
  3. Jacob Nion

    [SoNE] The Junkyard

    This is part II of my story. If you like, have a look at part I (link) I would like to have this one judged. Jacob's story Part II: strange meeting at the junkyard After escaping the imperial mining installation Jacob arrives at one of the countless junkyards on Nar Eurbrikka, rusty witnesses of the galaxy's industrial lavishness and technical progress. At this inhospitable place he will have a fateful encounter... "Hello there. On the run?" "Indeed. What about you? I wouldn't have guessed to find someone both organic and sentient out here." "And I didn't expect a visitor. Well, you are the first in more than twenty years. I once was called Hunter." "Jacob, pleased to meet you. You lived here alone for two decades in this garbage? The only plausible reason for this self inflicted exile would be to have the full attention of the empire." "Oh no. I don't consider myself to be that important. Unless the Empire still wants this ancient piece of scrap back." "An Alpha-3 Nimbus! Can't believe it! And it's in catastrophic condition." "Pipe down! It's not as impressive as it was. But I spent the last 20 years keeping it in good repair. Nevermind. You seem to know a thing or two of such vessels. Do you fly?" "Yes, I once was a pilot. In a former life. You were a pilot during these clone wars, right? "Right. See, I'm much like this junk around you. Produced for war, then thrown away when war was over. Now I'm weighed down by age acceleration and the poisoned air of this junkyard." "So you are maybe the last living clone! But how did you get here?" "After the fall of the Republic, most of my brothers served the Empire without a doubt. That was the only thing we knew. We were reared to be soldiers. To obey every order we may conceive. But for all that I suddenly made my decision. I ran away. Oh, and I wasn't alone at all. That's my old Astromech. My only true friend, R2-W7, but I call him Wilson." "1001001010001" "Don't feel offended, but why would you do that? Leaving everything behind and live in this junk? I thought clones were loyal." "Because I knew what freedom means, unlike most over clones. Maybe it's a thing only a pilot can understand...But for now I guess you need a ship. Wanna take my old V-Wing? You can also have my old flight suit." "And you should take Wilson with you. He has proven himself in many battles. And he's a very interesting droid to talk to." "01001001000100101" "I know, Will. I will miss you, too. But unlike me, your time hasn't come yet. I believe there's still something to do for you. Any idea where to go now?" "Not really. I think at first I'll just enjoy flying again. After all these years." "Yes, that's a funny thing to do. But you will have to choose a destination. If possible a destination that doesn't need a hyperjump. And more important, you'll have to find something that's worth flying for." "Let me guess: freedom? Fighting the Empire? Shall I crush the whole imperial fleet with your invincible oldtimer? That's pointless. I thank you very much, but I can't change the system." "Perky idiot!That's the most stupid crap I ever heard. Of course one pilot can change everything! At war, when whole armies weren't able to enforce a planet, one pilot on the right mission could turn the tide. Look: the only freedom I could claim was on this junkyard. But you could reach so much more. Even on this trashyard I heard rumours of this Rebellion. I'm sure they could need a guy like you." "*sigh* I keep it in mind. Good bye, old oddball. Thank you." "And if you ever meet a surviving Jedi...tell him that not all of us just obeyed order 66. Some were strong enough. And Wilson: I'm sorry! I'm sorry Wilson!" ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Over all: