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Found 9 results

  1. Somewhere in the midst of the Brick Seas... One will find a place where parrots, monkeys, sea rats and traders all live together in harmony under the protection of the code [more of a guideline really] ; Captain K; Hey! How come we never find any hidden treasures anymore and never take anyone's ship! I thought we were signing up to the pirate faction? We had more fun taking bluecoat-booty during the Terraversan war. Lothario Fraunces; We are sea rats; and you lot signed up to the Fraunces command. Therefore, take notice: we are more than mere unintelligent sea-robbers, we gather & build, we store & we trade; it is called capitalism! Pure and simple. See it as upgraded stealing! Did none of ye read Smith? Lefeau; 'Who?' Lothario Fraunces; Silence you unwashed baboon! Now gather round and hear us out; I believe New Nassau to be the perfect place to enhance our operations around these waters. The seas are bubbling with war and the supply steams grow greater everyday. If we can't overprice our goods to needy colonist, another warring faction will bid even more for our mostly fair-begotten booty. With all the employed Sea Rats gathered, Fraunces enlightened his henchmen on how to proceed. The meeting was held deep under the fortress, in his personal wine cellar. This is also the place where the most valuable goods are stored safe behind bars.. The fortress on top serves as a fortified Sea Rat trading hub and black market exchange site, strategically build between the Sereen Cay and the secret rovers hideout in the new seas, Black Rock. On top of the old rudder of the sunken Octopus I, plans are drafted to take advantage of the seas while the other factions wage war against more uninteresting factions. Suddenly; a crackling sound disturbs the marketing-pitch; Pirate Lefeau; 'Why is that wall moving? Who's there?' Lothario Fraunces; That's a small trick of ours. This fortress is via a secret cave network connected to all our mayor hubs in this town. In case of an attack you know, or if we need to move peculiar items around.. So don't hang it on the high clock! Captain K, I believe this is one of your crewmates just arriving now from the docks bringing my long-awaited invitation to join the Sea Rat of the Year Award in 623! This fortress is of commercial interest to the Fraunces Family; it is a long awaited house for serious trade for the free merchants who are passing through. The builders where compensated for their troubles with double rations of grog. The result is most impressive: The El Barro Fortress: rum barrels from all winds being brought in, musicians come and play in the central square, high-dining on top of the entrance tower, the Sea Rat flag waiving smoothly in the wind, all a buccaneer can ask for. More pictures here matey; And yes, ofcourse heavily influenced by a childhood favorite: the famous bluecoat Eldorado Fortress. Hope you like my pirate-adaptation.
  2. This model was heavily inspired by the 2014 original eight-studs wide Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (set 21108) and a convertible MOD of that set I found on Rebrickable. I've been kicking this model around in my head since early September in several colors, (black, blue, dark gray, and red were among those considered) but green is the one I finally settled on. Instead of a late-50's Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance, it's now based on the (very similar) '59 Cadillac Eldorado. In the changeover, I added a hardtop (removable) roof, mirrors, and 1/2-stud offset side-by-side seating for two (with a third seat in the back row). I also changed around the wheels. I thought about putting a spare tire back here, but it proved to look stupid no matter what I did, so I left it off. The roof and rear windscreen are only connected by a few studs, making them removable. The car easily seats three figures total. Here is the original set 21108 I was inspired by, Ghostbuster Ecto-1 from 2014. Thoughts? EDIT 1/4/23: Real life photos added of finished model. Thoughts anybody?
  3. This model was heavily inspired by the 2014 original eight-studs wide Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (set 21108) and a MOD of that set I found on Rebrickable. Instead of a late-50's Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance, it's now based on the (very similar) '59 Cadillac Eldorado. In the changeover, I added a hardtop (removable) roof, different mirrors, 1/2-stud offset side-by-side seating for two, and opening doors. I also changed around the wheels to be less stressful to assemble compared to the original 2014 set. Rear view, with driver's side door opened up. The opening doors were taken from the Ecto-1 and 2 (set 75828) from 2016. The roof is only connected by two studs, making it easily removable. The car seats two figures easily. I plan on getting one of these in real life in a different color sometime in the near future, probably soon after Emmet's house parts arrive from Bricklink. Got any thoughts comments, or questions? Leave 'em below!
  4. As a kid, drooling over the early 90's Lego catalogues, I imagined the Eldorado Fortress as having a vast complex of dungeons and storage rooms inside that large raised baseplate. Before heading off to the Dark Ages of college, I had been thinking about building a huge imperial fortress. To allow access to the interior, it would have to fold open. So, when I started building again a couple of years ago, this project was first on my list. The fort, situated on a hollowed out rock (because bluecoats apparently are incredibly crafy engineers). The rear provides access to the interior. Most openings are large enough for a humand hand. The sides of the fort come off... provide total access to the interior. I really enjoyed the challenge of building this largest building I had ever built, thanks to excess time and my discovery of bricklink. But during the build I discovered I had little inspiration to create a nice and detailed interior. And, looking back, my skills were really basic. Oh well, at least it has some cool play features.... A large set of doors is built into the rocks at the front of the cliffside... ...allowing access for small boats to the little docking area inside. Once offloaded, supplies can be hoisted through several floors to the storage room, using a crane. On the other side of the fortress, the small windows of the dungeons can be seen. But it would be hard to place a minifig in them through the prison doors on the inside... the dungeon outer wall just comes off, revealing the interior. Most of the interior is just... empy rooms and hallways... but you can spot the bunk beds, dungeons and governor's office. The dining room The armory The rotatable 48-pounder. The fine men of the classic bluecoat army. This has been an excellent study in large scale building, and it has taught me that I really need to pay more attention to interior detail. Since then, I have built some classic castle things, but for now, I'll stick to sci-fi, there's a lot more freedom when it comes to detailing. More pictures in the brickshelf folder here http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=535371 Thanks for viewing, and victory to the bluecoats! (..since I don't have any redcoats)
  5. Here's my new MOC, a Model Team Cadillac Eldorado. I built the bottom of this (it's built upside-down) a year ago but put it aside because I couldn't get a studs-up chassis on it in a way that was solid and rigid enough to support the car. But now I finished it, and it's rigid: Some pics with the top down: And everything opens: The bottom is built studs-down because I hate the look of tubes from the bottom of plates, and I wanted to add the necessary details to the bottom as well: The yellow thing in this picture is to support it by the sides, because the roof isn't strong enough to support it upside down. I should try to fix that, but the main reason is that the front of the roof isn't attached to the windshield because of the convertible option:
  6. Bricks Planet

    VIDEO Review: 6276 Eldorado Fortress

    Stop Motion review of 6276 Eldorado Fortress Year: 1989 Pieces: 506 Minifigures: 8 Brickset Bricklink Peeron
  7. PeroTheLegoman

    El Dorado 6276

    Hello everybody, I 'll try to present myself as a classic lego sets fan by using this not that hugely modified El Dorado classic pirates set. The goal was to keep much of the charm of the classic sets and creating the atmosphere of those old style lego catalouges. Hope you 'll like it guys :) This is it, a small port town with its pier, tavern, fort, small mansion and a beach with gold digging pirates: A few close-ups And another shot with my redention of the anchored Caribbean Clipper in the forefront Please do give me suggestions and comments since I'm new at this!
  8. absolutelylez

    MOD: Eldorado Fortress

    Hello all, Here's my MOD of the Eldorado Fortress. Combined Sabre Island with Dolphin Point to make this improved Fortress, with a tall watch tower. Improvements made to still look like an official Lego set. Hope you like it! C and C welcome :) Overview The Tower Courtyard
  9. [pid][/pid] 244D Hello everyone! It's kind of crazy to think about it but it have been 2 years since my last pirate MOC was uploaded to this awesome forum. Of some strange reason I haven't built any pirate related stuff until a couple of weeks back when I woke up one morning and just felt that it was time, time to bring life to my beloved pirate collection. Best. Decision. So.Far. The first place I went to was of course Classic Pirates for some inspiration, another great decison After just 15 minutes of lurking around on the forum I was motivated enough to start the building process, and then I realized I had not decided what to build yet After another fifteen minutes or so lurking around on Brickset I decided that I wantet to make the Eldorado Fortress! I had a blast putting it together. Especially since it uses a bunch of different colors that I'am not used to use in MOCs. Neither could I use many modern technics since I wanted to keep the classic feel of it. For more picture please visit my Brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=540241 P.S I turned 17 last Tuesday so you better wish me happy birthday