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  1. That would be absolutely fine with me
  2. Oh btw, since we are fast getting close to the event. What will be this year's building challenge?
  3. Thanks for finding a place to stay! I am fine with a double bed room (21€ more for LEGO ) and I can share with anyone.
  4. hmmm maybe we should look out for these ones: they seem to include a group of 5 afols for sure.
  5. Just for clarification so I can hand in my vacation request: we would arrive Thursday midday or evening the 11th of April and leave Sunday morning, midday or evening the 14th of April? Is that correct?
  6. Do you think that it would work for us as adult. The voucher sais "family" but also "(4 Persons)" so I am not sure... But would be a good deal again
  7. Oh noooo! I hope you will still be able to make it somehow...
  8. Skalldyr

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Mine arrived too! thank you so much CopMike for organising all this!
  9. Skalldyr

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    I got a package too just after watching the LEGO-Movie 2 and feeling the urge to build something I found the package from sweden in front of my door. Thank you very very much CopMike!
  10. Living only 1,5 hours away I am sooo in for that date and location!! Amazing changes since I would not have made it to Windsor. Also like last time in Germany: If you two need help with some orga stuff tell me and I will see if I can help you out
  11. Fantastic review as always! I love that you showed all the spare parts too. Great to see them return after so many years!
  12. Skalldyr

    The Car Wash

    Welcome to Eurobricks paokus! That Car Wash is super nice. I love all the little deatils and especially the overall curves of the building! Beside that great guitar I really like the car and the car wash sign. They both look like some clever builds! Keep it up and enjoy your time here at Eurobricks
  13. Skalldyr

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Wow, my Santa was featured on the calendar. I feel very honored. It is always a lot of joy to see all the great builds each day and now that I saw my own build on day 14. It was even a little more joy. I wish you all a beautiful advent time.
  14. Skalldyr

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    WOW there are so many super creative and beautiful builds in here! I am a little speachless. As every year it is great fun seeing all the amazing ideas people come up with. Since I am in a little hurry and just moved all my LEGO is still packed in boxes... so I just threw together a small build with an old wooden LEGO-Box.
  15. Skalldyr

    MOC: The Yellow Castle

    I just saw your build now... I have to say it is truly amazing!! The mixture of nice building techniques, a good arrangement and the classic feel make it stand out
  16. Skalldyr

    71043 Hogwarts™ Castle

    What a beauty! And 27 Nanofigs!!! I somehow need to make sure to get them. Even tho 400€ is a little bit too much for me right now But 6000 pieces sounds like an awesome build!
  17. Thanks! It was a bit of a challenge to get all the working functions in the car but in the end it was not toooo hard. And yes so I think saying that the Creator Car could not be rounder and more accurate looking because of all the features, as a lot of people say, is a way of thinking that I think is wrong. It would have been totally possible and I plan on buying the car and mod it!
  18. Hello all together! A month ago I promised a freind of mine that I would build something for the Orient Expedition Contest over on Roguebricks. So I did! And I also wanted to share it with you all here on Eurobricks too: After Johnny Thunder and his friends had arrived in India, they were just on their way into the enchanted jungle. As a journalist, Pippin, beside the search for the treasure of Marco Polo, also wanted to take pictures of the flora and fauna with their new Camera to present them after their return to Europe. Dr. Kilroy instead wanted not only cinematographic but living examples, especially of rare butterflies. Their companion was Babloo, a young Indian. He knew all the jungle and the overgrown paths in it. So the four friends along with Pippins dog "Indi" and Babloos monkeys started their adventure. The group had to stop at a beautiful idyllic waterfall. Puppin sets up her camera and Dr. Kilroy climbed with Babloo's help, loaded with boxes and bags full of specimens and equipment to the top of the Waterfall to catch butterflies and dragonflies. But suddenly a noise broke through the air. It was the shouting of monkeys who had snatched Pippin's camera and taken it to the tops of the trees. Pippin and Johnny Thunder started to laugh because of the absurdity of the spectacle. Babloo just headed downhill to help his new friends, as he discovered something that let him freeze: He spotted the evil guards of the Scorpion Palace on the other side of the waterfall. Worse, it was obvious that it they had discovered Johnny and Pippin. One of the guards was already aiming his rifle towards Johnny and luckily the path of the bullet was blocked by a tree hanging over the waterfall. Farther up, at the top of the waterfall, the situation became dramatic too. The boat of Maharaja Lallu was nearly falling down the waterfall, but was kept in place by one of the guards on the shore. The shake on landing woke up Lord Sinister in the back of the boat. He was waking up from his nap and could not believe his eyes. There, on the other bank standing on a stone was Dr. Kilroy. Lord Sinister pulled himself up and quickly pulled his revolver but could not concentrate on aiming because Maharaja Lallu was cursing annoyingly. How will our heroes escape these dangerous situations? (Sadly I only have my mobile here to take pictures so the quali is not that great...) Inspired by Mark of Falworth - The Temple of the Twin Jaguars Also bonus pics of the figures: I hope you enjoy what you see. Best Skalldyr
  19. Such an amazing review again! I really love all your super useful pictures in suer high quality. I think there are so many nice parts in there. And even the new legs!! Even tho my favorit new part will probably be the tea cup combination. Thank you Whitefang for this great review
  20. I have my biggest problem with this set with the grill... on the real car there is just one big grill. No metal visible. And this set has a very big bulky looking metal frame around the grill which in my opinion makes it look absolutely odd. The rest I think is fine for me if the front would be not as it is now.
  21. Awesome review Jim! Was a very entertaining read and even tho I already knew your little crash "landing" story I was pretty shocked when I saw the picture. Glad you had fun getting it back in shape As for the display there is absolutely no doubt that it looks totally awesome!!! Now I really have a craving for a Falcon my own. But one question remains: Did you and @Kitty agreed on putting it in the livingroom
  22. Skalldyr

    Action Theme Forum and You!

    I think it is always a problem if super old Mocs get bumped up but on the other hand an index is always a very handy thing to have. Plus if a Moc is so good that people want to comment it may be relevant and has its place between the new topics. But there is maybe a better solution that I can not think of by now. As for tags I think they can speak for themself in most cases. If it would be super unclear a explanation can be also given later.
  23. Thanks again guys! I am glad you like it Thanks mate! Sadly I did not include a hypno-tree...
  24. As I already said: I really love your style and all the little builds! Very nice to see it also here on Eurobricks
  25. Again, thank you all! I see Johnny Thunder is missed by a lot of people... oh the sweet nostalgia @WesternOutlaw Awesome idea to combine Indiana Jones and adventurers. That ship in the middle is one of my favorite Johnny Thunder sets that I own!