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  1. Dan-147

    Lego trains lenght

    All my railcars are designed to negociate regular LEGO curve, including this one (Gunderson Twin-stack Container car). On a related note, I've been wondering on which site I could host my various instructions so that they would be easily accessible. They were hosted on the Railbricks site but this site has been down for quite a while. I want to update some of my models to make use of some newer parts that have appeared since they were originally made. If anyone knows of a site that fits the bill, let me know.
  2. Dan-147

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    The small volume manufacturer you're talking about is NorthWest Short Line nwsl.com. One of their O-gauge wheels is an almost exact match for the standatd LEGO wheel. Dan-147
  3. Dan-147

    Lego trains lenght

    True that the curves are very sharp. However, you can usually MOC your train cars so that they can take the LEGO curves. Sometimes they can look pretty silly as shown below (my 5 unit articulated double-stack container car) That is why I'm seriously looking at 3rd party tracks, such as Bricktracks R120 curves. Dan-147
  4. Dan-147

    Trains in the garden ?

    I would definitely like to see more of your outdoor layout. I've been hoping to eventually do something simuler even if we only have about 6 months of usable weather. Dan-147
  5. Dan-147

    2018 Lego Trains

    If you were LEGO would you say no to Star Wars?
  6. Hate to say this but... This is LEGO. It's supposed to be a kid's toy. As long as the kid doesn't put the bricks in her mouth, everything's fine. Just document your build with LDraw, LDD or Stud.io so you can rebuild it after. I know this is hard for us AFOLs but the beauty of LEGO is that it can be put together after it is smashed. Dan-147
  7. I tend to use 2 x 8 technic plates with holes with 5 or 6 jumper plates on top. I model North American freight diesel-electric locos that tend to have large frames so the thickness of the part isn't so much of a problem. The rest of the frame is composed of long 2 x n plates with plenty of 2 x 3 plates used as cross-members. This uses a suprisingly large amount of parts but it does make for a pretty stiff frame! Dan-147
  8. Dan-147

    2017 Lego Trains

    Sorry to disappoint you but I remember that the sales of the 10001 rerelease of the Metroliner in 2001 did not skyrocket. I actually bought mine heavily discounted at the end of it's run (I had missed out with the original one on initial release). As you can see from my signiture, I ended up modifying it to go with become my VIA Rail consist. The loco is a recolored and slightly modernized version of the Santa Fe F-unit (Power-function powered). I still have a baggage car to make with the parts that are left but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Dan-147
  9. Dan-147

    WIP - DM&IR Yellowstone

    The one I'd like instructions for is the Dreyfuss NYC Hudson. Anthony, you wouldn't happen to be making those instructions to sell, would you? Dan-147
  10. Dan-147

    Not dedicated

    You can blame the lukewarm sales of train related products over the years for their low diversity. Like almost all companies, LEGO is in the business of making money and will therefore concentrate on products that sell very well (such as Bionicles) even if certain customers (like me) don't care for them. Contrary to what some think, LEGO train fans are not LEGO's most important customers. It would seem to be kids from 4 to 12 years old (and their parents, grand-parents, uncles, aunts, etc. who buy LEGO for the kids) that are the biggest cumsumers of LEGO products. The fact that there is always at least 2 or 3 train sets as well as the occasional station available tells me that LEGO does care about trains. Add to that the fact that some small companies (such as ME-Models) are making train related LEGO compatible products. The future of the hobby is more towards the custom MOCs and layouts and in that perspective, LEGO is providing the necessary parts (wheels, motors, train baseplates, couplers and track) to keep us going. Check out some of the great MOCs some AFOLs are making if you are looking for new and exciting offerings! Dan-147
  11. Dan-147

    Basic question regarding Lego track

    Glad it could help. A write-up about LEGO trains for Classic Toy Trains would be really cool, by the way. If you decide to write something and need any help, I would be willing to help. I'm sure that there might be other members that might like to also help. Dan-147
  12. Dan-147

    Basic question regarding Lego track

    The radius of the curves is 40 studs. One stud equals 8mm which works out to 320mm or about 12.6 inches. The diameter would be about 25.2 inches (yes, it is quite tight!). If you want larger radius curves you will not find them from LEGO. ME-Models, a small independant specialty company, has recently started making larger radius curves: R56 448mm 17.64 inches 35.28 inches diameter R72 576mm 22.68 inches 45.35 inches diameter R88 704mm 27.72 inches 55.43 inches diameter R104 832mm 32.75 inches 65.51 inches diameter If interested, check out their web site me-models.com The straight tracks are 16 studs long x 8mm/stud = 128mm or 5.04 inches ME-Models also sell straight tracks as well as half length (8 studs) and double length (32 studs) straight tracks. Dan-147
  13. Dan-147

    2016 Lego trains

    It is the 31054... Dan-147
  14. I display my modulars in Billy bookcases. It is too tight by a little less than 1 stud. Since there is one corner module for every two straight modules, I reduced the width of the corner baseplate. Since I didn't want to cut up a rare baseplate I dug out some cheaper 16 x 32 stud baseplates in a horrible but not rare light blue that I reduced to 15 x 32 studs. Fits very well. (I put the original baseplates safely away with the extra light bluish gray tiles) Dan-147
  15. I was afraid of that, though not at all surprised. You have to admit that regular non-LEGO G-gauge cars and locos are also quite expensive. I'm just curious as to how the cost of these components in LEGO compares with the cost of regular G-gauge components. Dan-147