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  1. Mr Hobbles

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Yeah, actually that’s possible without any BLE feedback. The Technic/SPIKE/Boost motors are capable of their own speed regulation, watching rotations and increasing/decreasing its own power usage appropriately. I don’t think that’s what’s happening here however. Really low speeds cause the motor to buzz rather than move, suggesting non regulation of power to maintaining speed. So its likely just the good old fashioned power mode rather than speed. Really it’s not doing anything different than the train motor here. The train motor is also capable of 100 speed increments, but LEGO chooses not to use them, instead increasing in increments of 10. Here though they’ve seemingly opted for increments of 1. It’s true, this one is just a bit nicer. :) Personally I’ll still be using the handheld physical remote with the app.
  2. Mr Hobbles

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Yep, that’s all correct. :) I imagine it looking for attach messages with a device ID matching that of the Technic L motor. So it doesn’t care what port it’s on.
  3. Mr Hobbles

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Only the train motor and basic motor (dumb devices) use resistors for identification. The rest are “smart” devices that use a UART serial protocol to exchange information. They typically have for me, I’ve received packages with GWP’s alone. Here in the US at least.
  4. Mr Hobbles

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    That seems to me to be exactly what's going on. I can only assume it does it this way so it can autodetect the port the motor is attached to, rather than them fixing the port. They look for _any_ port that has that motor attached to it.
  5. Mr Hobbles

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Just got a shipping notification for mine, woop! Looks like I got in before it became backordered. You never know, they might have only made 50 of them worldwide. :p
  6. Mr Hobbles

    Automation solutions

    My solution is a pure Lego solution, using a Raspberry Pi (or any computer, also my MacBook Pro) as the brains. * I use a LEGO Dacta Control Lab (Interface B) to control 9v components - Power Functions LED lights (for signals), Power Functions LED motors (for switches), and a 9v track wire to control 9v trains. This is plugged into the Raspberry Pi via a USB-Serial cable. * I use the Raspberry Pi's onboard Bluetooth to control Powered Up trains. * I use LEGO Education WeDo 1.0 hubs and the WeDo 1.0 distance sensor to detect trains. The hubs are also plugged into the Raspberry Pi via USB. (I could also use old 9v IR sensors plugged into the Dacta Control Lab, but the WeDo distance sensors are more reliable) The programming language is Node.js/Typescript. I made a post here about how to control trains, signals, and switches using a Powered Up Bluetooth controller here. I'm in the middle of moving house, but once I get a chance I'll make another post about automating it using the WeDo sensors.
  7. Mr Hobbles

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I just downloaded the latest Powered Up app to try out the controller for the Crocodile, and well, I'm a little impressed. Firstly, it doesn't work in 10-speed increments - it's smooth 1-speed increments all the way. Secondly, there are two wheels - one for speed, and one for braking. Using these two you can set a maximum speed and control with that. For example you can set speed at 50% permanently, and use the brake to stop or go up to that maximum speed.
  8. Mr Hobbles

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    I’m US west coast and new sets go up at midnight on east coast time. So I got my order in at 9.45pm PST - 45 minutes after it went live. It seems to be max 3 per person, although since I’ve woken up it’s on a 60 day backorder...hopefully my order still gets here pronto. :) EDIT: Got the promo too.
  9. Mr Hobbles

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    So I follow the SBB on Instagram, and right on time, they went and posted this beautiful picture. I guess I gotta go start designing 6 wide passenger cars! :D EDIT: How have I only just noticed the similarity between the SBB logo and the Lego trains logo...
  10. Mr Hobbles

    [MOC] Via Rail Canada - The Canadian - LEGO Ideas

    I agree on the no-seperate-skus - I was however saying that Lego has historically been hesitant to putting more than one or two cars in the set to keep piece count down, especially if other cars can be built with mostly the same pieces. In effect 1) Lower piece count, 2) One car instead of three, 3) Drive sales of more sets (annoys consumers as they end up with redundant locomotives, but ah well). If they do decide just to put one car in the set, perhaps they could be persuaded to put the extra pieces in so that the car could be any one of the three pictured. My bad, I missed that. :) Another incentive for Lego to put less cars in the set. However they have made Ideas sets with more pieces than that...
  11. Very cool, it does indeed seem like we're doing similar things with different languages. :D I love the idea of combining all the LEGO technologies so they all work together seamlessly. I did similar with the LEGO Dimensions Toy Pad a couple of years ago, using it to control Philips Hue bulbs in my house. Here's an old video I recorded: I also created a Node.js library for this, though I really should update it. Maybe convert it to Typescript -
  12. Mr Hobbles

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    I don't recall seeing any differences in the Control+ L and XL motors? There are RPM and power draw differences as Philo documented, but unless my memory is failing me I think the modes, capabilities and version revisions are identical. The same for the SPIKE Prime motors. Regarding 0x4b and 0x4c, I don't think anybody actually has their hands on those motors yet, so we don't know. But I fully expect them to be identical to the Control+ motors and the SPIKE Prime angular motors.
  13. Mr Hobbles

    [MOC] Via Rail Canada - The Canadian - LEGO Ideas

    I don't often support stuff on Lego Ideas (I should get better at that!), but I've supported this. :) This is something that I could actually see being picked on Lego Ideas, assuming Lego is happy to put another train set into production: 1. Simple locomotive design, few specialized parts 2. Passenger cars similar to each other, not requiring too many different pieces between them 3. Piece count of less than 1,500 elements for the four car train. 4. I could see Lego perhaps reducing the set to locomotive + 1 car to keep costs down, similar to the emerald night. Extra cars could be built with similar pieces. 5. The VIA Rail license might not be too hard to get, and it opens up extra audiences for this set (souvenirs in train stations, etc). 6. Also appeals to US + Canadian market. The most recent Crocodile appealed more to the European market, so it mixes it up a bit.
  14. Mr Hobbles

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    I believe he’s on about this, and generally complaining about their prizes: I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere other than a casual post on Brickset a couple of weeks ago.
  15. Yep! I remember we (and many others) helped form the majority of the first 20 pages or so of the "Powered up" where credit is due! ;)