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  1. I realize this post is over 3yrs old however I just got into the lego train hobby over the past 3months. I'm very interested in this switch solution, cost is right as well as the footprint the servos take up where I'm using stock lego switch tracks I've modified or had to cut to maintain the 8 block gap in a switch yard I've built. Hoping to take you up on offer for more details, I've already checked out the Arduino website. I've got a bunch of questions regarding servo's you used as well as how to break out power for multiple switch servos (my layout has at least 20 switches!). Appreciate any information or thoughts on updates regarding any advancements/changes given the age of this post and ever changing technology.
  2. bn77

    Powered Up Rechargeable Battery Mod

    @bogieman thank you sir! Great info, much appreciated. Now I gotta go find a deal on the charger/batteries on amazon
  3. bn77

    Powered Up Rechargeable Battery Mod

    Just signed up to this forum, so I don't have the ability to PM, @bogieman can you share more details/information on the connections inside the battery compartment? Your original post you uploaded images of the fuse side however I'm interested to see the connections on the other side of the battery compartment to the hub terminals itself and/or if you've improved this technique in the past year? Having just started in on the trains and spent a load of money on builds for engines/rolling stock I'm looking to save some money on batteries long term and your solution here with the rechargeable tool batteries may be my solution.