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    LEGO 7897 (Purchased from Bricklink)

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    Using LDD to create MOC's and order them on Bricklink, illustrating various vehicles and playing TS2019, OpenRails, FSX and ETS2.


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  1. gvb2003

    Motorized Class 143

    I use standard tracks and it went very well. I think because both axles are driven. I only have struggles to fit this L motor inside a 4 wide room with a better support so it will not jump from the gear. My current construction is very weak
  2. gvb2003

    Motorized Class 143

    Thanks, I see that the plate came loose on the picture. I Indeed need to make a technic construction. And what about the L-motor? Can it take this train without breaking or something?
  3. gvb2003

    Motorized Class 143

    Two days ago I made a motorized Class 143. The idea came from someone who also made a Pacer and posted it on Eurobricks. With gears I connected the 2 axles to the L-motor. I'm now trying to make the L-motor stable so it will not jump out of it's place. But I was thinking, how much can a L-motor withstand? It really has a though job moving this train. And is there another way to mount this motor?
  4. I have been designing the NS/NMBS Beneluxtrein. A service that ran between Amsterdam and Brussels. In my previous post I showed the HLE 25 from NMBS. Here are the final designs of the two coaches and the old designs: ~NEW~ (the one on the far right is from the original Beneluxtrein) ~old~ ~NEW (I4 Coach)~ ~old~ And finally the Plan D after being assembled, the project has officially been launched.
  5. gvb2003

    [MOC] NMBS HLE 25

    Can you tell me something about roller bearings on the axles? Also I should get the two coaches first so I have the full train set of 3 cars to do tests.
  6. gvb2003

    [MOC] NMBS HLE 25

  7. gvb2003

    [MOC] NMBS HLE 25

    So I was designing the the whole NS/NMBS Beneluxtrein, a service that ran from Amsterdam to Brussels. Here is the final HLE 25 Design. The driving cab is already built. I made some fixes with the HLE 25 engine. All bogies are aligned and the cab has a better design. The only big problem is that I don't know if the standard PU or PF is able to pull all these heavy coaches. I noticed my 7939 locomotive had some problems pulling and pushing the coach w/ driving cab alone. If you have ideas to improve the locomotive feel free to tell!
  8. gvb2003

    Problems with uploading pictures

    Thanks @ExeSandbox , I have Flickr but I can't upload them on Eurobricks anymore?
  9. When I was writing a topic I noticed I couldn't upload pictures anymore. When I choose a file and upload I get an error message to ask for assistance. I messaged an admin but I did not get any response. I also tried to make the images smaller to reduce the size but that also failed. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me!
  10. gvb2003

    [MOC] Boston and Albany D1a 4-6-6t

    Hey awesome make! Can you tell the secret behind the front axle? Is that glued to the metal axle?
  11. gvb2003

    [MOC] NMBS HLE 25 In progress

    Great! Thanks for your help, this looks very nice. I have enough space in the cab for this idea. I was thinking about this, this looks better
  12. I have started making the HLE 25 from the NMBS for my NS, NMBS Benelux train set. This was a bit of a challenge because of the sloped front. I'm posting this to show you the progress and for feedback. I have the idea that mine looks different than the real thing. 8-wide would be easier to make more details but I decided to stick to 6-wide. The inverted slopes behind the front coupling are attached to the bogie. Also a small detail that is hard to make is the yellow line. Because of the 2 x 1 x 2 slopes I can't make a yellow line. If anyone has some ideas for me or things that I can do to make it look better, feel free to tell me (Also, this engine will be made specially to be fitted with PF)
  13. gvb2003

    [MOD] LEGO Set 3177 with matching trailer

    Thanks! It was a bit of a challenge since 3177 already is very small.
  14. I always like to mess around with existing LEGO sets, especially with set 3177 (a.k.a small car). So I discovered a BMW M4 with a trailer made from another BMW M4 cut in half. I used that idea to make this thing: