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    LEGO 7241

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    Using LDD to create MOC's and order them on Bricklink, illustrating various vehicles and playing TS2019, OpenRails, FSX and ETS2.


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  1. Greetings, I have made LEGO 10020 on LDD with a yellow warbonnet and a B unit. I also have one in the blue warbonnet scheme and two other designs that use Earth blue . The point is that I'm afraid that Earth blue ,which is the most important color, will be hard and almost impossible to find in some cases. For example: 10020 Uses grilles and has some of those little doors (Part#: 3188/3189) and only one is sold from New Zealand in Earth blue. So my question is: Where do you guys get rare colors in large quantities from? (Example: Earth green, Earth blue, Medium azur, Aqua) ATSF F7 Yellow
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    Hello everyone, I'm gvb2003 and I'm a Lego fan (That's why I registered ). I have been collecting Lego since 2008 if I'm right, my first set was 6166-1. My latest Lego set is 75880 (I got it like a year ago ) So I like using LDD and to order my creations on BL (Bricklink). I am mostly interested in Lego trains, Lego City sets, Creator and 4WLC. Kind regards, gvb2003