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Found 4 results

  1. 3D LEGO

    BlueBrick for Linux

    Everyone, Instead of letting this get buried inside the BlueBrick topic, I decided to create a new topic so that people could find this easily. To run BlueBrick on Linux you will need mono, a cross-platform .NET development framework. Most distros I would assume ship with mono in their repositories and or the additional repositories. But to get right to the point as I know you are all eager to fire-up BlueBrick to mock up your next big project. So without further adue, here is how to get mono installed and how to run BlueBrick. BlueBrick running on my fedora 20 + KDE desktop installation. 1.a - For fedora: Note: I tested this with fedora 20 x86_64. I am not sure they are needed but start with making sure you have the fedora RPM Fusion repositories enabled: Enable RPM Fusion on your system PS: They are a great addition! Install mono: sudo yum install -y mono-core mono-extras [*]Proceed to section 2. 1.b - For ubuntu: Note: I do not possess the means at the moment to test this but if someone could verify this that would be great. Install mono: sudo apt-get install mono-complete [*]Proceed to section 2. 1.c - For openSUSE: Note: I do not possess the means at the moment to test this but if someone could verify this that would be great. Install mono: sudo zypper install mono-complete [*]Proceed to section 2. 1.d - For debian: Note: I do not possess the means at the moment to test this but if someone could verify this that would be great. Install mono: sudo apt-get install mono-complete [*]Proceed to section 2. 2. For BlueBrick: Note: Once you are up in running, to my understanding these steps below should in theory be universal across distros. Download the latest version of the BlueBrick software: BlueBrick Unzip archive to some desired destination. [*]Run BlueBrick: Open terminal emulator of choice and enter the following command, feeding it the location to where you extracted the zip archive to: mono /Path to BlueBrick folder/BlueBrick.exe & For example: mono /home/username/Downloads/BlueBrick.1.7.1/BlueBrick.exe & For shortcut: mono ~/Downloads/BlueBrick.1.7.1/BlueBrick.exe & Note: '&' denotes running as a background process to free up the terminal. '~' is a shortcut to the current user's home directory. And I apologize if these do not work in your distro as I have no idea how universal they are. And an added bonus for KDE users: 3.a - For KDE Desktop: Invoke the KDE Menu editor by right-clicking Kickoff icon > Select 'Edit Applications.' Go to location you wish to place the BlueBrick shortcut icon in. Example: Graphics [*]With the desired folder selected, click on 'New Item' Under the general tab fill in the necessary information: Name:, Description:, Comment:, Command: Example: Name: BlueBrick Description: Display mockup tool Comment: Tool for creating mockups of LEGO displays. Command: mono ~/opt/BlueBrick.1.7.1/BlueBrick.exe Note: There is not a readily-accessible icon for BlueBrick so unless you make one you will have to substitute another one. [*]Click save. [*]Enjoy your newly created menu shortcut item. Well that is all I have. Again, if you are able to verify one of the above, feel free to post it. Otherwise I will try to get around to testing them against live installs. Happy BlueBrick'ing on Linux! Your Fellow Studded-Penguin, 3D LEGO
  2. Hi, a few weeks ago I started a tutorial series on youtube. It's about how to program the lego powered up hardware with the Powered Up App (Lego Boost, lego Control+ and the wedo 2.0 sensors are part of the powered up hardware). The complete tutorial is 100% free. So far most of the stuff is pretty basic but it will get much, much, much more complicated later. I promise that ;) (People that saw the german version of the tutorial might know that already) There will be a new part each wednesday.
  3. Hello everyone! Kooberz here. Recently, I was asked to create an interview/tour interview for the Red vs Blue Uk event held on August 2-4 in Leicester. They provided the questions, and I did my best to answer them in the best way, and present some of my best and previously unseen work. I hope you like it! Also just released, is a full tutorial on how to make my version of GLaDOS from Lego Portal 2 Part 1.