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  1. Hi!

    1. Labaznik


      И тебе не хворать, товарищ!

  2. Labaznik

    MOC BMW e10

    Hello comrades! My new 5 stud car - BMW e10. Model have many custim part. Orirginal View Underneath Scale. Model scale is 1:43. Thats all. I want to hear your opinion.
  3. Labaznik

    MOC: Piazza Maria

    Wow! awesome!!!
  4. Labaznik

    McLaren F1 GTR

    Awesome! Have it prototype? If it have, link photo please)
  5. Labaznik

    Light repair truck

    Ah, now I understand you No, if I want record any video with car crashing, I take real car for it. It is more interestin then Lego.
  6. Labaznik

    Light repair truck

    I understand you correctly, dash cam is speedometr, radio and other things? Truck have inside steering wheel and speedometr.
  7. Labaznik

    Light repair truck

    Thank! If put in minifig without legs, high will be normal. Thanks! Thank, you can see topic about it here Thanks! Thank!
  8. Labaznik

    Light repair truck

    Hi comrades! View I want to make maximum detail under Scale
  9. Labaznik

    Yellow cabrio

    Thanks! Many practice, experiment and desire to make it will help you!;) Thanks!
  10. Labaznik

    Main Street 2015

    Nice! How make hummer?
  11. Labaznik

    Yellow cabrio

    Thanks! P.S. I resized photos,good?)
  12. Labaznik

    Yellow cabrio

    Hi comrades! My new 5 stud car Scale Models: 60's, 70's, 90's и 00's Sorry for my bad english, from Russia with love!
  13. Labaznik

    MOC 5 stud cars by Labaznik

    Thanks! Thank, l too want to build street from 60s-70s. With designe cars l haven't any problems, but with buildings... now it is hard to me. May be, but it need have other radiator and squred lights. Thanks, yes, it have some details same russian car. But designe 60% of soviet car copied from europeans and americans cars... Yes, of course! At russian forum said idea about запорожец, now work in progress!) I have one ready model of soviet transport, kamaz
  14. Labaznik

    MOC 5 stud cars by Labaznik

    Salut! Now l want show you my new cars in 5 stud. Car #1 I think it is like some family universal. Car #2 It's like a jeep. Scale. With minifigure With my white coupe And with my in its scale transport Sorry for my bad english, from Russia with love!
  15. Labaznik

    MOC - Tan Townhouse

    Nice building ItsaBRICKS!