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  1. I saw this on my facebook and i think this is pretty cool! Especially when it fires away the planes!
  2. I am a bit clueless how the gearbox works... Especially at the front end. Just can't get my head around it...
  3. What part is that?
  4. Well i was looking in that too! But i want to move only one leg at the time.
  5. Basicly its like a tank. Each side has a motor. Turn/run only one motor, thus one side of the model, and it turns.
  6. wow, thats nice! Never thought of using the portal hubs that way
  7. Cant wait for the LDD. I really want to make that front suspension!
  8. I bought a 8297 for this part.
  9. If it works, it works. I find the discussion if its legal or not a bit useless. Its thinking out of box and pushing limits.
  10. In bolland we pay around €100e to €120 for a second hand 8110 or 8043
  11. I never take apart a moc before finishing.