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  1. I bought 4 of the original sets and built both of my models out of it :-) Good question. I don't own the 8258 set so I can't tell for sure. But you can change the coupling hight of my lowloader via the 2 big line actuators. So th loader can be easily coupled on different hights...
  2. Looks great. Looking forward to the daytime pictures. For lighter models my lowloader works fine. But the 42030 is definitely too heavy. Some improvement is needed on this...
  3. just for interested people... toys r us Germany currently gives 15% discount on lego... with that you can get the Arocs for 169 Euro (normal price 199 Euro) and the Crawler crane for 97 Euro (normals price here is 115 Euro)
  4. Hi Guys, as I don't like pneumatics, I decided to build it a bit different... meaning without the pneumatic parts (I know it's a sacrileg for all of you, who have waited decades for the new pneumatic parts:-)). And I also built a trailer for it... The Truck is drivable and steerable via RC and also the dumping of the bed is remote controlled. The trailers bed can be dumped manually.
  5. yes, in Riem Arcaden but Pasing Arcaden should have it as well
  6. just picked up mine at the lego store in Munich
  7. Love this model :-)
  8. great, thanks a lot Blakbird!
  9. I know it was asked a few pages before, but couldn't find an answer. Will it work also with the standard receiver ( I don't have V2). Thanks
  10. @ technicbuilder would you mind letting me know, which tires have you mounted on your Volvo? Thanks:-)
  11. I also did some changes to the original design. I mounted third party wheels and closed the gaps in the engine hood :-)
  12. Hi, these are 'Gmade MT1901' tires. Price is around 20$ / 17 € per 2 tires. I'll send you a PM, where I bought it.
  13. I already picked it up at the Lego Store in Munich. Looks also great with my third party tires :-)