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  1. Walmart in the us . 42069 $135... 42070 $205. Right now !
  2. NASA license . Mars rover Or any kind of cool robotic rover.
  3. PF Receiver V1/V2

    You would think that a Company that makes such a high quality product would put a little more effort into the R.C. platform. I know that ir works good for trains but isn't it time to update that technology? It pains me to say these things as logo has been in my life for 40 years now . Can someone enlighten me as to why Lego continues to employ this technology?
  4. Philo, I think this is the best way to get "free" power . I just found an old 9 volt ac/dc converter and used small screws with the wires soldered to them then inserted them into glue sticks. Thank you for you idea!
  5. I have found that if you put too much play in the gears to reduce friction it actually allows the gears to wobble more and increase friction. It's almost like you need a set of feelers for perfect gapping of gears and lift arms. Just finished this set and it's cooler then I thought .
  6. Install a small rubber tire on the small gray cabin guide wheel . It totally smoothes out the bumps during cabin movement.
  7. American AFOL here . You guys ROCK! Thank you! thank you! thank you! As a returning Lego fan, Lego Technic can be so overwhelming. They look like a foreign language. I am so happy you have organised this topic as it truly adds some order to my renewed love of Lego. P.S. Eurobricks is the BEST Lego forum by far.