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    42114 to build Mining Dump truck by Eric Trax

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  2. What pieces did you use to make the load in the dump bed?
  3. It might be time for this thread to be closed as it's turned into a whinge-fest of 'it's too expensive because it's only got this many hubs/motors' - maybe 42100 was a bargain and now we are seeing the true price?, PF vs PU, designers who may or may not be working at TLG to name but a few. I really hope that the designer of 42131 doesn't read some of what has been posted because it's been flying pretty close to 'character assassination' of him and those who work at TLG and made the decisions regarding 42131. I wonder how some of you would stand up if the roles were reversed. Constructive criticism I get but that's been few and far between in this thread....
  4. Has anyone bothered to factor in the cost of developing the C+ app to control this thing?
  5. drove past a motorway construction site today and a wheel dozer fitted with a GPS grade control system caught my attention, something similar to this system here, but it was only a single mast and not the dual mast system as seen in the brochure. Anyone got any good ideas on how to stimulate this with the white dome at the top?
  6. My son and I would gratefully received any other pics you have to share of the top of the engine bay and around the pivot point. We're pretty sure we've worked out which pieces you've used but any more in-close pics would be fantastic. And can you confirm for us what pieces you used to build the external air filter and the additional filter/oil reservoir.
  7. Unless I am have a 'complete boy look' or I am totally confused, I can't see either an item 32523 or the alternate item 41482 anywhere in the parts lists for the 42030. I am happy to be corrected though if I am wrong.
  8. Is it just me or is there a Liftarm Thick 1 x 3 missing from the image? Subset4 on Page 3 of the MOC instructions shows 2 x Liftarm Thick 1 x 3