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Found 3 results

  1. My latest release, a rerelease and rebuild of a three axle detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer with liftable third axle. The truck that goes with it is worked on right now! Will be released March 2015. Not yet had the change to work on a new video, but one will be available soon. So for now I use the first edition video of this model. Model "Trailer Tr4 MkII” is build with LEGO® in scale 1:17,5 and motorized using LEGO® Power Functions. It is not build after a specific brand or type of trailer. This build represents a three axle detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer with liftable third axle. The trailer features: solid axle suspension on all axles, one set of lights, kingpin, mechanical parking break, gooseneck frame support, remotely controlled liftable third axle, remotely lowering and lifting of the deck and this model has many details. This newly design and engineered trailer utilizes the same suspension as both "US Truck T1 MkII" and "US Truck T2 MkII". It uses LEGO® rubber belts and LEGO® rubber axle connectors. Designing and engineering this trailer parts availability is checked. So it can easily be build in the color as it is, Yellow, but it can also be build in Red, Blue and Black. Attention!!!: Both "US Truck T1 MkII" and "US Truck T2 MkII" needs to be adapted to be combined with "Trailer Tr4 MkII”!!! Else could be used a so called dolly which acts as a convert to fit the trailer. For this dolly building instructions will be available soon. Attention!!!: LEGO® Technic set 8258 Crane Truck needs to be adapted and requires a modified gooseneck!!! Instructions for "Trailer Tr4 MkII” to go with LEGO® Technic set 8258 Crane Truck will be available soon! This model is another custom design by Ingmar Spijkhoven AKA 2LegoOrNot2Lego that comes with building instructions and inventory/parts list!. So, you can build it yourself! To do so you can buy the Building Instructions. Early in the building process you will see what it is that you are building. You will be very excited from the moment you start the build of "Trailer Tr4 MkII" till you finish it with a total number of parts of about 1450 pieces. With this type of lowboy trailer the gooseneck is removed to make the deck accessible. Because the front part of the trailer rests on the surface the truck with the gooseneck still attached can drive off. In order to keep the gooseneck elevated at the correct hight is as a support. This support rests on the trucks frame. The ramps can be lowered and any self propelled load can enter the trailers deck. With the trailer loaded and the load secured the gooseneck can be reattached. This is done by backing up the truck aligned with the trailer. With a support that rests on the trucks frame the gooseneck can be lowered of lifted to make sure it comes in place. Finally the deck can be lifted again and the gooseneck can be locked so it doesn’t go anywhere without the trailer itself. Cheers, Ingmar Spijkhoven
  2. Hello Everybody! My latest creation of which I am very keen! Loved to build it, including the design, color scheme and it's functions/features. Initially build for this amazing book "The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling" in which is fully "shiny". Yes, a lot of chrome parts are used to make it even more impressive. For a guy who lives in the Netherlands for whole of his live it took quite a while to get started with a "Euro" truck Well, here it is! Well, I am curious what it is that you think of this MOC, please share it... Would you be interested to build it yourself? Well that's possible. I have building instructions and inventory/parts list are available . Early in the building process you will see what it is that you are building. You will be very excited from the moment you start the build of "Truck T13" till you finish it with about 420 different parts totaling 2790 pieces. The truck features: solid axle suspension on all axles of which the rear axle uses tandem bogie suspension, PF powered driving with power transmitted independently to both rear axles, Ackerman geometry on steering axle, Servo powered steering, fully functional fifth wheel, fifth wheel slider, detailed engine bay, modeled Scania V8 engine, detailed cabin interior and 3 light units. Scale: 1:17,5 Length: 444 mm Weight: 2,21kg Parts: 2790 The Scania 3 series is the third generation truck model range introduced by Scania, which we all know is Swedish truck manufacturer. Obviously it is the successor of the 2 series and was introduced back in 1987. With the release of the 4 series in 1997 production of the 3 series stopped after being produced for roughly a decade. Given the fact it has a hood or bonnet, so it is not a COE (cab over engine) truck, it is referred to as a torpedo. For this the manufacturer gave it a prefix as well, a T. At that time the 3 series T came in a range of different engine sizes and horsepower. Starting with a 9.0 liter engine with 230 horsepower all the way up to a massive 14 liter V8 engine with 500 horsepower. Being available with either a 9, 11, or 14 liter engine truck models were denoted 93, 113, or 143. To indicate the rating of the frame and suspension stiffness a letter suffix is used. Rated with an M indicates this model has a „medium” frame and suspension setup. Other suffices used by Scania are H for „heavy” and E for „extra-heavy”.
  3. Presenting my latest MOC US Truck T2 MkII with instructions some people came with a question I did not expect. Never the less is this question fare enough: what about the frame. Some people are interested in the frame or chassis only and why not, I can imagine... :-) So here they are, the instructions for only the frame of my latest MOC: US Truck T2 MkII Hopefully this helps for some people to buy the instructions, without a lot of unwanted information. It may be obvious, but to make sure, you could easily build this frame in for example black. Black parts are much more common and a lot of Technic builders who have earlier sets have plenty of black parts... Cheers and enjoy building..., Ingmar Spijkhoven This is only the frame of an earlier released model. A model of a US truck with LEGO® Power Functions®. This truck is revered to as US Truck T2 MkII which is a rebuild and revised version of US Truck T2 I finished back in 2009. Like with all my models this truck's frame is build in scale 1:17,5. This model features: solid axle suspension on all axles, PF powered driving with power transmitted independently to both rear axles, Ackermann geometry on steering axle, Servo powered steering, fully functional fifth wheel and 1 set of PF lights. To give you an idea how these instructions look like here is a preview. Creating these instructions both quick progress on your build as well as each step being easy to understand the same time were very important. Early in the building process you will see what is happening, what it is that you are building. You will be very excited from the moment you start till you finish the build of this chassis with a total number of parts of about 800 pieces. To achieve this a lot of floating items are used, with added arrows to show where these items are suppose to be. Together with a lot of so called call outs (the smaller windows within a step that shows the assembling of a smaller sub part of the build) together with multi part steps the build will be in a flow. Included you'll find a parts overview. You rather want to use the parts list shown at! Both building instructions and a parts list are available!