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  1. Matt Dawson

    Track suggestions

    It's a complex one. Bricktracks For me, I use HA Bricks for my Bricktracks imports - closer to the UK than Bricktracks HQ, and just as reliable. I've placed either two or three from HA (both track and wheels/axles etc) and both have arrived in a very respectable time scale, including the dreaded import analysis. Unless it's something specific only Bricktracks (or a US reseller of BrickTracks can offer, e.g. Brickmania) then I would 100% use HA Bricks. TrixBrix What few pieces I do buy I generally buy from Techbrick. The faff of ordering from TrixBrix isn't worth it. If the cost difference seems to be an issue, try emailing Techbrick and explain what you want to order and see if they can offer a discount. Others One thing I would say is you're no longer limited to the R40 and R104 turnouts - Bricktracks designed an R56 turnout available via OKBrickWorks which provides a nice medium between the two, and similar to the (upcoming) "P64" 9V turnout from FX Bricks. With regards to finish, Bricktracks > Trixbrix (moulded) > Trixbrix (printed) or OKBrickWorks (printed). TrixBrix quality can be very hit-and-miss, regardless of injection or 3d printed; OKBrickWorks have upgraded their printers to PLA(?) over the last year so are a lot better now with minimal layer lines.
  2. Matt Dawson

    Where are the reviews for the new sets?

    I'd say give it some time - the sets only became available this month, not everyone has time to assemble & review yet. In the meantime, here's something to whet your appetite...
  3. Matt Dawson

    LEGO Trains 2022

    @Wimmer even if that was the case, LEGO normally spend 1 to 2 years designing/testing a set - 2023 would therefore be 1 year of sales + 2 years to develop/produce. Plus if the rumoured HP Hogwarts Express is true (take with a pinch of salt) then undoubtedly this being released this year as the 'flagship' HP set would make more financial sense, and leaving the CE train till next year when there isn't any major train releases.
  4. Matt Dawson

    Boxpok STL files?

    Breckland Bricks do the (similar) Bulleid-Firth-Brown wheels: Not sure anyone is doing Boxpok's as files.
  5. Seeing as the turnout timeframe was "Summer 2022" how close are you @michaelgale?
  6. Matt Dawson

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Interestingly enough, the instructions aren't available, but you can search via the set number on Pick a Brick:"60336%3A"&"60336%3A9999"
  7. Matt Dawson

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I'd have to disagree. Firstly, it's a reskinned Emerald Night, and secondly this is not an Ideas thread.
  8. Matt Dawson

    A Question to Anyone who's Ordered the BMR T-1

    From what I recall - and I don't have one on order - the biggest issue was the PFx Bricks, due to the global semiconductor/chip shortage. Now that FX Bricks are now restocking them, there may be hope they'll start shipping soon.
  9. Matt Dawson

    LEGO Trains 2022

    @Dav1d The information we have so far seems to be: #60335 Train Station $99.99 #60336 Freight Train $189.99 #60337 High Speed Passenger Train $179.99 Now, there WAS an additional number (60334 I think) which is currently unallocated but follows the sequence, which might be a level crossing, which makes sense owing to the new road plates. We are unlikely to see any photo or other leaks until much closer to release owing to the new anti-leak team. Most leaks seem to be <24 hours, and normally because someone broke (or misinterpreted) the release time/date, e.g. local time at midday rather than at Denmark at midday.
  10. Although I don't own any, my friend got the Brickset review R72s after they'd finished the review. And I must say, at a quick glance I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them and official R40 curves. Now hopefully my bank balance is prepped for when the turnouts are released...
  11. Matt Dawson

    LEGO Trains 2022

    In summary then: #60335 Train Station $99.99 #60336 Freight Train $189.99 #60337 High Speed Passenger Train $179.99 This still leaves the possibility of #60334 being a level crossing or other accessory...
  12. Matt Dawson

    LEGO Trains 2022

    The Harry Potter "UCS Hogwarts Express" rumour has been going a while - unless I see some concrete evidence, I'd leave well alone. As for Disney, I find it highly unlikely they'd do a re-release but split the contents. Only thing I can think of is they're changing the train to a 2-6-0 and different passenger cars to represent a different park
  13. Matt Dawson

    LEGO Trains 2022 My suspicion is with the set numbers 60336 will be the freight train as 60338 onwards occupied by Stuntz etc. 60334-60337 could all be trains, hence 60334 - accessory 1, 60335 accessory 2, 60336 freight train, 60337 passenger train.
  14. @Toastie it's supposed to be a Google embed but I think Google generates a new code every couple of days
  15. Matt Dawson

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Whilst conjecture, I would say if the normal pattern works we'll see the following: > A high-speed passenger train (with a single piece nose and no doors) > a mixed freight train > Either a passenger station or level crossing - or possibly both? > Track pack re-release IIRC the track pack didn't include set references, only the sets themselves did, so the track pack may remain unchanged.