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  1. Matt Dawson

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    It's a tough one. I'd prefer a metal axle (as per the standard train wheel) or an X axle hole (powered, jackshaft locos here we come!). Using the road style connection point causes a lot of friction, and over time wear.
  2. Matt Dawson

    LEGO Trains 2021

    Doubtful. The main reasons for getting rid of the metal axles were two-fold: 1. No more buying in of metal axles from a supplier, meaning everything can be done in-house, meaning it's cheaper to produce. I think the wheelset axles were the last 'standalone' piece of metal LEGO were using, outside of any for weight bricks... 2. No sharp metal rod = ones less thing to have to worry about with regards to toy safety standards. Unless we get another Creator Expert or 18+ range train, or something like the Hogwarts Express, the next train will be the City ones in 2022.
  3. Matt Dawson

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    I think he's mentioned in the past he doesn't see the business case for 9V unless the power pick-up issue is resolved. TBH I'd sooner have different manufacturers to different markets, it makes it easier to distinguish. OKBrickWorks currently do 3d printed wide radius 9V track for those who can't wait...and having purchased some R56 they work great.
  4. Matt Dawson

    WIP PS 54` 4740 cu ft Hopper

    Looking good!
  5. Matt Dawson

    LEGO Trains 2021

    LEGO will not make any smaller buffers or magnetic couplers owing to toy safety rules. It's also more moulding time and costs for extra moulds for one line. I'd sooner see them use that time and money for a copy of Trained Bricks rods, or other value-enhancing parts. The general schema for LEGO train release has always been a 4 year cycle (2 train sets + accessories, normally track packs) plus a LEGO exclusive train set and/or an accessory set the following year (train station or level crossing). With the last release in 2018, we should've had a level crossing or train station in 2019, however the other trains on offer (e.g. Harry Potter) possibly put them off releasing a generic set. Since we had the croc last year, I would say another loco is unlikely. I would think we'd either get form of rolling stock for the crocodile, or possibly a station (maybe a thin 'backscene' style one for a bookshelf so the croc can fit in front of it?)
  6. Matt Dawson

    Custom 9v curves

    I've actually had a chat as I ordered some back at the start of September and there's a delay of a up-to couple of months owing to supplier issues for the filament. (must be all these hobbyists with nothing better to do than 3Dprint DBG LEGO pieces... :P )
  7. Matt Dawson

    Custom 9v curves

    OKBrickWorks (via ebay or Brick Train Depot) do pretty much all radii. No turnouts are currently available. I bought a 1/4 circle of R56 track and it performed flawlessly at Thirsk Brick Show in February without issue; another full circle has been bought to complete the circle (and allow me to have 1/4 circle for my trolley line)...
  8. Matt Dawson

    "intermediate" radius turnouts

    Hi All I vaguely remember a post/topic (along with at least one diagram) posted this year about an "intermediate" radius of turnouts that would be good for a yard ladder, something larger than the LEGO R40 "standard" but less than the "wide" (almost) R104 turnouts, somewhere in the R60 or R70 range. However, despite fervent digging and a few searches I have yet to find it. Any suggestions/clues?
  9. Matt Dawson

    What is the best color for GN steam?

    I think the closest colour match would probably be sand green, but I would say you'll likely have difficulty getting all the parts the loco needs.
  10. Matt Dawson

    River Canyon Railroad

    WOW! That's some detail.
  11. Brick Model Railroader (BMR for short) have announced they are going to produce Kadee couplers for LEGO trains. Whilst Bricktracks had been working on a coupler prototype that used a technic peg mounting (making it suitable for both the technic plate and 9V era buffer beam mounting) this has since been abandoned owing to some technical hitches (this does get mentioned in the video). The couplers will be coming pre-assembled in twin packs (i.e. enough for one loco/wagon/car/coach or 2 adapter vehicles) and are available in 2 different types with 2 coupler mounting types, allowing both bogie mounted (with the tiled versions) and body mounted (with the 'studded' versions). BMR has stated they will offer conversion instructions for their releases and although no prices are mentioned, the release date sounds to be around October this year Someone has previously used Kadee kits with LEGO trains but this can be fiddly to get the knuckles aligned across all rolling stock; this is an "off the shelf" solution, where the trip pin reaches one plate/tile above the rail height and will possibly allow remote uncoupling! Personally I can't wait for their release (I dread to think of the cost of even partially converting my fleet!), and within my train LUG (LNUR) there has been suggestions of moving some of our coaching stock to these couplers for exhibition running, as it will save using the neodynium magnets. For those not wishing to convert, others doing so may mean the old 9V style magnets become easier to obtain.
  12. Matt Dawson

    Is it worth it to get into 9V trains now?

    Just bear in mind, despite all these promises of pick-ups and alternate motorisation, nothing as yet has been made available. 9V motors are VERY expensive IMHO and unless there's a specific reason for doing so, PF and PUp are much more common, don't require a wall outlet and are more customisable. That said, if you already have 9V there's no reason to not continue using it, or to use 9V track but PF/PUp powered trains.
  13. Matt Dawson

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    If you were going to do something eye-catching as a US loco, you'd go for an early 4-4-0 or 4-6-0, for many reasons: VERY common in films (e.g. Lone Ranger, BTTF, The General) and video games (e.g. Red Dead Redemption) - so well known and relatable. you could produce one set with alternate funnel, dome etc. assemblies for "hot swapping" without too much issue. You could also do different road names/numbers. Not as large as other locos (3/4 of Crocodile length inc tender) - so smaller set, smaller physical footprint...smaller price? Could offer up additional item(s) (e.g. a boxcar) for motorisation, should LEGO wish to do down that route. Or maybe go down the "motor in the firebox/cab, battery box in the tender" route, although that's a VERY large battery box to hide... Can model good outside cylinders without too much issue, including correct running gear. I doubt we'll see anything like an Emerald Night again soon due to the compromises they made; admittedly, there's nothing saying they'd get an experienced steam builder in (e.g. Brick Model Railroader) in to do the mechanicals & running gear.
  14. Matt Dawson

    Ideas for New Train Sets

    I'd like to see a similar thing to "50 years on track" but about famous locomotives - maybe Coalbrookdale/Pen-y-Darren (first steam loco), Mallard (fastest steam loco), AGEIR boxcab (first mass-produced diesel-electric loco), TGV (fastest electric locomotive) and a Maglev (fastest rail vehicle). Educational, eye-catching and depending on scale/scope could be a reasonable price.